• Leo: I can't quite believe I did that.
  • Jason: I can’t quite believe you did that either.
  • Leo: Reyna Ramírez-Allerano. I asked out Reyna Ramírez-Allerano.
  • Jason: And she said no.
  • Leo: But I asked her. I planted the acorn. The acorn that will grow into our eventual marriage.
  • Jason: You are aware that you’re an utter fantasist.
hullo batfam lovers.

allow me to blow your minds with a headcanon that is not exclusively mine, i.e., i cannot take sole credit for this.

you ready?
here we go.

if Cassandra Cain

is the daughter of Lady Shiva

That means that Lady Shiva lied to Bruce and Jason

and if she lied, then maybe the equally awful “real mom” lied (leaving aside details like how she knew some names from Jason’s past, pls)

With me?

So if Sheila lied and Shiva lied about having a child and Jason is 19 and Cass is 19 then it is very possible that Shiva lied not just about having a child but about being Jason’s mom meaning that it’s canonically possible for


to be


*mic drop*

When Annabeth came up to me today and called me Seaweed Brain I almost hugged her. No, there’s no “almost” about it, I actually tried to hug her, and then she kicked me in the shin.
—  Percy, sometime after The Titan’s Curse.

Pictured above is paedophile and murderer Leslie Patrick Bailey, who participated in the sexual abuse and killing of young boys in June 1984 and November 1985, although it is suspected that he partook in many more. Operating alongside infamous child predator Sidney Cooke and numerous other men, it has been anticipated that their gang had managed to victimise over 25 male children up until their capture.

Bailey was convicted for his involvement in the murders of two boys. In June 1984, 7 year old Mark Tildesley was lured away from a funfair by Cooke, with the promise of sweets. He was then taken to a secluded caravan where he was strangled by Bailey, Cooke and co-conspirator Lennie Smith. The three men then proceeded to sexually abuse the young boy, although his body was never found. Bailey was the only one out of the three who confessed to the crime. However, he only pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1992. Both Cooke and Smith avoided the consequences for this murder, as their conviction relied too greatly just on Bailey’s testimony against them.

In November 1985, the body of young Jason Swift was found dumped in a rural Essex field- he too had been severely sexually assaulted and suffocated. The coroner’s report also revealed that he had been heavily drugged. The police suspected Cooke’s gang, and a raid of his apartment identified that Jason had been there. However, no member of the gang would accept culpability and instead resorted to blaming each other. Ultimately, the evidence extracted from the gang’s premises was only enough to convict the men on grounds of manslaughter.

Sidney Cooke was sentenced to serve 16 years for manslaughter in 1989 as a result of his crimes, but was paroled in 1998. However, the emergence of up to 18 more sex offences in 1999 earned him two life sentences, for which he now remains imprisoned at the age of 89. While serving his time for manslaughter, Leslie Bailey was killed by two other inmates in 1993 at Whitemoor Prison. They had learned the nature of Bailey’s child related crimes, which led them to beat and strangle him to death.

I think people see Jason as far too old when he died. He was fifteen. Do you know what fifteen year olds look like? Even if they’re considered “dreamboats” by their peers, they still have squishy kid faces. They still look like colts with long limbs and knobby knees. His shoulders were probably broad, but he still had to grow into them. 

My point is, Jason was a child. And by disregarding that important element, it erases much of his core characterization. It’s almost like shielding the Joker from the heinous actions he committed. He is a child killer. 

Jason is only nineteen now. That’s a year older than the legal age. This poor boy reached out for love and got broken glass shoved down his throat instead. 

Blood and rust and angry tears. These things make up Jason Todd, murdered child.