Our friend @jagel has pop-up show at #rappcats 5636 York Blvd Los Angeles CA 90042 in Highland Park today for one day only! There will be a small showing of original paintings and exclusive items for sale. Including the release of a hand-embellished Extra Doom Hoecakes print, signed edition of 40. We also helped Jason produce a two color risograph print with @Neverpress
It’s just a stones throw away from the gallery, so stop by after. We’ll be here until 6PM.
#slowculture #jasonjagel #mfdoom


“Musicians like Dudley Perkins, I appreciate because he is someone who says, If I’m not putting myself on the line, what’s the point? He’s looking for these kinds of moments where he can put himself emotionally at risk in the process of making something. It really resonates with me personally because I want to make something that is so important to me that it is a part of myself. If I can do that, then I’ve accomplished something.” -Jason Jägel

STILLA takes a visit to the studio of Jason Jägel – whose work you might recognize from MF DOOM & Madlib album covers – to learn his outlook on storytelling in art and beliefs of putting everything on the line for the sake of creating something.

Read the illuminating interview HERE.

Storytelling Towards Meaning :: A Visit to the Studio of the Artist Jason Jagel