• Me: ...what?
  • Me: ...OMG.
  • Me: OMG, Jason you're pouting.
  • Jason: You don't love me anymore.
  • Me: wha--?
  • Jason: YOU'RE DRAWING DONNA WITH KYLE YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE. *pause* And I'm NOT pouting! this is... a manly frown.
  • Me: Complete with a manly single tear, I'm sure.
  • Jason: Don't. love. me. anymore.
  • Me: Jay. Jay come on, it's a commission. We've done worse things for commissions haven't we?
  • Jason: Donna. AND. Kyle. You hate me.
  • Me: *rubs temples* Jay, Donna never made this much of a fuss every time I paired you with Tim, so why can't you--
  • Jason: *wibbly lip... but a MANLY wibbly lip*
  • Tim: ...wrong thing to say, Neme.
  • Me: Uhm. seems so. Okay. Uhm. Well, err, Jay! *points* TIM never makes a fuss when I pair you with anyone else.
  • Tim: You DON'T pair him with anyone else.
  • Me: Commissions?
  • Tim: *shrugs* those where commissions.
  • Me: My point exactly.
  • Jason: *POUT*
  • Me: You're obviously fishing for something. What DO YOU WANT, Jay?
  • Jason: ...proof that you love me still.
  • Me: *rubs bridge of her nose* I'm so going to regret this. what proof?
  • Tim: HEY!!


Kyle, no.

Stop looking like Jason in disguise and please start looking like Kyle, will you? Pretty please? I mean, this is a Kyle-and-Donna commission, not a Jason-in-a-Green-Lantern-costume-and-Donna commission.

Besides, if I’d wanted to do something with Green Lantern Jason, I could’ve put him, say, with Wonder Boy Tim.

…oh, holy shit bbq it’s a Plot Bunny Get in the Car!