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If I'm honest, if I were a republican, I'd still just post whatever the hell my views were and say fuck the haters. But that might either just be me or my "privilege." Sorry if this is offensive.

It’s not offensive. And most of the time, we do just post whatever. The issue is we get a shitton of hate for it that liberals never do.

Video for Madi

We need to show her that we care.

Now, I would be able to put this together because i have an army of a/v geeks at my disposal, but i need madi’s closer friends to contribute ideas for things we can say to her or maybe a song to sing to her. Does she have any favorite songs that would be appropriate?

I just need us to never let this happen again. She needs to know how much we love her.

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Dear anon, I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I really am, but please don't take it out on Reni. She didn't do anything. If you don't like her gifs, that's fine, but either keep it to yourself or see if she can come up with a tag for you to blacklist. Or you can always unfollow her.

see Jason answer is better than mine!

  • backing track arms
  • sheila
  • madi's video

here it is! the backing track to “arms.” if you’d like to be in the video, please sing along to this so i can put it together easily. ideally i’d like not to be able to hear the track in your video, but if you can’t help it that’s okay.

i realize that this doesn’t have a lot of cues as to when to start singing, etc, so if you have questions i can basically write out an account of when each verse starts, by minute and second. i might do that anyway. but if you want it, please ask. i get that it’s really confusing if you haven’t been playing it for the last couple hours.

for a rough guide as to how it should go, check the tag #madi’s video project

if you don’t want to have your face in a video, please send me an ask so you can do audio.

and people who want to do a spoken message, do that in video format as well. if you’re singing as well, put it at the beginning or end of your song. if you’re going to do either, tell me when you expect to have it done by. ideally that would be in a couple days.

thank you! i hope that we get this ready in time for it to hopefully cheer madi up when she gets back :) i’m amazed at how many people have offered to help.



^^^ Send an email to this, or a message to my tumblr, if you want to help with madi’s video project.

The song is “Arms” by Christina Perri. I also would like for people to have spoken messages, so if you don’t care to sing you can read a message, or you can do both. If you play an instrument that also would be helpful.

If you have suggestions please send them to me! Also, I need help designating lines of the song for people to sing.