Just a little reminder for JayTim shippers:

● Jason and Tim aren’t related and even Tim stated that Bruce isn’t technically Jason’s dad anymore, as you can see here:

They weren’t raised together or stuff like that so there’s no reason why he should necessarily consider Jason as his brother (I’m not saying that It’s not ok or possible to see them as brothers, I’m just proving a point)

● They overcame their problems and even If the writers didn’t make a perfect job exploring this important aspect of their relationship, there are still some conversations to prove that:

(Oh Gosh I love this panel so much)

● Tim always cared about Jason:

(even in young justice)
● And he still cares (and considers him as his partner):

(”you’re not just the man under the Red Hood” is actually one of my favourite JayTim quotes ♥ Tim is so sweet)

● Jason eventually got psychologically better and started to care about Tim, to see him as a partner:

Just look at the pictures, the ship sails Itself:

● Aaaand It’s not pedophilia because: http://salt-sass-and-lyrium.tumblr.com/post/146304003444/superboyvapes-despite-you-wanting-to-make-me (Sorry I always quote you, I just love your post lol)

SO our ship is perfectly normal and you’re perfectly normal, bye.


For JayTim Week 2016!! I hope you guys are enjoying the week so far. I’m glad I managed to get this out today.

Here is my second contribution!


Title: Confession
Fandom: DCU
Character(s):  Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Pairing: JasonTim
Rating: PG
Wordcount:  477
Summary: It’s late at night, but Tim can’t sleep. Even with Jason in his arms.


The bright red numbers on the alarm clock shine.


Tim blinks.


He exhales, closing his eyes against the red light.

It’s so late that it’s early, now. But Tim can’t sleep.

Jason sighs against his chest, holding Tim tighter. Like some oversized teddy bear.

One of Tim’s hands finds itself in Jason’s hair, soothingly running through the dark strands. Jason hums and settles.

They’d been sleeping together for a while now. But only just recently had they actually started sleeping together after their activities. It took a lot of trust from the both of them.

Funny how things work like that.

Tim opens his eyes.


Time passes so slowly when you’re trying to sleep.


Tim looks down at Jason.

His head is tucked against Tim’s neck, face against his collarbone and chest. His arms are around his torso.

Before this… thing they have together, Tim would have never guessed that Jason would have been a cuddler.

He runs his hand through Jason’s hair again.

This man…

Tim sighs.

Jason is rough. He’s like the sea: all-consuming and ferocious. He’s like a forest fire: burning and hot, ravaging.

Jason is a hardened man, ready to kill and maim.

Jason is a kind man, ready to cheer crying children and help old ladies across the street.

Jason is hard to define.

But Tim…

Tim looks at the clock again.


He sighs and his head falls back on the pillows.

What’s Tim?

He’s just a kid trying to help where he can. A drop-out. A forgotten child.

He’s not really a kid though, is he? Those people in this business couldn’t be children, no matter how young.

Tim brings the arm he’s lying on – the one not in Jason’s hair – up to cover his eyes with his hand.

He shouldn’t be awake. It’s late. Early. Whatever.

But he can’t stop thinking about Jason.

His soft hair, his scarred skin, and his muscles.

His teal eyes, square jaw, and pointed nose.

Tim curls around Jason just a bit more.

His strong back, arms, and thighs.

The way he enfolds Tim during their intimate moments.

The way his eyes shine when Tim gets him to laugh.

The way his big hands feel when they’re on Tim’s body.

Tim bites his lip.

He’s had these thoughts for a while. Perhaps even before they got together for sex.

His Robin.

Jason was always his Robin.

He doesn’t know what it is yet but…

“I could love you, Jason Todd.”

Jason shifts and his heart stills. Had he said that out loud?

He does his best not to tense and Jason settles once again.

Minutes pass and Tim sighs.


Almost four a.m.

Tim needs to stop contemplating things and go to sleep.



Tim’s breathing is steady, his body relaxed.

Jason presses a kiss to pale skin.


Just a quick little thing for this Flowershop AU post thing:

Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”

Thanks to koscheiis for the list of flowers. [Geraniums (stupidity), foxglove (insincerity), meadowsweet (uselessness), yellow carnations (you have disappointed me), and orange lilies (hatred).]


Title: Flowers
Fandom: DCU
Character(s):  Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Pairing: Pre-JayTim
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 390


Tim had been asked many odd things before, but this was a new one.

His eyes flicked from the hand that had slammed down that twenty up to the man’s face. He was quite a striking man.

Tim was curious.

“You want me to make a bouquet that says ‘fuck you’ in flower?”

“That’s what I said.” The bulky man straightens up, “Can you do that?”

Tim huffs, “Of course. How big do you want it to be?”

“A giant ‘fuck you.’”

Of course. Tim sighs and looks around while gathering the wrap and clippers.

He gathers some geraniums, meadowsweet, yellow carnations, and orange lilies. Passing the foxgloves, he grabs two of those as well.

The man watches him make the bouquet, but Tim doesn’t pay much attention to that. So he doesn’t see the intense way the man watches his hands.

Once it’s all together, he holds it up for the customer to inspect and meets teal eyes straight on.

Tim blinks before he can get too distracted. “Is this suitable?”

“Looks fine.”

Tim pauses, “You’re not going to question it? What I put in?”

The man shrugs, “You seem competent so why bother?”

He’s not sure how to feel about that, but decides to take it as a compliment and move on.

“Alright, that will be $16.37.” Tim takes the twenty and holds it up, confirming the price with the man, who nods.

He hands over the bouquet, and the man’s large hands brush across his own, startling him just a bit. But he goes to make the change, ignoring the feeling.

When he hands the man his change, their fingertips brush and a shiver runs up Tim’s spine.

He looks up and the man is smiling stunningly.

“Thanks for the help. The name’s Jason, by the way.”

“Um, you’re welcome,” Tim blinks, “Good luck with the recipient of that bouquet.”

His smile turns into a sneer, “Oh, he won’t see it coming.”

Tim keeps a straight face, “Please don’t throw it.”

A pause. Then the two of them laugh.

“Thanks, Tim.”

“You’re welcome, Jason.”

Jason’s smile is bright and he leaves with a wave.

Tim looks down at the counter. There’s a piece of paper where there shouldn’t be one.

He picks it up and unfolds it.

There’s a name and a phone number on it.


Glossy gossip

Title:  Glossy gossip

Fandom: DC Comics Universe

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG-13

Wordcount: 800+ words

Summary: and newspaper fonts are Tim Drake’s sudden enemy. 

Notes: Prompt for JayTimWeek, “Photography”. Let’s say that Jason has an apartment with Kori and Roy in Gotham too, for the sake of this story? Also Tam is Tim’s PR manager, hopefully the one line with her makes sense.

In front of Tim, there’s today’s newspaper, covering a magazine, partly, the magazine covering a tabloid, fully, the tabloid covering Alfred’s finely polished porcelain cups, haphazardly, with a soggy scone staining the paper, forgotten halfway to Tim’s mouth and all of them, absolutely all of them are covered with Tim’s face, Tim’s name, Red Hood’s symbol on Jason’s chest and why is it always Damian, slapping stories Tim has no idea about into his hands, why is it always about someone he has kissed the day before (“You’re careless, Drake. No surprise there.”) and there was no one there, he knows no one was there – jesus, just how good is Vicky Vale?

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Set it off

Title:  Set it off
Pairing or Characters: Jason Todd/Tim Drake
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  Sometimes, just being around Jason can be enough to set Tim’s heat off.
Contains:  Alpha/omega dynamics and biology that includes self-lubricating and knotting, established relationship, mating/heats, mild fluff, flirting
Notes:  This is a commission for stevebottoms ! Aaah! Major flipping thanks to my dear and darling cleromancy who is my go to for all things JayTim and who helped quell some of my persistent writing habits (namely redundancies and repetition).

This is actually set in the same A/B/O universe as A matter of timing (although you don’t have to read that one to get  through this one and vice versa). Holy crap I loved writing this story! Loved it! 10/10 would write Omegaverse fic again in a heartbeat! (Also: holy crap it’s been a year since my last full blown Jason/Tim story. I need to get back on track with that ship, wow!)


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Bites and Bruises

Title: Bites and Bruises
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Kink(s): Neck kink, biting
Rating: R
From tea-solves-everything: Dick/Tim, Bruce/Tim, Jason/Tim, Kon/Tim; neck kink


“Ngh!” Tim whimpers, fingers reflexively curling in Jason’s shirt.

The last ten minutes had been spent solely on the giving of hickeys. Jason’s love of his neck was crazy, but…

He sighs contentedly, lightly running his nails down Jason’s arms.

Hell if Tim really minded.

With each and every lick, Tim gives a sigh. With every suck, Tim hums. With every bite, Tim moans.

Jason gnaws on his neck one last time before leaning back into the couch, licking his lips. Tim finds himself pouting and wrapping his arms across broad shoulders.

“Why’d you stop?” Tim doesn’t whine.

He chuckles and clutches Tim’s hips, “Sorry, babe. Wanted to see my handiwork.”

Tim sighs and wiggles a bit in Jason’s lap, “Oh, fine.” One of his hands slipped up to tug at dark curly hair.

Jason licks his lips again, eyes fixated on Tim’s neck. “You bruise so nicely, Babybird.” He rubs one of the hickeys, dragging a moan out of him.

“Mm,” he rolls his hips down against Jason’s, “And you have such sharp teeth.”

He gives a deep, rumbling chuckle, “All the better to eat you up with, little red.”

Then his teeth are back where they should be. Tim grunts and tugs at Jason’s hair, “Hm, yes…”

Jason grips the back of Tim’s neck and tugs him into a kiss.

It’s harsh and full of teeth and tongue, with each participant nibbling on the other’s lips. Jason teases the top of Tim’s mouth with his tongue, and Jason huffs a laugh into Tim’s mouth when he sucks on his bottom lip.

When they pull apart, each of them have swollen lips and heavy breathing.

Jason lets go of his neck and runs his hands down Tim’s back, ending up on Tim’s waist.

“Hn,” Jason grunts, and then Tim is shifted and pressed down on the couch, the larger man hovering over him, covering him so well. “Hope you’re ready to answer a lot of questions tomorrow, Babybird.”

“Oh,” Tim smirks and runs his own fingers seductively down his bruising throat, “I don’t think I’ll need to.”

His growl is delightful and then that mouth is back on pale skin.

Title: Good Morning
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: JayTim
Summary: The last thing Tim expects when he walks into his kitchen is the huge, big-shouldered form hunched over his kitchen counter. He’s… Not entirely certain? But he thinks it might be one of his new neighbors. 

Notes: I know I don’t post fics often, but with heartslogos having her birthday so recently and timtober beginning and all… Well. I couldn’t resist. Happy (belated) birthday, Miss Hearts, I hope this brightens your day at least a little!

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since you have a video for how alfred dances, do you have videos of how the others dance?