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Kind of just a quick heads up, with the exception of Talon and Josie (who I’m gonna hopefully bring back before long), I’m dropping my other 4 OCs as muses. I do not have the energy to keep up with multiple rp blogs, nor the time really. Josie I’m only keeping because I’m a sucker for her.

That being said, @grandpappytrevelyan is going to be deleted tonight, and @skyhold-cinnamon-roll I am going to completely wipe and turn into a general blog for all my various OCs that while I would love to rp, I do not have the time, energy, or in some cases the muse to. Right now, the Trevelyan siblings are going to be put back on there, Jasper is getting moved over there, and I’m going to add my smol elf baby Feylin there as well. Screen shots, in game shenanigans, headcanons, and some things like Jasper and Ashe’s letters, and some of Ashe’s journal entries will be there too.

So really just a heads up.

you guys, the reason Raven wasn’t mad about Jasper stealing Finn’s ashes wasn’t (just) because the pill made her ridiculously happy and forgiving – SHE PROBABLY DIDN’T REMEMBER WHO FINN WAS

the city of light made Jaha forget who Wells was. that doesn’t just mean he forgot his son died, it means HE FORGOT HE EVER HAD A SON TO BEGIN WITH. it means that until Abby brought up Wells, and Alie reminded him, Jaha had completely forgotten what were probably some of the best memories of his life. he didn’t just lose the sadness he associated with losing Wells. he lost the happiness he associated with having Wells in the first place.

so if the city of light pill made Raven forget her pain over losing Finn, that means she doesn’t remember him at all. she lost all of her childhood memories with him. she lost all of those cute, happy moments we saw in the flashbacks in “spacewalker.” there might be no pain in the city of light, but there’s no happiness either.


“This is who we are. This is who I am.”

instrumental: mémoire

“Yeah, sure, i’ll be there. Wouldn’t miss it for the world." 

"Awesome! Tai will be real thrilled.”


"Oh right, sorry. Exactly how long have you been out of town for? You must have missed a lot…Tai…That is Mai Tai, my brother. He’s who Blueberry is marrying. Mai Tai Mint?”

“Ah, right. So why exactly will your brother be so thrilled at me coming to the wedding?”

“He sent out your invitation especially. Something about surprising Blueberry by having an old friend to the wedding? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s great to hear you’re going to show up. Thanks!”

“Uh yeah. See you at the wedding.”

So. Blueberry was getting married. Honestly, it didn’t surprise me all that much. She was a grown woman who had been dating for longer than I knew her, and as much as I had thought we might have had something…I figured that this day would come.

What I hadn’t expected was the fact that her future husband would get me involved with the wedding in some way. Maybe he was a genuinely nice guy who wanted to do something for his future wife. That was the kind of guy Blueberry went for. Nice guys, ones who would do anything for her in the end.

“And what, you just left?” I smiled wryly at Jasper, who had interrupted the story so close to the end. But at that point in the story it was fine to be interrupted. Yeah, I left. And now I was there. What else was there to say? 

“You seriously just left when she was willing to get all with you and stuff?”

“Oh. I uh…” I looked back behind me to Brandy, whose eyebrow was raised skeptically. A look passed between us and she smirked before going back to the books. I’d moved in with her and her brother about a year ago, having fulfilled my promises of traveling around Berrica. 

I’d been away from home for a little over two years now, and hanging out with Brandy and Jasper and Dapple…Well it almost made me not want to go back. “I got with her, if that’s what you’re wondering. And it was great, don’t get me wrong…But Jelly, well it was always clear she was never the family type. When I’d first met her we had that talk. She didn’t want kids, she finds them repulsive. But me, well…you know. I wouldn’t mind settling down some time soon.”