Here are the Green Day Valentines (and one antivalentine) to give to your favorite green day blogger! I wanna see people give these to their favorite blogs and spread the valentines love!

Also I realize that many of these are terrible and make no sense what so ever but oh well thats why im terriblebandart. also there are more on the way, they all didn’t fit in one post. Enjoy and spread the love!

Green Day:
*Writes songs about not blindly following the government*
*Writes songs about coping with death and loss*
*Writes songs about coming out as a bisexual to family*
*Writes songs about teenage insecurities and drug addiction*

“Green Day aren’t known for having meaningful lyrics but they sure are catchy!”

@brandensteineckert Home!! So good to be back. But that was the greatest tour ever!!!! I’ve still got so many photos from the tour that you’ll be seeing me post for quite awhile. Hahaha but for now I just wanted to thank everyone in this photo for such a great tour, and all the many people behind the scenes that helped make it incredible!!! Thank you all so much for the last 5.5 weeks of fun. The fellas in Green Day, their crew, their families were all so great to us. I can’t thank them enough!! Much love! PS I’m sorry my big head is blocking you Jason :) #RancidGreenDayEuroSummerTour2017#RevRad #TroubleMaker #RageLove@greenday @billiejoearmstrong @trecool@mikedirnt @jw_gd @therealjasonfreese@jeffmatika photo: @amarchitiello