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Dirty Talk (Jasper Jordan x reader smut)

Request:“Can I request a Jasper Jordan x reader smut where Jasper is surprisingly good at dirty talk?” ~ Anonymous

Ohh I love this ❤

A/N: So for whatever reason this kept getting deleted and it made me so salty. So I’ve had to restart this 3 times now, but fuck it. Here we are. I hope you enjoy. And if you’re not a fan of this, please don’t hesitate to request something you’d like! I’m always a slut for smuts! ❤✌

Warning: Cursing, Sex, etc.

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It was a pretty mundane day around camp. You had just gotten off your shift on search, and you in desperate need of a drink to relax. You walked over to your small group of friends as they chatted by a fire. They sat around it, and laughed, and drank. You joined in on the fun for a moment, before a certain boy caught your attention. Jasper Jordan, he had just stopped by on his way back from a shift. You smiled, and when you handed him a drink the two of you started talking. Though, you found it a little difficult considering your massive crush on the guy. The two of you weren’t good friends, but were close enough to be comfortable around one another. But if Jasper was honest with himself, he was head over heels for you. He adored you.

“So, uh, how’s Search?” Jasper awkwardly asked.

“Its alright. Nothing special. How’s rations?” He nodded.

“Its fine. But just something I learned; be careful of the nuts you eat around here, okay?” The two of you giggled for a moment, before the rest of the group caught on to conversation. Jasper every now and then would sneak glances at you. When he laughed he would lean into you, and eventually, he got to the point where he could rest on arm around your shoulder. You looked up at him, and smiled. A smiled he returned with a peck on the cheek. You blushed, but it wasn’t long before you got the courage to pull him down slightly, and kiss him. He was surprised for a moment, but kissed you back. His other hand wrapping around your waist.

Before you knew it, his hands were all over you as you made out. He was a good kisser, as expected. But you weren’t expecting to really be turned on this much. You weren’t expecting the way his hands glidded over your body, or the way he held you close. You just found it incredibly hot.

“Mmhh Y/N.” He moaned, kissing your cheek and down your neck. “Fuck Y/N.” He gently nibbled on your neck, and when he hit your sweet spot, you melted. “Lets go to my tent huh? Where we can, be alone?” He grinned down at you. You nodded, and in less than a second Jasper was pulling you towards his shared tent. Once there, he was relieved to find Monty gone, and quickly turned his attention back to you. Kissing you passionately as his hands worked to take off your clothes. You did the same. When your shirt came off, his came off. When your pants were taken off and so were his. And so on. But once you had taken off your Bra, Jasper was all over you. He gropped you, and moaned into your neck.

“Ohh Jasper.” You couldn’t help but moan.

“Don’t call me Jasper.” He paused. “Call me Daddy.” This was, a surprise at least, but who were you to argue.

“Alright, Daddy.” You purred, and he smiled before he went back to work on your breasts. You moaned, feeling his erection struggling in his boxers. He kissed you again, and pulled you close to his body. Which felt amazing in the cold night air. His warm body against yours.

“Are you ready for me baby?”

“Oh yes Daddy.” He smiled.

“Good, lay down on the bed.” He ordered. You did just that, and you watched as Jasper removed his boxers, and rubbed his fully erect cock. He bit his lip as he watched you, and positioned himself in front of you. “Fuck Y/N gorgeous.” He commented, as he reached out and gropped you again. His hands let go, but he ran then down your torso to your hips, moaning. He pulled off your panties, and rubbed your clit as he leaned over and kissed you.

“Ah Daddy.” You whimpered, he pulled away and positioned himself at your wet entrance. You gasped as he pushed his cock into you, filling you.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He grunted as he began to slowly slide himself in and out. Until he was really fucking you. You moaned, and whimpered Daddy over and over again. “Mmmhh oh yess baby you feel so fucking good.” His voice made you go weak as he fucked you. He held onto your hips, and he moaned your name. His hands would occasionally wonder around your body. “You like this baby?” You nodded.

“Y-Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl. Such a good little girl taking my cock the way you are.” He leaned over, his thrusts never wavering. He kissed you passionately, and you wrapped your arms around his neck to keep him close. He smiled into the kiss, before he sped up. You moaned loudly. Your climax building. He reached down and pulled your legs up, allowing him to get even deeper. “Ohhh fuck yes baby.”

“Oh god I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me baby. Cum all over my cock.” Jasper groaned as he fucked you deep, and hard. You were going crazy with every thrust as he pumped in and out. It was only a matter of seconds before you came around him. He smiled as he felt your pussy spasm around him. He leaned in again, and kissed you tenderly. “Y/N, you feel so good. You’re gonna make me cum too. Fuck.” And with that, Jasper held you tightly against him as he came. He grunted, and shuttered as he shot his load deep inside of you. He panted, and kissed your neck and collar bone to calm himself down. His hair in an insane mess, and his eyes showing his exhaustion. He looked at you before pulling out, and he layed down beside you.

“W-Wow.” You panted.

“Yeah.” He wrapped his arms around you and kept you close all night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The end ❤


Pairing: Jasper and Pearl
A/N: It’s porn. Happy, fluffy, good ol’ porn with no angst and maybe some praise here and there. 

The fact that Jasper chose to sleep was so adorable to Pearl. Of course gems didn’t need to sleep. It’s a rather self indulgent thing to choose to do, and Pearl loved that Jasper took time to herself like that. She tiptoed closer to Jasper to get a closer look. The blankets managed to cover most of Jasper’s huge torso but one of her arms was draped off of the couch onto the floor. Her luscious lips were parted ever so slightly, her chest rising and falling with every breath. 

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Jobs I think the Gems would have if they were human!

This is just a personal headcanon thing. If you don’t agree with my choices, feel free to comment about it!! I’d love to hear what YOU think ✨

•Garnet: A super chill radio host with awesome music tastes & occasionally gives excellent to-the-point life/love advice. Tends to write cool stories & is good at interior decorating

•Pearl: History/Dance teacher! In her younger years she was a professional dancer, but now she prefers to teach the younger generation! Very good at cooking and a huge nerd that cares very much about her students. Sometimes assists Peridot with her freelancing stuff

•Amethyst: White water rafting guide & summer camp counselor~ Volunteers at kids clubs/other such places in her free time. Kids love her & she’s so much fun to be around

•Peridot: Engineer!! Very good at science and math, obviously. Blows everyone away with her natural talent & can do basically anything. Kind of obsessed with her job and loves working on stuff in her free time.

•Lapis Lazuli: Saltwater marine biologist with a HUGE talent for painting beautiful scenery and animals. Loves all things nature and enjoys camping like A LOT. Has her pilot’s license and has travelled to many different places for her job

•Jasper: Champion Boxer who fulfills a lot of Make-A-Wish wishes (since I don’t really know that much about her yet, we’ll leave this section WIP)

•Rose Quartz: Preschool teacher with military experience. Volunteers freaking everywhere. Animal shelters, soup kitchens, visits elderly & sick, etc. Spends her time making things for others & spreading joy

I hate that some of these seem so obvious but I think these are pretty accurate :D