He said anywhere I want... || Jason&Gabe

Gabe pushed himself up fromthe bed and pulled his clothes on. It didn’t took him long until he was fully dressed, grabbing his jacket he pulled it on as well before he turned his gaze to Jason. “Let’s go and explore a little the corners of New York.” His smile became devious as he head outside the room. Greeting the people he passed by with a nod, he waited by the door for Jason to join him.

As soon as Jason was next to him, he ran his hand into Jasons, lacing their fingers he led him outside the club.

It was late already, he wondered how long he slept that the sky managed to turn dark again. Shrugging the thought of, he rather thought of that what would come. Patting his crotch inconspiciously he felt that he forgot to pull his underwear on. Yet it was fine and made it just easier what he wanted to do soon. Turning his gaze towards Jason he asked dryly “What do you think of underwear?” when they passed by a little side road.