Jason woke up feeling slightly dizzy and in desperate need to pee. He groaned and swung his feet over the edge of the bed and let them hit the floor. He stood himself and wobbled slightly at the off kilter feeling before he righted himself and made his way to the bathroom. 

When he found his way to the bathroom he walked in. He almost made it past the mirror but stopped and turned slowly. Looking in the mirror Jason nearly had a complete meltdown. His body was not his own, well, it was kinda him, but he was a she. 

She looked at herself up and down Her hair was longer and her face was a little more feminine but she had the same lips and eyes. One of the biggest things that he was not okay with was the breasts and well, the lack of something below but he really noticed the breasts. 

“Boobs…!” It was a mix between a whine and a yell for help. How in the world had he become a she? Any way it was cut Jason didn’t like it. He just wanted to be normal.


This week, Dolphins management hired a “third-party” company to chase down a couple of hundred season ticketholders who have failed to make payments on their high-end tickets. As Adam Grossman, the team’s vice president of public affairs, was clear to point out, this third party is not a collection agency. However, it’s only a step removed.
—  — Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole
on the Dolphins’ trouble stirring up interest 
Do no harm

Is such a sexy show. The first five minutes BLOW your mind. Plus it’s so astounding to watch Jason transform from this nice, caring guy to this reckless evil alter. Amaz. Steven Pasquale carries the show perfectly. But on a side note–I am devastated! I searched up his name to find that the show has been cancelled. I hate my life..lol


Rockefeller Tribute

the reason i play urien:D