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i will forever point out the ways that dick and jason have similar temperaments and the bizarre way that DC and fandom have treated them so differently and buried those similarities and think they’re so different from each other, or think of the similarities as positive for one and not the other. 

look. dick grayson is the angry robin. end of story. 

he’s the one with the uncontrollable temper (he calls it that himself, even). he’s the one who flies into a rage and does things he regrets afterwards. that’s one of his flaws. 

jason also has a temper, but despite DC and fandom retroactively blaming him for his death due to it and thinking of him as the angry one, it’s not his temper that caused problems with bruce or made him act out as robin. it’s not his temper that makes him kill. he makes deliberate decisions based on a set of morals. he owns those choices. 

The batcave? Well..

Sometimes, it’s a fun place to be in. Damian always gets bullied by his brothers, but I know it’s just for fun. They’re brothers after all.

Sometimes, Bruce always gets stressed out, but Alfred is always there for him. Alfred is like.. A father figure of sorts to, mister Bruce.

Damian also has this really loud friend that visits from time to time. Pennyworth isn’t exactly fond of the young boy, but that’s okay.

But y’know..

I think the best part about living here is the family.

Yeah definitely…

rangers-walking  asked:

you should do some trimberly at the beach headcanons! the rest of the rangers can be there too lmao

You right.


-team mom jason sets up the trip as a bonding exercise. he packs snacks, beach toys, sunblock, anything and everything under the sun

-speaking of sunscreen, jason runs around chasing everyone with the bottle. in reality only jason needs it, but “Skin cancer doesn’t skip rangers, people!”

-zack’s mom totally makes him bring a winter coat so he doesn’t tan. little does she know that kid has his shirt off more than on

-the rangers are hesitant to go in the water, after billy, but he leads the charge into the waves, a smile never leaving his face

-color coded umbrellas.

-zack pulling the string to trinis bikini top. later, zacks shorts mysteriously come off in the ocean. he doesnt seem to care, but the 7 elderly people chasing him off the beach once he puts them back on do.

-jason burns. like. really burns, to the point where the whole squad is calling him sebastian, to which zack runs around yelling “Under da sea!” (”Does that make Trini Flounder?” “Only if you’re Ursula.” “And I can be the princess!” “Yes you can Bill.”)

-(”Jason, the true red ranger.” “Kim, you shouldn’t be talking. Whenever Trini’s around, you’re never not pink.” “That’s biphobic.”)

-they bring as huge raft and just kinda float and chill. that is until jason and zack decide to wrestle and flip overboard.

-once it gets dark, they have a bonfire on the beach

-billy using jason as a surfboard

-”Guys, Kim has a BI-kini!” “Jason, way to show off those BI-ceps!”

-billy and zacks castle wins an award. there wasn’t even a competition going on

-ranger dance party

-after they’ve had their fun, they morph and put on snapchat where they are. party ensues.


-kims SUPER excited to get in the water, ripping off her cover shirt (”Kim this is literally in two pieces why are you this extra.”) and running to the water. she turns to see if Trini is following, only to see her pink bikini.

she runs directly into the life guard stand

-they fall asleep tangled, and when they wake up, kim has a tiny trini sized hand print tan on her thigh (”Shut up Zack!” “I didn’t say anything!” “You were thinking it!”)



-trini is small, waves are tall. protective gf kim fighting the ocean.

-kim pops up from out of the water, brushing her hair back with her. trini is so busy watching her mermaid gf a wave totally decks her. aka kim fighting the ocean part 2

-rangers play beach volleyball, girls vs. boys, and the boys can’t even score ONE point. kim just straight up THROWS trini in the air for a spike (”I wasn’t a cheerleader for nothing guys.”)

-they bury the boys and make mermaid tails out of sand. and then they leave them there. (they totally didn’t go make out in the raft)