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so this is just all the stuff i’ve been writing down on my phone about this au, if anyone wanted to read about any of the actual story? kinda??

not all the ideas are mine, i’ve been talking with a couple different people and they’ve all had really amazing ideas!! i just wanted to make that clear (like the au was my idea but my friends have helped make the story better lmao)

also!! i’m still working on things and this isn’t really finished but i felt like i had enough where people could come read everything and see what’s up

i’ll put everything under a cut just in case no one actually cares lmao

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It’s Fine

Request: I’ve had a request I’ve been thinking about asking for awhile, but I’m nervous to ask now because you said you find Jasper difficult to write. 😅 I was hoping you could do something along the lines of Jasper hurting his girlfriend while under the control of A.L.I.E. When it’s over he has a hard time coming to terms with physically hurting her, even though she reassures him that it’s okay. You don’t have to if it’s to hard! Thank you for your time! ❤️

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Hello, love! No worries, I find him hard to write for yes, but that does not mean I don’t like writing for him. He’s like a challenge I can overcome. So! Thank you for the request.

Warning: abuse. coping with guilt.

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You struggled, biting your lip in pain as you tried to break your restraints. You needed to get out. You needed to or else, well… you weren’t sure if you’d make it out of here alive or yourself. 

“Y/N. This would go a lot easier if you just took the chip.” Jasper said and with fearful eyes, you sobbed. Staring at your boyfriend, you pleaded him to stop, but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t himself, not the caring boy you knew him as. Instead he had succumb to A.L.I.E.’s tricks and was no under her control.

“Please..” You pleaded, your eyes becoming teary eyed as you tried to search for any part of him left in his eyes.

You’d been back at the Ark with Raven, Monty, Harper and Jasper. You’d all had a plan before Monty’d been stabbed and he had locked himself in a room with Raven and Harper. Only thing is you hadn’t been there and instead had been wondering around when Jasper found you, he apparently had meant to use you as leverage but A.L.I.E must have said something to change his mind.

He’d taken you, and tied you to a pole just outside the room. He kept in contact with Monty as you were restrained to the pole. 

“Monty, your sister will be fine if you just open that door.” Jasper said, pressing the button. You opened your mouth, quickly spitting out; “don’t you dare Monty!” You yelled, just as Jasper let go of the button that allowed you to speak to him.

“Jasper, you don’t want to do this.” Monty spoke over but instead of replying, Jasper walked over to you, a sick smirk on his face. You sucked in a deep breath, trying to press yourself against the pole. Jasper chuckled at your feeble attempt to protect yourself as he pulled out a knife.

“Please, Jasper.” You whispered, staring at the knife. “I love you.”

Jasper said nothing but took his knife and ripped it threw the front of your shirt. Luckily he hadn’t cut through your bra but you still gasped in shock at the shallow line of blood that began pooling. Jasper had never hurt you before, as he was your boyfriend, but staring at him now with absolute no emotion in your eyes, you feared what he would do.

“Just take the chip.” He tried again but you shook your head. “I can’t.”

“Then i’m sorry but this needs to happen.” Jasper said before he raised the knife, digging it into your side. You bit your lip, trying to hide your moans of pain. He kept pushing the knife deeper and eventually it began too much before you let out a raw scream of pain.

“Jasper!” Monty’s frantic voice echoed out, you nearly missed it.

“She’s busy!” Jasper yelled, loud enough for them to hear. And staring down at his eyes, the eyes you once saw absolute adoration in, were replaced by malice. 

He twisted the knife and you screamed again. “Please! JASPER!” You bellowed out.

“No, Y/N, take the chip.” He stopped, holding the chip before your mouth. You tightened your lips, shaking your head with tears in your eyes. “No…” You whispered.

He ripped out the knife before stabbing it back in. You felt yourself slipping consciousness as the pain became unbearable. “I love you…” You whispered.

“Jasper?” You called out, walking into the room your shared. His back was towards you as your frowned. Something was wrong. Walking up to him, you gently pulled him to face you, seeing his eyes teary as he stared at you. 

“What’s wrong…?” You asked, your voice soft.

“I’m sorry.” Immediately you knew. You sighed, tired of this conversation. 

“Jasper, it wasn’t you.” You tried. 

“But it was!” He yelled, taking the hm of your shirt and pulling it up, the stab wound he had caused in stitches and red and swollen. It didn’t hurt but you remembered the pain, nothing was worse than being hurt by the one you loved. But you reminded yourself that it was him, he was under the control of someone else. “Look at what I did!”

“Jasper!” You yelled, grabbing his face. “I don’t blame you, and neither should you.”

“I need to.”

“No you don’t. I love you and I know that wasn’t you!”


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