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yoo!! how does jason todd fit in to this au im 👌👌

Why Am I Not Surprised

he and cass are twin children of lady shiva and persephone (don’t question how, persephone’s a goddess and she can do What She Wants) and persephone birthed jason and shiva gave birth to cass (don’t question how) and shiva had to give cass to cain but persephone left jason with shiva after and so shiva panicked and left jason in gotham with the todds. jason didn’t realize he was a half-blood until he was caught by a monster that killed him, and in the underworld persephone was like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then she left jason chill w her and bc hades Wasn’t Fond Of Him she left jason with bruce who adopted him. so jason’s basically chillin and dead, but he can go back and forth from the underworld according to persephone’s rules (so in the spring he can go up but he’s stuck in the underworld in the winter) 

and cass ran away from cain and was competent enough to fight off monsters but babs, daughter of apollo, heard about her and tracked her down (with her sick futURE VISION) and brought her to CHB, where she was claimed by persephone and she met jason the next spring

let’s talk abt my CHB au

i need jason to meet sally 


today’s warm ups got really elaborate and i accidentally camp swap!au’d?? anyway, here we have: greek!jason and annabeth before the titan war, and roman!piper/percy before they got made praetors. 

Sheriff’s Daughter

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Anon requests: please do an archie imagine 💖💖

please write an archie imagine

I love your writing so bad! So I got this idea and hoped you would write it? So, reader is Archies girlfriend, Kevin’s sister which makes her the daughter of the sheriff. Since Jasons dead it has been forbidden to go to the river, but she and Archie sneaks out in the middle of the night and go there. The get in the water and make out. Things heated as her dad aka the sheriff finds them and takes her home. He forbids them to see each other, but the keep doing it, tho. U decide the happy ending :)

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: The sheriff’s daughter and her boyfriend are quite the trouble-making pair.

Warnings: none

Word count: 940

A/N: ahh my first archie imagine!! hope you all enjoy!!

You and Kevin sat in your room together, listening to Taylor Swift’s older albums.

“I’m just not feeling the country,” Kevin critiqued.  “Even in the Red album, she was leaning towards pop.”

“But this is classic Taylor!” you protested.  “You’re telling me you don’t like Fearless?”

“I’m not saying that,” he raised his hands in defense.  “I’m just saying 1989 is way better.”  You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever, Kev.”  Before he could think of a clever remark, a tapping on your window interrupted the two of you.  Sharing puzzled glances, you and Kevin slowly moved towards your window. You pushed back the curtains to reveal your boyfriend, Archie Andrews, standing on a ladder.

“Can I come in?” he asked cheekily.  You rolled your eyes, but smiled and opened the window.  He climbed in and closed the window behind him.  Listening to the music that was playing, he shot you a raised eyebrow.  “Taylor Swift?”

“Hell yeah!” you nodded, but lowered the volume a bit.  “So what are you doing here?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to the river,” Archie suggested with a small smirk.  Before you could respond, Kevin cut you off.

“Dad said we aren’t allowed,” he shot you a warning glance.

“So what?” you rolled your eyes. “He’s not gonna find out.”  Kevin pursed his lips and crossed his arms, sending you a pointed look.  “You wouldn’t.”

“I will,” Kevin warned.  “There’s a murderer in Riverdale right now, and going to Sweetwater River is like walking into death’s trap.”

“Come on, Kev,” you whined. He shook his head.

“No.  There’s nothing you can say that’ll convince me not to tell him.” You furrowed your eyebrows trying to think of something you held against him.  Finally, you reached an idea and smirked.

“I’ll tell him about Joaquin,” you declared.  His face visibly paled as his eyes widened.

“But… but you can’t!” he stuttered.

“I won’t tell dad if you don’t tell him about me going to Sweetwater River,” you bargained.  He huffed and rolled his eyes, but agreed. You smirked triumphantly and smiled at Archie.  “Let’s go.” He went down the ladder first to make sure he could catch you if you fell.

The night was dark and silent, and you and Archie stifled your laughs as you ran towards the river.

“This is such a bad idea,” you whispered, but he just waved it off and kissed you.  You smiled into the kiss.

“Let’s go into the water,” he said, and you nodded.  The two of you, holding hands, ran into the water.  You shrieked with delight as the coldness of the water enveloped the lower half of your body.  Archie snuck up from behind and grabbed you by the waist, twirling you around as you laughed.  He set you down and turned you around so you face him.  Still grasping onto your waist, his lips connected with yours. This kiss was not like the ones the two of you had shared before; this one was rough and passionate.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.  Archie’s fingers traced the hem of your shirt.  You were about to prompt him to take it off, but the shine of a flashlight caught your eye.  The two of you separated and looked for the source of the light.

It was your dad.

“Fuck,” you muttered under your breath, squeezing Archie’s hand.  Your dad approached the edge of the water.

“(Y/N)!” he yelled, shining his flashlight directly in yours and Archie’s eyes.  “Get out of the river right now!”  You and your boyfriend obliged, slowly trekking onto the shore. The two of you were dripping wet, and your dad, who had come prepared, threw each of you a towel.

“Sorry dad,” you mumbled, keeping your head down.

“Sorry?” he demanded, his voice cold with anger.  “Sorry doesn’t cut it, (Y/N).  As the sheriff, I have to protect this entire goddamned town, and my own daughter won’t listen to me.  My own daughter!  Do you know how that ruins my reputation?”  You had no reply, so you just kept your head down.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Keller,” Archie apologized.  “This was all my fault.  I convinced (Y/N) to come out here with me.  Don’t get mad at her, please, I should take all the blame.”

“Another reason why my daughter should have never started dating you,” the sheriff spat.  “Get in the car, both of you.  I’m taking Andrews home and having him explain to his dad why the sheriff had to escort him home.  And then, (Y/N), we’re going to have a nice long chat.”

You sat in your room, dismally staring out of the window.

“I didn’t tell him, you know,” Kevin said, not bothering to knock before he entered your room.  “He walked into your room and saw you weren’t there, and I guess he just had a hunch.”  You turned to face your brother and rolled your eyes.

“That’s great, Kev, but it doesn’t help the fact that I can’t see Archie anymore,” you responded, and then turned back to the window.  Kevin sighed and exited your room.

Lost in thought, you didn’t notice the ginger climbing towards your window until his face was right in front of yours.

“Archie?” you whisper-yelled, opening the window.  He grinned, but didn’t climb into your room.

“Hey,” he said.

“What are you doing here?” you asked.  He just smiled and kissed you.

“I had to see you,” he answered after you two pulled apart.  You smiled and shook your head.

“God, you’re an idiot.”  He pouted, causing you to peck him on the lips. “My idiot.”

“See?” said Damian. “I told you I heard footsteps. He didn’t go to sleep.”
Which was impressive enough, honestly, given the amount of pain medication that Jason had literally seen Tim take— he should have been out for hours. But what was even more impressive was the mess he’d made of his room.
Tim’s walls were papered with pictures and notes. There was barely any blank wall left, but extra pages were still spilling out of Tim’s printer. He’d run a spool of yarn through a set of thumbtacks, movie style, until it crisscrossed around the entire space in a spiderweb of connections— Jason had to duck underneath it to fit inside the door.
Tim was sitting at his desk, surrounded by stacks of paper and rolls of tape. He didn’t seem to notice either one of them until Jason tapped on his corner.
“Hey. Everything okay in here?”
“Shut up,” Tim told him. “I’m working.”
“Oh, that’s what this is,” said Jason, gesturing to the walls, “Work. You sure about that?”
“Obviously.” Tim pulled a sheet of text from one of his piles and moved over to the wall, searching for a place to hang it. He settled on an empty bit of space and tacked it on— Jason was pretty sure he was leaving tiny holes in the paint. Alfred wouldn’t be happy. “I’m making a network.”
Jason pointed to the center of the mess. “This is a picture of a slice of pizza.”
“I was hungry.”
“It’s connected to a drawing of me.” At least, Jason assumed it was a drawing of him— in reality it was a stick figure wearing an oversized red helmet, complete with tiny guns and “pew pew” written out beneath it, but Jason was willing to be generous.
“I was asking you to bring me pizza.” Tim said, like it was obvious, and he looked around his room like he was hoping Jason had actually brought him one.
“Oh, okay. So instead of texting me like a normal person…” Jason trailed off, waving a hand in Tim’s direction— Tim frowned at him for a few seconds, clearly concentrating, before he sighed and walked back to his desk.
“You’re right. I can do that now, if I can find my phone. Where did I put my—” He started digging through his piles of notes, knocking stacks of them off the desk. After twenty seconds of silence, Damian tapped out a text on his own phone and followed the tone to Tim’s mini-fridge. He pulled open the door: an alarming selection of Red Bull products and Tim’s cell phone, laying across the shelf. He passed it over to Jason with his text still on the screen (Just when I thought you could sink no lower).
“I can’t believe he’s the one that survived,” Jason told him. He was pretty sure it violated natural law. “This is embarrassing. Hey, Tim? You don’t have to text me. I’m standing right here.”
Tim was busy straightening out his yarn, so he didn’t answer.
“Just out of curiosity, how many of these things do you drink every day?” Jason pulled an empty can from the carpet and tossed it at Tim— it bounced off his chest and fell back to the ground. “More than one?”
“One. Five. I don’t know.”
“You skipped a couple of numbers there.”
“Hm.” Tim dropped his voice into an imitation of a GPS. “Recalculating.”
“Oh my god.” Really, Bruce? Jason thought. You replaced me with this? Whatever. Didn’t matter.
“Pass me the post-it notes.”
“Fine.” Jason grabbed the stack off Tim’s desk, read the top, and handed them over. “What is ‘Theseus’ supposed to mean?”
“The Court of Owls has a labyrinth beneath the city.”
“Why didn’t you just write that?”
“Because it’s a code.” Tim stuck his post-it to the corner of the pizza slice and wandered back towards his desk. “I don’t want Damian to read my stuff.”
“Okay, Damian is also standing right here.” Jason pointed behind him. “See? Try to focus. I really don’t think you want to start a fight right now.” Damian didn’t look mad— more amused than anything— but who knew how long that would last? Jason was surprised Tim could walk at this point. He definitely couldn’t defend himself.
“Damian?” Tim asked. He looked shocked, like he really hadn’t seen Damian before Jason pointed him out.
“You’re alive?”
“Yes.” Damian raised an eyebrow in Jason’s direction. “Really, Drake, try to— No. Drake no do NOT—” He tried to duck away, but he was too late; Tim grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him into a hug.
For the first few seconds, Damian stood frozen in shock— mouth open, arms at his sides— and Jason was frozen too. Then he remembered that he was still holding Tim’s phone, so he snapped a picture and ran, out the door and down the hall, as fast as he could. He was halfway down the staircase when he heard a thud behind him (presumably Tim hitting the floor) and Damian’s steps on the landing.
But really, with that kind of lead, there was no way he could catch up.

for the anon that requested another round of Tim (very high) on pain meds


heres an animatic to go along with the speedpaint!!

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I'm sorry but all I need is for the whole pjo crew to meet the mcaga crew and piper is the one that looks at them and the first thing she thinks of is who likes eachother. Like I'm sorry but I need them (them being feirrochase and blitzstone) to awkwardly talk it out with the pjo crew

don’t worry bro i got you

  • ok so magnus is visiting camp half blood with sam, alex, hearthstone and blitz
  • b/c i mean like who wouldn’t want to see the magical camp 
  • (I’m wearing my chb shirt while writing this omg)
  • and percy and magnus have already met from when they needed his help 
  • so they get there, after a long car ride of arguing over whose baseball team is better between magnus and annabeth and percy agreeing with annabeth 
  • but magnums dads back him up
  • and alex totally does too b/c i mean she’s a magnus baseball fan ok and she threatens to kill percy and everybody goes silent b/c these demigods can’t die over and over and be back for supper? 
  • so its really awkward for a second 
  • and i mean alex did just offer to kill percy in honor of magnus and his baseball team
  • annabeth grins breaking the tension with ‘you can try but its gonna be hard’

  • when they get to the camp nico stares for so long and will and jason are hanging out with him 
  • and piper is talking to kayla and austin how nice 
  • annabeth and magnus are still talking about baseball 
  • and alex walks behind magnus and just plops his head on top of magnum’s because he’s tall enough to and he can 
  • so he’s awkwardly walking behind magnus just leaning on him so weird but very domestic 

  • blitz is great friends with lacy automaticaly and hearth just stands by until a kid runs up to him and starts signing 
  • and this fucking little kid is so happy because nobody here knows sign language but chiron and he’s not always here 
  • now hearthstone, blitz, magnus and sam are all signing to him and he’s so in love with them 
  • and magnus translates for alex duh 

  • nico is still fucknig staring so creepily but i mean 
  • ‘they’re fucking dead Will what the fuck jason go fly up to a tree with them and drop them i want to see what happens will they still be dead?? will they die and not be here??? are they ghosts??’
  • and will is like ‘or you could go speak to them’
  • Jasons just like i got this and picks nico up b/c no way is he walking over there alone, 
  • “my uh, friend, here wants to know wether you guys are dead or not’ 
  • will is trailing behind laughing his ass off 
  • and alex is straight up salty to them like ‘are you dead? thats not a nice thing to ask excuse you’ 
  • jasons just baffled b/c I’m mean that was rude it was a valid question 
  • and piper is here now like ‘my bf meant to ask are you dead?’
  • ‘oh yeah we are’ 
  • than piper goes ‘and your bf?’ referring to magnus
  • and alex just says yeah b/c he docent notice  
  • (the whole car ride back magnus is grinning like so I’m your boyfriend huh
  • ‘fucking shut up maggie you’re so dead later’)
  • and nico is just wow ok this is the first other lgbtq+ people he has actually met and they’re a couple so he jumps out of Jason’s arms and stands next to Will holding his hand so much more confident in himself
  • (jasons jealous so he also holds nicos hand ok) 
  • and wills grinning proud af b/c this is so rare and nico’s confident right now ok its amazing 
  • and ‘what about you guys are you dead?’
  • ‘no but were together as well’ blitz says looking magnus dead in the eye to be all fatherly like you aint fucking getting away with this without talking to us about it ok 
  • and hearthstone is too busy to read lips just still grinning at magnus and alex  

Intertwined [j.j.]

this will be part of a new series of fics that I’ll be writing based on dodie clark songs. I hope you guys enjoy them.

this is based in the song ‘intertwined’ yes, but also on dodie’s explanation of her song

WARNING: talk of attempted suicide and depression ((be safe everybody))


Jason Blossom was dead.

There was no denying it.

Fourth of July had been overwhelming for you, the news of Jason’s disappearance and apparent death driving you over the edge.

At first it was fine. Cheryl’s story didn’t add up so you suspected that she had been lying about Jason drowning. After the high school dance, you knew that you had been right.

Cheryl had lied but Jason was still dead.

Everything started to go downhill for you after that day. No one notices the changes. They were so subtle, so gradual.

You started by getting to school late, missing a few minutes at a time until eventually, you began skipping school completely.

You spent your days at Pop’s, sitting in the corner booth as you stared blankly at your milkshake of the day, absentmindedly stirring it around with your straw.

Jason Blossom’s cousin was disappearing and no one had noticed.

At least, no one noticed until the Tuesday morning that Cheryl unexpectedly showed up at your house at 3 am crying over Jason’s death.

You comforted her, shedding tears of your own, as you mourned the loss of one of the most important people in your lives. Cheryl, heartbroken and vulnerable, had convinced you to walk into school with her that morning, claiming that she needed you as moral support.

You had accepted, no matter how uncomfortable the attention made you.

It wasn’t until you walked in, looking quite small next to Cheryl, that people started to realize just how long it had been since they had last see you.

And it wasn’t until you bumped into Jughead that he noticed just how much you had changed in a very short time span.

He had opened his mouth to apologize. You were notorious throughout the school for being quick-witted and sharp-tongued, with the ability to spit out insults almost as quickly as Cheryl herself. It was a Blossom thing.

Instead, you had beaten him to the punch, a quiet apology escaping your mouth as you ducked your head and scurried away.

Gone was the fiery girl who was full of sass and smiles. In her place was a hollow remainder of the terrible tragedy that had fallen upon the small town.

Jughead made to follow you before Cheryl walked up to him, gripping his arm with her manicured nails as she hissed in his ear. “Don’t even think about going near her.”

Jughead tried to listen to Cheryl’s warning. He truly did.

But when the news spread that the (H/C) Blossom had tried to end her own life, he realized just how much pain you were in and just how well you had been hiding it.

He took it upon himself to get to know you. It started off by him taking the empty seat next to you in all classes, now left empty by your friends who didn’t want to be friends with someone who was suicidal.

You enjoyed each other’s company in silence, until one day when you started talking about mundane things that caught your attention. When the topic became the drive-in, Jughead recognized you as the girl who held the part-time job at the concessions stand.

Eventually, those days at school became daily hang-outs at Pop’s that were filled with onion rings and milkshakes.

You were starting to get better albeit little by little. Anyone could see that, even Cheryl who had a little talk with Jughead where she pleaded with him to do everything he could to keep you safe.

Everything he could do to keep you in the dark about the new forthcoming details about Jason’s murder.

Eventually, those daily milkshakes became something more. They became shy glances and lingering touches and soft whispers that filled the ambient atmosphere that surrounded your booth.

These feelings eventually came to light at Jughead’s mess of a party, where you were both locked in the shed in order to avoid relatives and friends.

You had been driven there when you saw Cheryl arrive with none other than Chuck himself so you proceeded to cuddle with Vegas, huddled under a table where you’d be virtually unnoticeable.

Of course Jughead’s keen eyes eventually found you when he himself stormed inside, which led to a heartfelt conversation where you spilled all your deepest thoughts and urges that came to life when the murder investigation began.

Jughead had taken you into his arms as you quietly mumbled apologies because you had “ruined” his birthday party with your god-awful demons that would restlessly flutter among your jumbled thoughts.

And after Jughead managed to calm you down and feelings were confessed and reciprocated, he promised himself that he would listen to Cheryl.

He would shelter you from all the horrible secrets and darkness that Riverdale had to offer, no matter how closely intertwined they were with your own life.

Then Cheryl broke her word and dragged Archie into the mess where, whilst conversing with Clifford Blossom, he was told of the plans that were underway to give complete control of the business to you instead of Cheryl.

He was instructed to woo you, his promising career as a musician being placed at risk right in front of his very own eyes.

He disobeyed, going to you and spilling everything, and informing Cheryl about everything in the process as well.

Things only got messier from that point on, when the clues about the killer became painfully obvious and Jughead was left holding on to the hope that he would be enough to protect you from the small town that used to be “filled with pep”.

When Clifford Blossom was revealed to be the killer, he left behind a note, stating that you were to be the sole heir to the Blossom family fortune, seeing as how you were the only one strong enough to stomach the business itself.

You spiraled again, blaming yourself for being one of the reasons why Jason was dead.

You begged Jughead to leave you, you were too fucked up and your thoughts were too dark and too macabre.

Jughead held onto you, hugging you tightly as he vowed to himself to help you through this horrible mess that had resulted from an equally horrible action.

It was then that he realized how much you meant to him and that no matter what dark surprises the small town had in store for the both of you, he would do anything in his power to make sure you made it through unscathed.

Even if he didnt.

I hope y'all notice the little ending which hopefully implies that Jughead joins the Serpents

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Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: Jason spilled his beer on you at a basketball game

Key: Y/N= your name, F/N= your friend’s name

God you hated basketball. Well, you sorta hated all sports, but basketball was just so boring. It was a bunch of squeaking and nonsense that you didn’t understand and didn’t really bother trying. 

Unluckily for you, your friend, F/N, decided to surprise you with tickets to a Gotham Guardsman game while you were in town. You didn’t have the heart to reject such an eager face, so you sighed, slapped on an excited expression, and said yes. F/N was so happy and they began counting down the days until the game arrived. The day of your ultimate doom.

Bruce Wayne had always had tickets to the Gotham Guardsman games, he was of course the Bruce Wayne. When Bruce announced to the family that they’d be going to a game, Jason was less than thrilled. Being dead meant it was a trip for the family minus him, but Bruce had a different idea.

“Jason, I know it sucks that you can’t attend a lot of things with the family, but you are coming to the game. I went out and bought you some hair dye and colored contacts. Alfred will help with your hair and the contacts are easy enough,” Bruce explained. He was enthusiastic as he spoke.

“Bruce, chill for a sec,” Jason interrupted, “what happens when someone asks who I am? Besides, I don’t really like basketball anyway. It’s no big deal.”

Bruce gave him a stern look, “You are coming. We’ll call you ‘Jay’ and you’ll be Dick’s roommate. That’s the final word on the matter.” And with that, no more arguing would occur…until the very last minute.

The day of the game arrived, you were leaving town that next morning and F/N was dreading it, but they were excited you were seeing the game with them.

“Y/N! I’m so glad we’re doing this! You’re going to have a great time, and don’t worry about knowing stuff, just cheer for the team in black and gold.”

“Yeah, whoopie,” you stated with fake enthusiasm. “I can’t wait.”

“Oh! And guess what!” F/N didn’t even give you the chance to guess. “We’ll be sitting right near the seats that Bruce Wayne sits in. Bruce Wayne! Can you believe it?”

“Never in a million years.” All you knew about the Wayne family is that a) they’re rich as hell and b) there are so many children. So many. They just multiply and no one knows how or where or when. They just appear.

You walked into the stadium with F/N and immediately went to find your seats, per their instructions, even though you really wanted a pretzel. You squeezed past a family and a small group of men to get to your seats, which ended up being on the far end from where you entered. They actually weren’t that bad. Close enough to see the action, but far enough away you could be on your phone and no one would notice.

“Hey F/N, these seats are really nice. How’d you get them?”

They went into a long spiel about how their dad’s co-worker’s sister’s friend’s cousin is a big corporate person who has serious connections to some top dog with a friend who loves basketball and Gotham. You lulled in and out of the story while people watching. It was quite entertaining until you were interrupted a man with a trail of children, with cameras focusing on their every move, blocking your view.

“Ugh,” you pouted, slouching into your seat.

“Y/N, Y/N! That’s Bruce Wayne,” she pointed at the man who had just passed you. “And that’s Dick Grayson, he was an acrobat, and that’s Cassandra, she’s kinda silent but so cool, and that’s Tim Drake, he’s like a genius or something. That right there,” they pointed to the smallest of the group, “is Damian Wayne, he’s like the only one there that’s actually related to Bruce Wayne.”

“Yeah? Well, who’s that,” you pointed to a brown haired man with hazel eyes. “Is he part of the family?”

“No, I don’t think so . He’s probably just friends with one of them,” F/N just shrugged off this mysterious stranger, but you wanted to know more because, come on, a new person hanging around with the Waynes usually ends up being adopted.

Jason sat, pouting, as Alfred messed with his hair. “This is stupid. It’s never going to work.”

“Master Jason, you disappeared as a boy, so most people will have no clue who you are. Master Bruce knows this or else he would not have forced us all into this situation,” Alfred explained, a joking bitterness in his voice.

Jason was now a brunet and had brown eyes, though Dick would say they’re more hazel, but Jason would slap him every time he would suggest it. As they walked through the door to the basketball game, Bruce was immediately bombarded with questions.

“Bruce Wayne, how do you feel about the stock?”

“Mr. Wayne, do you think the Guardsman will win?”

“Bruce Wayne! Who all have you brought with you tonight?”

Bruce just waved off the questions and guided his family to their seats. Jason people watched as this mysterious man with this mysterious family. He saw two couples, a small family, and a girl staring directly back at him. He quickly looked away, afraid he would be found out, but she didn’t look old enough to remember him before his death.

They ended up two rows in front of the girl. Jason would spin around, briefly, every once and a while to catch the girl staring. It was unsettling. He was so used to going completely unnoticed, but something about her was different. It was like she was studying him. This staring actually made Jason want to talk to her, bu the’d have to do it as ‘Jay’.

“Jay,” Tim interrupted his thoughts, “wanna get a soda? Maybe some snacks before the game starts?”

“If I’m going to be an errand boy, I’m gonna get beer.” Jason took a plastic card out of his pocket, “Bruce thought of everything.”

“Okay F/N, I’m starving. Do you want anything?” You were tired on just sitting around waiting for something to start. You planned to be productive if you were going to stretch your legs.

“Oh, uh, just some popcorn please,” F/N mutter, to caught up in watching the Waynes, like a t.v. show.

You nodded, snatched up your wallet, and climbed up the steps towards the concession stands. As you ascended, you heard two distinct sets of feet behind you. You glanced behind quickly and saw Tim Drake and the mystery man. You snapped back after you almost fell up the stairs and ran the rest of the way.

Jason saw you slip. If he didn’t know any better, he would have guessed was because of him. He then watched as you sped up the stairs. “Hm,” he huffed to himself.

“What was that Jay,” Tim asked, emphasizing the last word and waggled his eyebrows.

“Nothing nerd.” Jason shoved his brother. They both chuckled and continued to the concession stands.

Jason decided to stack the drinks on top of each other, his beer on top. He thought it was a good idea, and Tim heavily disagreed with him but let it happen. Tim held three bags of popcorn, five pretzels, and a thing of nachos, so he wasn’t complaining when Jason refused to get a tray for the drinks. “It’s your head,” he joked.

Jason walk with ease, thinking he knew exactly how this would go. He’d walk down the steps, grab his beer and put the rim in his mouth, he turn to pass out the rest of the drinks, and then he’d sit and watch basketball.

To say the least: it didn’t go as he planned.

You held a bag of popcorn and a pretzel in one hand, a Dr. Pepper and Sprite in the other. You had shuffled over to the little table that had those cup holders and began to set everything up in a easier manner for carrying. You spun around when you had finished and ran into someone.

You became wet and sticky, soaked to the bone in a concoction of Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and who-knows-what else. You cried out in disgust. Your food was discarded upon the ground and you shook your arms, trying to get rid of the sticky feeling.

“Ah shit, I’m so sorry! Shit, this is all my fault, I wasn’t paying attention. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Oh my god, yeah? Just…ugh…just take a step back. This sucks ass!” you began to talk to yourself and tried to get rid of the sticky substance, “See this is why I hate sports. I hate the ignorant people, I hate the food, I hate the hard plastic seats…”

“Dude are you okay? What’s your name?” Jason was taken aback by your ramblings.

You snapped back to reality. “I’m Y/N. Who are you?”

“Jasssssss-ay. Jay. I’m Jay. Yep. Are you okay? Can I do anything? I’m really sorry.” Jason thought you were pretty, even though you were sticky, and he couldn’t stand the thought of you being in a crappy situation caused by him.

“If you have the money to buy a pretzel, popcorn, two sodas, and a new shirt, I might be able to forgive you,” you joshed.

“Anything.” Jason smiled at your surprised face. He was going to make it up to you no matter what.

And it wasn’t like you wanted to go back and watch basketball.

Jason Todd can’t go to Wayne parties because he is legally dead. 

He’ll show up anyway as the most flamboyant person and embarrasses the hell out of the family and always makes sure vicky vale has some very juicy story to write about the wayne household (There’s a story about Cass’ Arabian prince fiance, Dick’s very sexy boyfriend, Damian’s babysitter and Tim’s long lost brother)

not sure I would ever actually write a fic of it but I kind of want to think about a jayroy soulmate au for young justice (because i’m always a slut for soulmate aus and jayroy would be like. Ultimate Angst)

  • so I mean first of all you have to talk about what kind of soulmate au it is
  • tbh I always go for “first words” soulmate aus
    • but where’s the fun in restricting it to only words though? so what if Bona Fide Humans From Earth have first words but martians have an immediate semi-permanent totally low-effort telepathic connection or something
      •  (like. something even more so than their usual telepathic powers. something about that person just feels Right.)
    • kryptonians on the other hand have idk pictograms or something. imagine if they had timers lmao would clark’s be fucked up from relativity or whatever until he arrives on earth
      • kal-el’s parents: what the literal fuck is going on with our kid’s timer what the fuck what the
    • clark either has to fake a soulmark (definitely has to hide his timer, possibly under a watch bc clark thinks he’s funny like that) or just pretends that his is hidden under his clothes all the time. lois has words – probably in english instead of kryptonian tbh
      • the real problem is whether she meets superman or clark kent first. whose words does she have on her
      • pffft imagine if it’s clark’s words on her. lois is always assumed to be in a relationship with superman but her words aren’t from her, they’re from her fcuking ridiculous fellow reporter clark kent
      • finally lois finds out the truth and just takes a deep breath and clark kind of sheepishly shows her his timer and is like “uh sorry I don’t have a matching soulmark because kryptonians have timers instead of words but I promise you it timed out when I first met you”
    • ANYWAY
    • conner and m’gann would have soulmarks in this au too is what I’m saying. soulmarks in their various forms are a universal constant, not just a human thing
    • trying to match up with the various people/aliens in the universe is fucking difficult though because sometimes it’s like “oh cool” and then sometimes it’s like “why the fuck are my lips purple with you kissed me for the first time couldn’t you just leave words written on me??”
      • alien s/o: do…you want me to write words on you? I can do that. and personally I think it’s weird that you don’t leave color sO….
  • right but anyway onto the jayroy

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Oh look I wrote a thing without being prompted.

Idek where this one came from but basically I have a lot of Tim Drake feels and apparently that means torturing myself and him by writing angsty shit like this.

He’s in a warehouse, surrounded by blood, Jason Todd’s broken body at his feet. But he’s not dead yet, there’s still time. Tim can defuse the bomb, can save his predecessor’s life.

And he hesitates.

Because if Jason Todd lives, then Batman doesn’t need a new Robin. Bruce Wayne doesn’t need Tim Drake. Nobody does.

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Stop Being a Dick

summary: Everyone is born with a tattoo somewhere on their body with their soulmate’s last words on them. Prompt by @aceofultron. Musical based only. Kurson.

warnings: IFCHHTYCHT

Jason Dean never thought much about the words imprinted on his left forearm. They were just as vague and mysterious as he liked to be. But from a young age, he was always made to cover it. His mom dressed him in uncomfortable sweaters, which later turned into rags when his mother no longer dressed him at all. Before his first day of middle school, his dad threw a trench coat at him with a string of cuss words and that was that. Jason was allowed to wear whatever he wanted- as long as the coat covered him.

“Stop being a dick; what does that mean?”

They’re not exactly words that teachers and principals want on display.

She told him that they were beautiful.


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anonymous asked:

Excuse me, but I was wondering if I can get some tips from you. I'm writing an AU that seemed fun with Jason Todd and Joseph Wilson (Jericho) and I was wondering if you could give me insight on Jason's thoughts about the dead titans including Jericho. It's still going to be different being an AU but I don't want to make Jason too OOC... Think you can help?

from Teen Titans v3 #29

As you can see, Jason is rather bitter that other dead Titans were revered while he was literally ignored. Honestly, I’d be pretty upset too if I were him. It’s his violent reaction that’s unreasonable, not his feelings about it. 

Jason tends to reduce certain people to concepts, such as Tim being “the replacement” and Dick being “the good son.” However, from an earlier post I made: 

Jason hates the idea of Dick, the golden boy who Bruce loves more and would kill for, rather than truly hating Dick himself. Unlike with Tim, in which Jason hates the idea and doesn’t care to know the person, Jason remembers who Dick himself is.

I think most Titans would fall into the Tim category; Jason didn’t know any of them well even if he was familiar with them (enough to recognize their statues, anyway). Exceptions seem to be Donna and Raven, and yet, Jason didn’t hesitate to destroy Donna’s statue when he was upset. When he ran into her later, she seemed to have a calming effect on him, so I think it’s safe to say that he just wasn’t in his right mind at the time and otherwise likes her. 

This post that I made about Jason’s history with the Titans might also provide some insight. 

Honestly, I’d say Jason might make the occasional rude, dramatic comment (as he is wont to do), but he wouldn’t be much more difficult to deal with than he usually is, especially with someone as friendly as Jericho (at least, from what I’ve read of Jericho??). 

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to send another ask, or IM me. 

A Little Push

For my beautiful birthday anon!

“Do you even love me at all?” Jason’s eyes almost watered as he let out the words, his lower lip poking out.

“Jason, me going to the kitchen to fetch some water for my self has nothing to do with me not loving you.” Your eyes rolled once again. He had been like that for half an hour. He wouldn’t let you go pee or to your room, he was forcing you to stay in the home cinema room, with all the lights dimmed.

“No babe! You stay right here and tell me if you love me or not!” He sound confused, angered even. “I mean you’re gorgeous and beautiful and you’re so sweet, god it’s even your birthday today and I didn’t even buy you a gift” his voice was shaking and tears were spilling from his eyes.

“No Jason, baby, no. Don’t be like that!” Your arms went around his head to hold him close and tight against your chest. “I promise you my little bird, I’ll kill anyone who made you feel like that after I get some water.”

In the moment you swore you felt Jason moan in delight, like a little baby, in your hands. And as much as you loved cradling him in your arms Jason everytime he felt insecure or everytime he needed to let out his feelings, you were thirsty like hell. And Jason’s crying wasn’t going to stop you from getting you your water.

“Jay, my stomach and esophagus burns and I gotta drink water baby.”

“The kitchen is flooded” Jason sniffled

Your eyes snapped opened as your pushed, or rather tried to push, Jason’s head away from your body.

“Is Alfred okay? Get up Jason I need to go.”

“I cant let you see Dick’s dead body on the hallway” he sniffed again.

Of your eyes could pop from your skull, you were sure they’d have reached Antarctica at the moment. What was he talking about? The kitchen flooded? Dick died? What the hell was going on.

“I’ll murder you Drake!”
You heard the faint voice speak, not so far away from the room you were in.
“Guys keep it down, what the hell?”

Before you could get up and see what the hell what happening for yourself, Jason pulled you in a life sucking kiss, allowing his brothers to gain a little more time on getting in the room.

The moment the boys entered the room, Jason’s lips left yours, making an audible sound. There Dick, Tim and Damian walked with what seemed like the hugest cake of the world in their hands, and cursing one another as their voices sang the birthday song along with your boyfriend.
“Happy birthday to you”
Tim what the hell hold the cake

“Happy birthday to you!”
I’m trying Dick, okay?

shut the hell up

“Happy birthday dear (y/n), happy birthday to you!”

Jason wiped the fake tears away from his as he hugged you right before you went to blow the candles. A warmth spread in your body, by the great gesture. Nobody had ever surprised you on your birthday and this was way beyond dreamy. The cake decorated with light blue frosting and colorful tips of whipped cream was just like it came out of your wildest dream with unicorns and ponies. It was delightful. So delightful that you didn’t want to wait to make a wish.

“No (y/n). A wish first!” Dick pushed you away from the cake and onto Jason’s arms. The action only received a ‘what the fuck dude’ from Jason and get another push towards the cake, though this time, it was way harder than Dick’s.

Your face, landed in the soft blue cake, and emerged from it with the angriest expression a human being could ever master.

“Jason Peter Todd, you better start running!”

And he did.

playfulpanthress  asked:

How did Selina take the news of Jason and Dick getting together?? Oh! And what if Jason was raised by Selina instead of Bruce?? Would he and Dick still get together? Their banter would be so cute!! Would Jason still be killed?

omg so many prompts dude. Umm. I’m gonna do ‘Jason raised by Selina; Selina finding out about JayDick.’ as the ficlet idea. For your other questions, yes because JayDick is fab and probably crosses countless multiverses so they can be together, and probably? maybe? though Jason would probably feel worse about ditching Selina to go find his real mother because I assume he’d feel closer to Selina and there’d be a bit of transference ect ect and Selina probably would actually try and kill the Joker and Batman would have to stop her and there’d be a whole storyline there that I’m not getting into it. This is going to be a non-dead!Jason fic. Though if you want me to write any other Catlad!Jason (Catlad is the official fandom term for the au’s where Selina takes in a batkid, in case you guys didn’t know) stories, let me know. 

Selina danced among the rooftops, feet barely touching the ground as she prowled her territory. No capers tonight, cats had to get their forty winks, after all, but she still felt a bit restless. 
It was Jason’s fault. 
Her…sidekick had been slipping out of late. 
He had a secret. 
He wasn’t allowed to have secrets. 
She scowled to herself as she jumped between the buildings and came to hide behind one of the random gargoyles that littered Gotham’s building-tops. 
There he was. Her protege, her disciple, her son. 
Lying to her, sneaking out, being suspicious. 
Acting like a Bat. 
If he’d swapped teams, she was disowning him. 
Batman already had like ten children. She should be allowed her one. 
On the street below, Jason was looking cocky, leaning against a streetlight, hands in pockets, acting oblivious even though she knew he was eyeing up every person that crossed his path. Which was a lot of them, since he’d decided to go to the most popular shopping centre in Gotham; regardless of it being almost seven pm, the street was filled with people. 
Odd. Maybe he was buying her a birthday present instead? But her birthday wasn’t for months and there was something about his form that just read guilty. 
He really should have known better. 
Jason glanced at his phone idly but Selina could see the tension in his shoulders. Maybe it wasn’t some childish game after all, she began to worry. Maybe this was something serious? Something he didn’t want to get her involved in, with his childish ideas of chivalry and heroics. Maybe- 
And then he straightened and grinned at someone and she knew. 
He was keeping a girl from him. 
He, her child, the one she had fed and clothed and taught for years now, was keeping his girlfriend from him. She stood up, no longer caring if he saw her because she was one leap away from a lecture, just as Jason’s paramour came into view. 
She quickly dropped back into a crouch. 
That was a boy. 
Jason was keeping a boy from her. 
She was still insulted. 
But….it was more understandable. She supposed. 
She cursed to herself and wondered if Jason had done this on purpose so she couldn’t yell at him. 
Then the boy moved into kiss Jason and Selina caught a look of his face. 
She jumped up again. 
Dick. Grayson. 
Her son was not only keeping a lover from her, a male boyfriend, but that boyfriend was Dick Grayson. Nightwing. Batman’s original sidekick. 
Oh Jason was dead to her. She was going to change all the locks when she got home. If he loved bats so much, he could go live with them. 
Though, she supposed as the men went on their way, Jason casually slipping a hand into Dick’s jeans back pocket, he might like that idea. 
She folded her arms as she glared at the two oblivious men making their lovestruck way towards the shopping center. 
Oh, they were going to have words. 

Jason stumbled into his room sometime past midnight. He reached for the lights and-
He totally did not squeak as Catwoman’s form on his bed was illuminated by the change in lights. 
She folded her arms at him. “Have a nice night?” 
He faked innocence. “Just a bit of practice,” he said, gesturing to his Catlad outfit. 
Her eyes narrowed and he felt his stomach drop. 
“Is that all?” 
Jason nodded. “Can’t think of…anything else.” 
Making out with Dick in a crowded restaurant, groping Nightwing on top of Gotham Bank’s roof. Nothing really. 
Her eyebrow leapt a fraction. “Nothing?” 
“Nope?” He rubbed the back of his head. “And I’m actually pretty tired, you know how crime fighting gets, so-” 
“You’re dating Dick Grayson,” Selina said. 
Jason froze. “What?” 
A cat wandered into the room, jumping into Selina’s lap. She hugged it close. 
“I will not have half-bat grandchildren,” she declared. 
Jason blinked at her. “I don’t think you know how biology works.” 
Selina scoffed. “Batman gets involved in all sorts of things.” 
“Says you,” Jason retorted, feeling more on solid ground now that Selina hadn’t thrown him out or started yelling or who knows what. 
“I know how to take care of myself.” 
“And I learnt from you,” Jason reminded her. 
Selina tutted. “You know Batman’s going to blame me for this, right?” 
Jason slid onto the bed next to her, reaching over to scratch behind the ears of the cat on her lap. “I’ll deal with him when the time comes,” he said in a low voice. 
Selina examined him carefully. Then she pushed the cat into his lap. “No bats in the house.” 
“Technically he’s a bird,” Jason called after her, hope blooming in his chest. Maybe he didn’t have to choose one over the other after all…. 

Send me Batman/Batfamily prompts, headcanons and imagines!

Wait for Me - Jason Todd x Reader Part 2

(Part 1: x)

Your eyes opened frantically. In a panic, you assessed your surroundings as you took a deep breath. It felt like you hadn’t breathed in forever… The room you were in seemed to be pristine; so clean it felt dirty. Immediately noting a camera in the corner of the room, you leaped up to try the door. Locked. You were sure that approaching footsteps could be heard through the walls, so you glanced around for something you could use as a makeshift weapon. There was nothing, so you just stepped back and braced yourself. The lock clicked open, and a woman stepped in.

“Hello, Y/N. How are you feeling?” You narrowed your eyes at her.

“Like I just crawled out of hell,” you answered. “But who are you, and how did I get here?” She smiles, yet still looks menacing.

“My name is Talia, and you’re here because you were brought back from the dead. See, reality itself was altered. We went to check on a few things, and we found you. You were alive in your grave,” she explains. You shook your head in disbelief.

“You’re lying,” you remark. She raises her eyebrows.

“Am I?” You studied her face. There was no way she was telling the truth, but a sickening feeling in your gut told you she was right.

“Tell me more.” She smiled again.

“Of course. After we dug you out, you were incredibly weak. You also had some kind of heart problem, but the Lazarus Pit fixed those issues. You see, Y/N, I’m here only to help,” Talia states. You scoffed.

“Help with what? I mean, thanks for the whole keeping me alive thing. But beyond that, I don’t think I need any more help,” you claim. A dangerous smirk played at Talia’s lips.

“Really? You don’t want to get revenge on the person who caused your death? Want to learn why you died?” she asked. Your eyes widened slightly.

“I’m listening… All I know about my death is that my heart was aching and I went to sleep, then nothing. Enlighten me,” you said. Talia looks you over before responding.

“Well, the autopsy said it was a heart attack. That you went into cardiac arrest in your sleep. But I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. Well, my dear, you were so upset about the death of your beloved Robin that your heartstrings were damaged. Your heart quite literally broke when Robin died.” You pondered this for a few seconds before you came to a conclusion.

“Well, it pretty much seems to me like my death was incredibly overdramatic. This is some Romeo and Juliet bullcrap. Honestly, who can I even ‘get revenge’ on? I don’t know how I would go about getting revenge on myself, and I’m fairly certain that Jason is very dead. Even if he’s not, I’m not going to hurt him. I couldn’t. The fact that I’m still in love with the asshole pisses me off, but hey. And let’s be real, I would honestly get myself killed again if I went after Joker, so I really don’t know what you’re trying to tell me here,” you state. Talia appears to reconsider her approach before responding.

“What I’m saying is that he didn’t have to have died. If Batman had saved him, he would have lived, and so would you. But because of Batman’s refusal to save your Robin, both of you had to suffer through tremendous amounts of pain. Now it’s your turn to make him feel that pain,” she insists. You can somewhat see the logic, but it just feels wrong.

“You have a point, but not gonna lie, it really sounds like this whole thing is actually just a ploy at having me attack Batman. And yeah, my death kind of sucked a lot. Everything just hurt and I felt entirely void of happiness as him being gone became more and more real. But being bitter and hurting Batman isn’t going to change that, nothing is, except trying to make myself move on. But for you, I guess I can punch him when I see him next. So thanks for digging me out of my grave, Talia, but I have a second life to live. Would you mind showing me out?” Talia narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to make another argument, but you weren’t listening. You saw her start to move slowly towards the door, probably to lock you in until you ‘changed your mind’. Before that could happen, you darted around her and into the hallway and took off in a sprint. 

She was hot on your heels, but you were light on your feet and darted down a dark hallway. You stepped in a door and slammed it behind you, shoving a nearby chair under the handle. A window stood before you, and you opened it without hesitation. The setting sun cast shadows off of every structure, and soon it would be dark. Looking down at your black clothing, you figured that if you could stay out of sight until the sun was gone, making a break for it would get much easier. Suddenly thankful for Bruce’s lessons, you clambered through the window and dropped down to the balcony below it. Continuing your mad dash, you saw several warriors coming from behind you. Of course, Talia wasn’t alone, you thought dryly. You see a nearby wall with some kind of turret on it. You ran for it and pulled yourself up, feeling your breath start to shorten. It dawned on you that you weren’t exactly in prime physical condition, which didn’t really make the situation seem more optimistic.  There was nothing on the other side but a long fall, but looking back at the approaching assassins and all the arrows they had attempted to hit you with, you decided to risk it. As you fall, you hear Talia say something along the lines of “let her go, she can’t run forever”, which was somewhat relieving. Pain shot through your legs when they hit the ground, but you ignored it.  You got back up and ran into the darkness.

Getting home wasn’t that hard with a little bit of bribery (and blackmail). You went to Bludhaven, got a cheap apartment with a landlord that didn’t ask questions, and took up your own hero identity - Ace. Bruce, Dick, and Jason had taught you how to handle yourself, so you were plenty qualified. You just decided to stay off Nightwing’s radar, you knew that he would tell Bruce you were alive. Snitch. Besides, there was enough crime to go around. The system worked until at some point, on a regular patrol, you happened to encounter someone curious. There was a man with a red helmet walking along a rooftop, and you heard him speak in an achingly familiar voice.

“Stupid Nightwing, stupid date night, making me cover for him…”

(Part 3: x)

redtodd  asked:

@ jason wheres ur fiancé???? where he go????!!!!

Jason: HE’S NOT DEAD THAT’S ALL I KNOW. Look, what if my Shiro is actually the Shiro from that universe who got transported here via quintessence and his voltron friends are actually looking for him???

Shiro: How does that explain my friends at the GCPD?

Jason: well, sorry, for having loopholes in this THEORY

Shiro: He’s been like this for the past 24 hours and I can’t stop him.