The Physics Of Your Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Physics Of Your Wi-Fi Connectivity

Physicist Shows Why Your WiFi Sucks In That One Room


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” If WiFi can track a heartbeatthrough walls, why can’t I get internet in my corner bathroom? Jason Cole was trying to figure that out too, but unlike me, he’s a PhD student in physics. So he mapped his own apartment and assigned refraction values to the walls (shown above), then applied so-called Helmholtz equations to model the…

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Jason woke up feeling slightly dizzy and in desperate need to pee. He groaned and swung his feet over the edge of the bed and let them hit the floor. He stood himself and wobbled slightly at the off kilter feeling before he righted himself and made his way to the bathroom. 

When he found his way to the bathroom he walked in. He almost made it past the mirror but stopped and turned slowly. Looking in the mirror Jason nearly had a complete meltdown. His body was not his own, well, it was kinda him, but he was a she. 

She looked at herself up and down Her hair was longer and her face was a little more feminine but she had the same lips and eyes. One of the biggest things that he was not okay with was the breasts and well, the lack of something below but he really noticed the breasts. 

“Boobs…!” It was a mix between a whine and a yell for help. How in the world had he become a she? Any way it was cut Jason didn’t like it. He just wanted to be normal.


This week, Dolphins management hired a “third-party” company to chase down a couple of hundred season ticketholders who have failed to make payments on their high-end tickets. As Adam Grossman, the team’s vice president of public affairs, was clear to point out, this third party is not a collection agency. However, it’s only a step removed.
—  — Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole
on the Dolphins’ trouble stirring up interest 
Do no harm

Is such a sexy show. The first five minutes BLOW your mind. Plus it’s so astounding to watch Jason transform from this nice, caring guy to this reckless evil alter. Amaz. Steven Pasquale carries the show perfectly. But on a side note–I am devastated! I searched up his name to find that the show has been cancelled. I hate my life..lol

There's no such thing as "running up the score".

I have some serious ripping to do. I just need to get this on paper.

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If I had been Johnny on the Spot I would have like to have posted a column I wrote about Drew Brees a week or so ago. I was late in finding a local cafe or resteraunt with wifi coverage. Anyway, my column would have been about Drew Brees being left in the shadows this season, while he’s on pace to make history and the rest of the media just continually gulps down helping after helping of the Tim Tebow bullshit that I hope is finally over.

My column went un-read and was eventually filed in the back of my folder with the rest of my sports documents. I ended up being correct though, Brees went on to break Dan Marino’s single season passing record by three yards against the Atlanta Falcons. 

Here is where I became angry.

I pull up the Yahoo sports page on Tuesday to check the headlines at about 2:55 pm, and there is a picture of a smiling Drew Brees. I’m thinking great, he’s finally getting the credit he earned and rightfully deserves. Wrong.

Jason Cole of Yahoo sports, who I officially think is an ass clown, covered Brees ginormous feat in the worst of fashions. Cole grazed over Drew Brees’s shining moment only to downplay it with slandering accusations of him and his fellow Saints running up the score. Wow. I bet Mr. Cole also believes it’s not about who wins or loses, but as long as both teams have fun. Running up the score, really? Pardon my French but what a fucking moron.

I have never in all years of involvement in sports understood “running up” the score, at a collegiate level let alone a professional level.

Jason states how Brees and company clinched the NFC South title, a home game in the playoffs, and Brees breaking Dan Marino’s record. That sentence is loosely all the coverage Brees got for his incredible season.

Jason then inserted a tampon and sipped some tea with his legs crossed and pinky in air on the way to his next comment by insisting the Saints were “unclassy” on Monday night by running up the score and, debated if the Falcons could do anything about it. Cry me a river Jason Cole; and no Atlanta there is not a bit of shit you can do!

Someone has to hear me out on this. Theses guys play in the NFL, they are paid millions of dollars. They are not pee wee leaguers on a Monday after school. In the NFL there are no “bad” teams, any team can win any week. The Saints being only weeks away from the post season and playing their arch-rivals I encourage them to step on the Falcons throats, hard.

The point of a defense is to what? Stop the offense from scoring points. I mean I would be insulted as an NFL defense men if I was asked bout the offensive opposition running up the score; because all that means is you couldn’t stop them. Which also means you did not do your job. The Atlanta Falcons defense should feel stupid, and want this story to go away. Fast.

When asked about the stated allegations Falcons linebacker Sean Witherspoon had this to say, “ It’s our job to stop them, I can’t say i’m upset by them running up the score or anything like that when I had a chance to make a play.” Witherspoon was referring to a missed tackle by himself on Darren Sproles that broke the record for Brees, and apparently hurt the Falcons feelings. 

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No body should have been fooled Monday night. Neither Sean Peyton nor Drew Brees were out of line. Every single person in attendance on either sideline knew Brees was close to the record and that he would, and should press on for it. With five minutes left, under the prime time Monday night lights, at the Superdome, with the game on ice, why wouldn’t Brees go for gold? Maybe the Falcons should have made a stop instead of letting Drew Brees march right down the field yet again. I don’t know. Just saying. 

The Saints victory was indeed impressive, but on more then one occasion this season teams have been crushed by bigger margins. Week two the Lions crushed the Cheifs 48-3. The Lions were not accused of running up the score. I just think it’s pure foolishness. Let’s grow up everybody. The NFL is suppose to be a man’s game. Do you think Tony Stewart called up Carl Edwards mid race this past Nascar season and told him to slow down because he was beating him by too much? Not a chance. Stop crying and win, or get crushed by forty some points and cry anyway. Were the Saint’s suppose to try an kneel the ball for five minutes, or just lie down short of the end zone? Nope. Again this is embarrassing to defenses. 

Drew Brees broke a long standing record and did so in completely acceptable fashion. My hat goes off to him and I respect him the most out of probably any quarterback in the league. Drew Brees also gets my vote for MVP. Maybe one day, like when the Saints win the Super Bowl this season, Drew Brees will get some credit. As long as they don’t win by too much, i’d hate for them to hurt someones feelings again. 

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Congrats Jason Cole you classy son of a bitch, for writing an idiotic article about class and respect instead of about Drew Brees incredible season.

*Here is a forum of Saints fans who I think would agree with me on the stupidity of Cole’s article. http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/yahoo-sports-jason-cole-saints-record-night-218390/ 

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Wifi map courtesy of Jason Cole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hcK9B4HHY8 http://jasmcole.com/2014/08/25/helmhurts/

Wifi signals are made of radio waves that have a shorter wavelength than AM radio and cell phones but longer than satellite tv. How can I make my wifi faster? There are several things you can do to make your wifi faster without paying more, and they mostly have to do with the placement of your wifi router.

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