I’m thinking about Danielle in the DC verse with her three adoptive parents again.

Richard is the one who meets her first. He’s at the French Consulate for a story and witnesses a fourteen-year-old girl jump between the arguing French and Egyptian ambassadors on the front steps, and she goes back and forth from French to Arabic without a problem. Richard goes up to her afterwards and asks how she learned it, and she explains that she’s been travelling for the past two years and just got back to America. They talk for a while and Richard realizes that holy crap, this fourteen year-old language savant is a homeless orphan. He asks her to come to the Daily Planet with him and she, having never gotten the “stranger danger” lesson, agrees. She introduces herself as Elle.

Lois meets her next, there at the Daily Planet. She comes back from picking Jason up at school and, thinking Richard or Clark hired a babysitter, hands him right off to her. She goes to talk to Perry about something and soon after, Richard comes in (let’s pretend her was at the vending machine getting Elle something to eat because she’s thin as a rail) asking why she just passed Jason over to Elle. They both go out into the bullpen to see Elle and Jason getting along amazingly, and they share one of those couple looks where they know they have to adopt this girl after they talk to Clark.

Clark meets Elle later that afternoon and assumes, like Lois, that she’s a sitter for Jason. After all, they’re playing together and working on a coloring book. He talks to Lois and Richard and understands the situation, and Elle winds up spending the night at their house. He catches her trying to sneak out at five in the morning because she doesn’t want to inconvenience them, but he convinces her to stay for a week before she passes judgement.

The adoption process is downright painful because Elle isn’t in the system, no last name, hasn’t been reported missing, doesn’t have a social security number- nothing. (It’s also at this point that the three parents have to save Elle from herself and stop her from mentioning her travels and status as a polyglot, lest she be deported).


Here are the Green Day Valentines (and one antivalentine) to give to your favorite green day blogger! I wanna see people give these to their favorite blogs and spread the valentines love!

Also I realize that many of these are terrible and make no sense what so ever but oh well thats why im terriblebandart. also there are more on the way, they all didn’t fit in one post. Enjoy and spread the love!

Green Day:
*Writes songs about not blindly following the government*
*Writes songs about coping with death and loss*
*Writes songs about coming out as a bisexual to family*
*Writes songs about teenage insecurities and drug addiction*

“Green Day aren’t known for having meaningful lyrics but they sure are catchy!”