i didnt even know this game was a real thing that happened until a really short while ago LOL!! ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!

(This is kinda a response to one of @jaspurr posts, and kinda a theory I’ve been wanting to post)

I think that Amethyst sent Jasper’s gem to Prime. I know other people have said this before, but I wanna organize my thoughts.

They’ve intentionally kept her from bubbling gems, and the only time she was given the opportunity (in Steven’s Lion with the Desert Glass), she puts it off by saying “my kill, my keep” and “in my defense, I forgot.” The only gem she ever bubbled on screen was Jasper! While this has plenty of narrative implications, I think it’s very telling.

From the Kindergarten Kid, we learn that the bubbles get sent “home,” depending on the gem. Peridot considers the barn her home (so sweet!), so the gem appeared there. In On the Run, Amethyst expressed that she considered Prime as her home, not the temple and certainly not Homeworld. The important connection here is the idea of home. Even though Peridot hasn’t lived at the barn for very long, this is the place she feels most connected to. It’s a similar situation for Amethyst, where she rarely goes to Prime, and yet it’s the place she runs to when she feels inadequate around the others.

Of course, there’s still the issue of her bubbles being in the temple. My theory is that Amethyst has an issue with sending bubbles to Prime and she ends up having to retrieve them. Since she doesn’t actually live in the Kindergarten, it would be irresponsible to leave bubbles there unattended, but it’s debatable whether it’ll end up at the temple the second time. Basically, she bubbles things but not very often, because of the afore mentioned reasons.

This makes the fact that she decided to bubble Jasper, risks and all, all the more compelling. She didn’t mind the idea that Jasper may have ended up in Prime, and perhaps she even wanted that to happen. The fact that there was a scene in the teaser with Amethyst, Steven, and Peridot (the gems who brought Jasper down in Earthlings), and later Smoky Quartz, all in Prime fighting some unseen belligerent, gives me hope.

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Jasper, Blackhat, and Undyne with s/o's that suck at fighting but think they're awesome at it. Ends up they got their ass handed to them by some asshat (s/o is okay, just sore, at most a black eye). What would they do?

Jasper (Steven Universe) tries to train you properly, and has no idea how you’re not following along with her teachings. When you get your ass handed to you, she gets very aggressive towards whoever did it. If she’s not allowed to kill/shatter them, she’ll severely beat/poof them instead.

Black Hat (Villainous) doesn’t think much of it- he keeps you around because you’re entertaining his needs/desires/ect, not because you’re a bodyguard or anything. Whoever beat you? They’re dead, simple as that. Either that, or part of Flug’s next experiment.

Undyne (Undertale) tries to train you, but is much more encouraging [in her own rough way] about it. She gets hype when you seem to get something down. Whoever decided to kick your ass is in for their OWN ass-kicking.

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I don’t know if this has been pointed out before but it’s interesting how Steven was barefoot when dealing with Bismuth, Jasper and Eyeball. He was being mistaken for Rose in all of these situations who was always barefoot, and as Rebecca stated, he can never fill in the shoes of his mother. The continuity of SU is so good.