hullo batfam lovers.

allow me to blow your minds with a headcanon that is not exclusively mine, i.e., i cannot take sole credit for this.

you ready?
here we go.

if Cassandra Cain

is the daughter of Lady Shiva

That means that Lady Shiva lied to Bruce and Jason

and if she lied, then maybe the equally awful “real mom” lied (leaving aside details like how she knew some names from Jason’s past, pls)

With me?

So if Sheila lied and Shiva lied about having a child and Jason is 19 and Cass is 19 then it is very possible that Shiva lied not just about having a child but about being Jason’s mom meaning that it’s canonically possible for


to be


*mic drop*

what your fav act 2 song says about you

Welcome to Falsettoland – you just really want to punch nancy reagan in the face

The Year of the Child – your favorite line in the whole musical is “look, look, look, look, look, it’s a lesbian from next door!”

Miracle of Judaism – you are secretly a 12 year old boy on the inside

The Baseball Game – you live for marvin trying to flirt with whizzer

A Day in Falsettoland – you are in awe at the groundbreaking way finn draws parallels between all the romances in the show

Everyone Hates His Parents – you either had a bad relationship with your parents of just really love mendel 

What More Can I Say? – you truly believe marvin and whizzer invented true love

Something Bad Is Happening – you call dr. charlotte your wife

Holding to the Ground –  you definitely support trina and love her character development

Days Like This – you love the tight knit family antics and probably want your own found family

Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah – you actually trust mendel’s advice (which you shouldn’t)

Unlikely Lovers – you’re literally gay

Another Miracle of Judaism – jason is your child and you would die for him

You Gotta Die Sometime –  you just really want andrew to win that damn tony part 2

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah – you cried when mendel said “son of whizzer, son of mendel, and godchild to the lesbians from next door”

What Would I Do? – you just love crying I guess

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Little Jason Grace coming to Camp Jupiter led by Juno and without even knowing this kid, he’s already being hailed Champion of Juno because yes he’s a toddler with a scar on his lip and watery eyes and he’s crying out “Lia!” though no one knows who that is but Juno brought him here and so he’s not just Jason anymore, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno.

Don’t imagine Child Jason Grace being claimed, lightning striking the earth and thunder booming the minute he picks up a gold sword and marks being burned into his skin because he may be only a child that doesn’t know how to put on armour properly and wears baggy hand me downs but it is Jupiter who claimed him hello, King of the fucking universe, and so now he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, and son of Jupiter.

Don’t imagine Tweenage Jason Grace wondering who he belongs to, what his parents are like, if they would like him, and asking everyone what Jupiter’s like if they know anything, anything at all about his mother, but all anyone tells him is you are a Child of Rome, Jason Grace, and that is all you need to know because it doesn’t matter if he’s not done growing yet and has no idea what his place in the world is yet because he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, and Child of Rome.

Don’t imagine Teenage Jason Grace going on a quest to save the fucking world, not to make  himself seem like a hero, but to prove to himself that he is hero that everyone says he is even if he’s lost his fucking memory and when he comes back expecting a “Hey, look, he’s a person” all there is pontifex maximus, he’s the pontifex maximus, because it doesn’t matter that he’s gone through pain and heartache and blood, so much blood, he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, Child of Rome, and Pontifex Maximus.

Don’t imagine Older Jason Grace walking down a street and hearing Hero of Olympus, he’s a Hero of Olympus whispered behind him, because it doesn’t matter that he’s tired of only a few select people really knowing him and that there’s always going to be a breaking point, he doesn’t have those, of course not, after all, he’s not just Jason, he’s Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, Child of Rome, Pontifex Maximus, and Hero of Olympus.

Instead, just imagine a member of one of the many lares calling Jason in the streets but he’s not calling Jason, he’s calling “Jason Grace, Champion of Juno, Son of Jupiter, Child of Rome, Pontifex Maximus, Hero of Olympus” and Jason, just Jason, breaks down in the middle of the streets-

I’m not just a fucking title!”

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hi the nerd jason anon is back. you know how kids always lie about their homework and say they forgot to bring it?? yeah, with the other kids the teacher is just extremely side eyeing them but with jason the teachers are already prepared with tissues like he's a joy to teach but He Needs To Relax™

this has absolutely happened before. only once because jason is that extra he checks his bag like three times in the morning to make sure he has everything but one time bruce was tired and accidentally grabbed a folder that had jason’s report in it and not his own stuff.

jason was distraught. 

the teacher was like ‘it’s not a big deal, jason, it hardly matters. these things happen.’ 

bruce received a phone call at the office. jason demanded he bring the report to school before the end of the day or jason would never speak to him again. 

I think people see Jason as far too old when he died. He was fifteen. Do you know what fifteen year olds look like? Even if they’re considered “dreamboats” by their peers, they still have squishy kid faces. They still look like colts with long limbs and knobby knees. His shoulders were probably broad, but he still had to grow into them. 

My point is, Jason was a child. And by disregarding that important element, it erases much of his core characterization. It’s almost like shielding the Joker from the heinous actions he committed. He is a child killer. 

Jason is only nineteen now. That’s a year older than the legal age. This poor boy reached out for love and got broken glass shoved down his throat instead. 

Blood and rust and angry tears. These things make up Jason Todd, murdered child. 

regarding jason (aka rivertrash)

many of you know that jason and i used to be very close, and i know we share a lot of mutuals. please know that this comes from a place of concern. he deleted his blog as a result of me confronting him but he might remake and i want everyone to be aware of who he really is: a predatory manipulator.

sexual harassment
jason is notorious for unsolicited dick pics and unsolicited sexual comments, particularly towards women and dfab people.


External image

the recipient is peter @peppermintlarry who identified as ace at the time and had endured sexual trauma as a child. jason was 100% aware of this and said it regardless. he also takes pride in having sex with people who are in committed relationships. he literally brags about it to people who don’t even ask.

External image

emotional manipulation
i personally have been a victim of emotional manipulation all my life so you’d think i’d be really good at spotting it, but you’d be wrong. i didn’t realize it was going on until a group of his friends, some of which who were victims as well (peter, eileen @eileensardine​, and 3 anonymous sources) reached out to me because they were concerned.
jason would literally hit himself in the face on camera if i was upset with him. he KNEW it triggered me, as someone who is in recovery from severe self harm/mutilation. sometimes he would even text me about it if we weren’t in a skype call. i literally thought he would self harm or even commit suicide if i stopped talking to him, which is the main reason i remained his friend even when i wanted to leave. he used his mental illness as a way to get me to pay attention to him. i am not the only one who has been affected by his emotional manipulation unfortunately and we want to keep it from happening again.

 i dated jason for awhile and broke up with him a year and a half ago. ever since then he has been literally obsessed with me. he would tell people that i was still hopelessly in love with him and that i would flirt with him incessantly despite the fact that i’ve been in a happy committed relationship for over a year. he would even go as far as saying we had an ongoing sexual relationship behind my boyfriend’s back. i don’t even have to say it but i’m going to anyway: that is completely false. i have had him on “do not disturb” on my phone because he would text me constantly (CONSTANTLY) but i rarely replied, since i was trying to distance myself from someone who made me incredibly uncomfortable. i don’t know where he got any clue that i was reciprocating these feelings. the scariest part wasn’t his obsession with me, but his obsession with my significant other. he HATED my boyfriend for “stealing” me from him, despite never speaking a single word to him. he told peter he wanted to fly to california without telling me and beat my boyfriend with a bat.

External image

this is not the first nor the only time he mentioned wanting to physically harm him. i have been incredibly happy with zac for a very long time and he was aware of that. there is no reason for him to want to harm him besides his own twisted agenda.

if there is anything i missed please feel free to reblog and add on! i know there are more stories out there.

if you can reblog to get the word out that would be helpful! he’s most likely going to remake so keep an eye out.

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please please please do headcanons of Jason Todd with a child the world needs more of it ❤️

Not sure if this meant Jason with a random child (from the family) or his own child so I went with headcanon of Jason with his child instead! I have a few similar themed requests so will be posting them up as soon! Thank you for the request though!!

On a side note, other than my masterlist page, I have also added a WIP page! Check them out if you haven’t.

Jason would wake up to his two-year old son drooling all over him. Sometime between his last mission and right at that moment, his son has finally learned how to get up on the bed and crawl all over him. If Jason still feels sleepy, he would grab his son and blow raspberries on his stomach, causing his son to giggle before tucking him in against Jason. “Daddy needs some more sleep, okay?”

Jason tries his hardest to always be there for everything, even though sometimes his businesses gets in the way but he never fails to always call his s/o asking for updates and just talking to his son in general. His son will most likely only be able to say a couple of things but not full sentences yet but it still brings him joy when his son sees his face and calls him ‘daddy’.

In the case that he has a daughter instead of a son, his daughter has Jason wrapped around her fingers. Sometimes Jason finds himself wondering how the hell he has this much love for his own daughter. He never thought he would be having children after what he had been through growing up but his s/o had proved that wrong and he really cherishes his daughter a lot.

Lazy weekends at home mostly consists of Jason taking care of his son or his daughter. He would give his s/o a chance to just do whatever they want: go out, meet up with friends, laze around or catch up on some missed sleep. The first time he told his s/o to just leave him with his child, it ended up disastrous: the house was covered in flour – while trying to make pancakes for the both of them, his child decided to suddenly throw the flour around – and toys were scattered all over the place because who knew his child could crawl so fast??

But after a few tries and constant assuring, Jason can finally manage to handle both household chores and his child. He would not have admitted it to anyone, especially not his s/o, but after the first time fiasco, he had immediately called up Alfred asking for advice because Alfred is the man who single-handedly raised not only Bruce Wayne but literally everyone, including himself! So now he has a few things up his sleeves especially if his child decides to play around in the kitchen again.

Jason’s favourite thing to do is watching his child sleep. As much as he loves watching his child play around or talk to him in their broken sentences/languages, he loves watching them sleep as if there is no care regarding the world and the problem that lies in it. He wants to keep that for his child: the constant peace. His s/o will always find Jason in the middle of the night just watching over his child sleep.

“Rough day?” You would whisper as you wrap your arms around Jason. He would hum and hold on to your hand for a few seconds before bringing it to his lips. The two of you would simply just stay there for the remaining of the night, basking in each other’s presence and watching over your child. When morning came, Jason would just hug you and you would rub his back. “I know you will try your hardest to keep all of us safe.”

Answer Me

I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting any original content for a little bit, but I wanted to share something that I wrote back in Feburary for the lovely @memento-scribet for Valentine’s day. Her version is a little more specific for her though. Anyways here y’all go! My first reader insert!

Jason Todd x Reader (fluff)


Jason watched you as you slept. Your hair resting softly against the pillow next to him. It was 6 AM and the light from the approaching sunrise leaked into your shared bedroom.

A smile crept onto his face, memories flooding his mind. Memories of the firsts he shared with you. His heart swelled at the mere sight of you and he couldn’t bear being away from you. He decided, today was the day.

You stirred a little in your sleep, repositioning yourself in bed. Jason moved quickly to soothe you back into a deeper slumber, placing his hand on the crown of your head. He gently ran his fingers through your hair, tracing the lines of your locks.

You relaxed next to him, letting out the softest and cutest of snores he’d ever heard. Jason breathed out a laugh and went back to bed.

When you woke up you smelled something burning. It took you a moment to register the aroma, first pausing to check the time.

When it finally registered in your half awake awareness that there was a very real possibility that your house could be burning down, you rushed downstairs.

As you quickly made your way down to the kitchen you heard voices. Two voices to be exact. Two voices belonging to the two people you loved the most in the world.

“Where’s mama daddy? Is she still sleeping?” your baby asked, sitting at the breakfast bar. Their speech characterized by the classic toddler tributes, especially the inability to pronoun Ls properly, replacing them with a gentle W sound.

Jason moved closer to yours and his child, kissing their cute little forehead before moving back in front of the stove.

“Yeah, mommy’s still sleeping,” Jason responded tending to what was cooking.

Your baby pouted in response, “I want mommy.”

Jason chuckled, their stubbornness reminded him of you, “I know you miss mommy. I miss mommy too, but let’s let her sleep more okay?”

Your baby pouted more, angry that they couldn’t see their mommy. Jason lowered the heat setting on the stove.

“Let’s let mommy sleep more okay?” Jason approached his child again asking in his baby voice, tickling them and bringing them up toward his chest for kisses.

“Okay?” Jason asked continuing to kiss your child. Sweet giggles filled the air. You watched from a far, enjoying their little moment. A smile had found permanent residence on your face as Jason continued his ‘kiss attack’ and your child continued to giggle. Jason’s deep voice contrasting the baby’s high pitched squeals.

You leaned against the wall, still smiling and wondering what wonderful deed you must have done to have been blessed with these two. As you lost your self to your wondering, a voice called back your attention.


Your eyes connected with your child’s as they called out to you from their father’s arms.

“Daddy look mama’s awake,” they pointed out, both verbally and with a little finger in your direction.

“Yeah she is, isn’t she,” Jason responded placing one last kiss on their cheek as he walked in your direction, toddler still in his arms.

“Good morning my love,” putting the baby down for a second, he leaned in to place a kiss on your lips.

You smiled in response with a soft verbal, “good morning to you too.”

“Good morning mommy!” Your child greeted you with a big smile, arms raised in a sign of wanting to be picked up and wanting a hug from mommy.

You swooped down to pick them up and were promptly greeted with kisses, cuddles, and an “I love you mama.”

After all three of you settled, the table was set and breakfast was served. What was served included heart shaped items of your favorite breakfast foods, pink lemonade, and fruit he had tried his best to present in a similar heart shape arrangement. Jason may not be the best cook, but he sure did have a handle on how to prepare the prefect breakfast and seamlessly integrate Valentine’s Day.

After breakfast and a little more playing with the baby, the three of you got ready to go to the park by the river.

From learning how to hang upside down from the monkey bars with daddy to swinging on the swings with mommy to spinning together on the merry go around, the park held a whole day’s worth of fun for the family.

After the park the three of you went down to the sides of the river to feed the ducks, where Jason was briefly chased by a few of the swans for sneezing too loudly in their direction, it must’ve been seen as a threat.

It started to get colder outside due to the increasing lack of direct sunlight, but despite the breeze the baby was sound asleep in their stroller. Before they knew it, the sun had started to set and it was time to go home.


“Hey,” Jason wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed his lips to your neck.

You’d just put your child down for a nap after a bath and some running around the house with them screaming, “mommy look I’m batman” whilst wearing the batman onesie Bruce had gifted them.

“Hey,” you responded relaxing into his warm embrace.

“I have a surprise for you. Wear something nice,” Jason whispered into your right ear before placing a warm kiss on your cheek and disappearing.

Despite feeling a little off put by the way he’d asked and where he had gone since he asked, you followed his instructions.

As you finished up getting ready, the door bell rang. You slipped on your outfit and headed to the door.


You’d expected Jason. It was Roy.

“Oh hey Roy! What are you doing here?” You asked, gently patting little Lian who was asleep in her own father’s arms.

“Jason asked me to come over. Oh, he asked me to give you this,” Roy pulled an envelope from his back pocket and handed it to you, “and watch the kid while you guys are out.”

“Oh, um. All right,” you furrowed your brow for a second before letting the two in.

After you pointed out everything he would or potentially would need, Roy wished you a good time, shooed you out of your apartment, and reminded you to read the card.

It was a simple card, pink water washed cardstock with five simple words (and one shape) hand written on it: “Meet me on the roof, ♡ Jason.”

Running your fingers over the card and Jason’s writing you made you way upstairs. As you walked you thought about your lives together, how happy he made you, and wonderful baby you’d brought into this world together. Before you knew it, you’d arrived. Wiping the tears that had welled up in your eyes, you opened the rooftop door.

What you saw took your breath away. Jason set up the perfect date up on that rooftop. Everything you’d ever liked in dates since the two of you started seeing eachother, from the flowers, to the table, to the decorations. Everything was everything you’d dreamt.

Jason even served your favorite foods, a list complied through the years from dates large and small.

After the food, the two of you found yourself cuddling and talking on the stand alone porch swing that had always been up there, which Jason had surrounded with candles, over looking the city wrapped in blanket.

Jason watched you recount the swan ordeal from earlier. As the smile on your face widened and laughed escaped your lips, Jason’s heart beat faster and faster. He knew it was now or never.

“Hey babe, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure. What?” you responded.

Jason sucked in a breath and moved off the swing.

You looked at him with a confused expression. You had expected him to ask how he’d gotten so lucky; it was always what he followed with.

As Jason moved, getting down on one knee, it registered.

“Will you marry me?”

Your answer was instantaneous. You sprung towards him, capturing him into the tightest of hugs, happy tears racing down your cheeks.

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Jason chuckled as you cried and nodded.

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Michael Woodmansee - Teenage Cannibal

Sixteen-year-old Michael Woodmansee of South Kingstown, Rhode Island didn’t look like a budding psychopath - with his thick glasses, obese frame, and shy demeanour, Michael could easily pass for a square peg amongst his more popular classmates. Unbeknownst to anyone around him, Michael nurtured graphic fantasies involving death and rape, and considered murder easy to get away with. On May 18, 1975, he made his deadly fantasies a reality.

Five-year-old Jason Foreman was playing with a group of boys at the top of the street Michael Woodmansee lived on when he heard his mother calling him home. Jason lived on a corner, and Woodmansee’s house was opposite the path Jason would have taken home. His mother last recalled seeing Jason walking through the front gate to the house, until she turned to answer the phone. Jason never walked through the door. His disappearance would baffle police for over eight years.

It was 1982 until a break in Jason Foreman’s case, and came about as a result of Woodmansee attempting to kill another young boy. The now twenty-three-year old had lured a teenage paperboy into an empty house and drugged him with alcohol. After an unsuccessful attempt at strangling the boy, Woodmansee gave up and left him for dead in the house. Instead, the injured boy went home and told his father about the incident, and who did it. The victims father then went to Woodmansee’s home and beat him up, after which Woodmansee did something incredibly stupid - he called the police and reported the assault.

At the police station Woodmansee tried to excuse the attack on the paperboy as ‘losing his temper’, but officer conducting the interview had a hunch that Woodmansee was responsible for the disappearance of Jason Foreman seven years before. After continuous prodding Woodmansee broke down and confessed to killing the child, and admitted he still had much of his body in his bedroom. Before a police unit searched the house, Woodmansee remarked that they would find a journal written by him in his room, but its contents were pure fiction.

In Woodmansee’s bedroom police discovered a number of gruesome relics; Jason Foreman’s skull, coated in high-gloss shellac. The little boy’s hip and rib bones, picked clean of flesh. Crude drawings of children being stabbed and decapitated. And the aforementioned journal, the contents of which were deemed too disgusting to be discussed in court. Though its never been reproduced in its entirety anywhere, the journal was said to contain graphic descriptions of Jason’s murder, his dismemberment, and how Woodmansee disposed of his body by boiling it over a stove and eating the cooked flesh.

In 1983 Michael Woodmansee was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to forty years in prison. His relatively low sentence was the result of a plea bargain with the prosecution to ensure none of the horrific details of the murder were discussed in court, as the police were fearful about copycat crimes.

In a shocking move by corrections, Woodmansee was released from prison after serving 28 years of his 40 year sentence. Jason Foreman’s father has publicly declared his intention to murder Woodmansee for his crime against Jason.

Lost Time - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

Could you do a Cherylxfemale!reader where Cheryl asks out the reader then spoilers her affection and attention?

Originally posted by phebobuffay

I tried my best, sorry if it’s not good enough.

Having been born and raised in Riverdale, you knew of the mysterious Blossom family. You heard the tales about how they truly gained their fortune and listened to stories about how some thought the family was cursed. But never, did you ever hear anyone speak of Cheryl Blossom’s dating life. Sure there were a few parties where people would say they saw her kissing a football player here, someone else there; but other than that, no one talked about actual dates.

Until recently, you hadn’t had any interest in Cheryl’s dating life either. That all changed during Biology class one day. You gazed down at your textbook, reading through the chapter on ecosystems when you felt someone sit beside you. You looked up, to your left and met the heated gaze of the remaining Blossom twin.

“Do you understand any of this?” Cheryl questioned as she gestured to your open textbook. You curled your lips together nervously. Cheryl had never spoken to you before and you had alway been hesitant to. It wasn’t just the stories you heard about her, Cheryl was just very intimidating. To you, her beauty was unmatched by any other girl at Riverdale High, making it hard to even look in her direction. Like right now, your throat had grown dry.

“Y/N? Hello?” Her voice snapped you out of your trance and you felt a hot blush bloom on your cheeks.

“Uh yeah, sorry. I understand it, why?” You mentally chastised yourself for being awkward. Cheryl’s full, red stained lips quirked upwards in a bright smile.

“Do you think you can teach out the chapter over dinner?” If you weren’t dying inside already, you sure were now. “ Text me your address and I can pick you up at five. Pop’s sound okay?” You nodded at her words, but then frowned slightly.

“I don’t have your number-” as you spoke, Cheryl grabbed your phone off your desk. Luckily for her, your phone was unlocked and she punched in her number. You put your phone on top of your still-open textbook and gave you another award-winning smile.

“See you at five,” she said flirtatiously. You stared dumbfounded, as the Cheryl Blossom walked back to her assigned seat. You looked back down at your book and then your phone. Cheryl Blossom’s name was written in your contacts list, with a red heart emoji beside it.

You texted Cheryl as soon as you got home, sending her your address. Your mind was still whirling from fifth hour Biology class. The mysterious girl, who you had been intrigued by since high school, talked to you. You, of all people. You and Cheryl never ran in the same crowd, making that interaction surprising in and of itself.

In your room, you stared at some clothes you had pulled out, wondering if you should even change. Would it be too obvious then? You let out a groan and fell back against the floor of your bedroom. You rested there for around an hour, too nervous to move. What if this was all a set up to get you to come out. From the stories you heard about Cheryl, you couldn’t put it past her; but it was also unfair of you to pass such harsh judgement on her. Suddenly, a new text dial went off and broke you from your thoughts. You sat up and grabbed your phone from you bed.

Cheryl : Hey I’m outside ;)

With a new outfit forgotten, you stood up and rushed out of the room. You pushed out the front door, grabbing your backpack. You walked outside and your gaze landed upon a cherry red car, with a pleased Cheryl Blossom sitting behind the wheel. You walked over and opened the passenger side door. You greeted her with an awkward smile when you settled in the seat.

“Ready to go?” You looked at your house then at Cheryl, who was wearing a large pair of sunglasses.

“Yeah,” you said, and Cheryl started the car. The first part of the drive was quiet, since you were too scared to speak up; but Cheryl filled the silence after a while. She went over what she understood from the chapter, summarizing the key ideas but missing some important details. As she talked, you realized that maybe you misread the signs. You grade in Biology wasn’t bad, so maybe Cheryl knew that you would know what to study for.

You swallowed your hurt feelings as Cheryl pulled into the parking lot of Pop’s. It was more less empty and you let out a small sigh at the sight of the familiar diner. Cheryl turned off the car and jumped out. You opened the door and walked towards the entrance of Riverdale’s star attraction. Cheryl beamed when you held open the door for her, making your heart skip a little more than normal. Cheryl lead you to a secluded booth in the corner and watched as you unpacked your Biology materials.

“What are you doing?” You looked up from the textbook, as you were trying to find the right page, and met Cheryl’s gaze. Her brown eyes were glued on you and you felt nervous again.

“I was getting the chapter up,” you said quietly, “so I could go over it with you.” Cheryl let out a sweet laugh, one that made you smile.

“Oh Y/N, there’s been a misunderstanding,” she leaned over the table and whispered, “I’m into you.” She leaned away just as the waiter strolled up to your booth. Cheryl ordered a vanilla milkshake for herself and a basket of fries. When the server asked you what you wanted, you shakily replied with your favorite drink. With the order done, Cheryl smiled slyly at you. You met her gaze and felt a wave of courage roll over your shoulders.

“I was under the impression you were straight,” you said, slightly above a whisper. Cheryl smile broadened as you spoke. She shook her head and sighed.

“I date who I want, when I want,” she stated simply, “no one can put me in a box.” You marveled at her confidence and wondered why you.

“But we’ve never talked before,” you said and Cheryl grinned.

“I’ve caught you staring at me in the halls. Don’t worry, I was staring too. You’re quite the interesting girl, so I figured we should go on a date.” The waiter returned and placed the drinks and fries between you and Cheryl. With a quiet ‘thanks’, the waiter walked out of earshot.

“I’ve been through a lot since school has started,” Cheryl continued, “and I realized I need to be happy despite all of it. I’m simply making up for lost time, sugar.” You blushed hard at the nickname and you wondered if she’d call by it again; you wanted her to.

“Well,” you said, regaining some composure, “I’m happy to be here.” Cheryl smiled at you brightly and you felt a weight lift off your shoulders. The rest of your first date with Cheryl Blossom went over rather smoothly. You shared trivial things about yourselves and found that Cheryl wasn’t as mean as everyone thought she was.

“My parents…Jason was the golden child so when he disappeared, their hate for me only grew. Now with Polly and the babies, I hope things will turn around.” You nodded and gave her a sympathetic smile. With Cheryl opening up to you like this, it was easy to tell she trusted you; despite only truly knowing you for three hours?! You galnced at your phone and saw the time.

“I don’t mean to rush but my parents are probably waiting for me and-”

“Oh, that’s fine babe. Don’t worry about it.” You smiled and searched for your wallet. By the time you found it Cheryl had already placed a tip on the table and was paying for the food.

“I can pay for my drink at least,” you offered, but Cheryl shook her head.

“No, it’s fine. You’ll just have to go out with me again sometime.” She looked up at you and you blushed at the grin on her face. In all your stolen glances at school, you had never once seen Cheryl smile like she was now. Pearly white teeth framed by red lips and crinkles by her eyes. It was a beautiful to see.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” you said and you held Cheryl’s gaze. After she had paid, you and Cheryl walked out of the diner and into the cool night air. You got into the car and Cheryl started it in the direction of your house. On the way to your home, Cheryl’s hand brushed against yours and you wrapped your pinkie around hers. The small gesture caused sparks of warmth to dart up your arm. You looked over to Cheryl who was facing the road smiling. Before you knew it, you were in your driveway. You sat silently in her car, wanting spend another brief second with the girl you liked. You turned your head against the headrest and found Cheryl already looking at you.

“You should go inside,” she whispered, “so your parents don’t think I’m a bad influence.” You let out a dry laugh because, like everyone in Riverdale, your family wasn’t really fond of the Blossom family. After another moment you nodded.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” you whispered as you pulled your pinkie from hers. She nodded, her smile fading slightly from her full lips. “I’ll try to get your attention, talk to you.”

“You don’t need to try, you’ll always have my attention Y/N.” You blushed as you opened the car door. With your backpack on, you rounded the front of the car and stopped in front of the driver side door. You leaned over the car and pressed a small peck to Cheryl’s cheek.

“Like you said,” you whispered, “you gotta make up for lost time.” With that, you walked inside you house and wondered what tomorrow will bring to you and Cheryl Blossom.

Getting Creative [Jason Todd x Reader]

@cityofdespair9 requested: “Congratulations on 500 followers!!! Can I request an imagine where Jason and the reader are on a vacation on a secluded island and they have to make their own fun because they get too bored?”

A/N: Yes this idiot finally produced something, and a request no less!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 665


You loved isolation, vacation and of course, your dear boyfriend Jason Todd, so when you added all three together, you should be ecstatic, right?


Very, very wrong.

“Jason, I’m bored out of my mind.” You complained like a child. Jason raised an eyebrow and glanced at you from his position under the palm tree.

“But isn’t this what you wanted?” He questioned with a frown.

You rolled your eyes. “When I said break I didn’t mean strand ourselves on one of Bruce’s private islands. This is ridiculous, there’s virtually nothing here! Why did he even buy it?” You exclaimed, knowing you were making a really good point. Bruce never did anything without reason so why did he buy a tropical island in the middle of nowhere with barely anything built on it?

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” Jason countered, just as clueless as you were.

You crossed your arms as a pout formed on your face, showing Jason that you weren’t happy with this arrangement at all. The two of you had already swam on the beach, played all possible beach games with only two people and used all the items in the villa. There wasn’t much else left to do and Bruce said the helicopter would come to pick you two up in another week.

Another week.

“We could always swim back?” Jason suggested.

Swim back.” You repeated, unimpressed. “Not everyone is a crime-fighting vigilante with years of training under his belt Jay.”

Jason shrugged. “I tried.” He then resumed reading the book in his hands.

“Yeah,” you rolled your eyes, “it totally seemed that way.” You got off your hammock and began to walk around, staring at the forested area with curiosity. “Hey Jay?”


“How big’s the island?”

“Dunno, Bruce never mentioned.” Jason answered with disinterest. You hummed and thought for a moment, before a brilliant idea popped into your mind.

“Why don’t we find out?” You suggested with newfound excitement.

Jason looked from from the words on the page. “Huh?”

“You know,” you spread your arms, “explore the island! Who knows what’s out there!”

“Uh, I do.” Jason muttered, “bugs and reptiles and plenty of plants I don’t want anything to do with. And mosquitoes, let’s not forget mosquitoes.”

“Well I’m going with or without you.” You declared, walking away. You knew he would follow you either way, and soon enough you heard footsteps behind you, accompanied by quiet curses.

You walked deeper into the forest, taking note of all the strange, colorful plants and creatures peacefully residing on the trees. You could tell there were many more animals hidden, feeling afraid to show themselves. You weren’t as afraid of animals or bugs as the average person, so you found it easy to navigate the forest. You weren’t afraid of getting lost either since you knew Jason would remember the way back.

After an hour or two of walking, you found a small empty plot of land. It was in the middle of the forest and completely out of place. You frowned and walked to the center but felt nothing was wrong, but Jason thought differently.


He knelt down onto the dirt and… knocked on it? Curious, you lowered yourself down to his level beside him and watched as he started to wipe the sand away. Soon, you saw a grey surface underneath the sand.

A hatch.

You stepped back with wide eyes. “I guess we know why Bruce bought this island now…”

“Well… shall we?” Jason asked, mischief dancing in his eyes.

“Are you sure you want to make Bruce angry? He probably didn’t tell us for a reason.” You protested, feeling unsure.

“You started this.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect to find another one of Bruce’s man-cave.” 

“You have anything better to do?” He challenged, smirking because he knew you were bored and did in fact, have absolutely nothing to do.

“… fine.” You sighed, giving in. “But if Bruce asks, it was your idea.”

anonymous asked:

i like asking jason stan's this q because no answer is the same, they are unique and there is no wrong answer and since your a dceu fan i can ask you this about the films too: what does your ideal jason book entail and/or what's your ideal kind of narrative for a dceu jason--like how would you intro him? what's he here (in the film) to do?

if a red hood plotline was important for comics bruce and his narrative, a red hood plotline for dceu batman is nearly necessary. i’ve talked about this before, about how jason’s death had a huge impact on dceu’s bruce’s psyche, on a much higher percentage than his comic equivalent, but to me, and setting aside my interest in jason todd as a character and just that, plainly taking the time to look at the narrative and the way element A (jason todd) could substantially add to element B (bruce wayne’s emotional state and the causation of his current characterization), his introduction’s a required factor to resolve this batman’s need to do what he does

clark went was able to heal part of bruce’s damage by sacrificing himself despite the world never doing him any favors. the justice league and the team values and bonds that will form in face of a greater evil will very likely heal another part of bruce’s emotional damage. but there will still be a kind of darkness bruce in the comics doesn’t have to the extent dceu bruce does (like i’ve explained here). how can that be addressed? i mean, ultimately, maybe it won’t. maybe the people responsible for batman’s overall journey in the extended universe will decide to not touch that narration with a ten-foot pole. if they do? bring the reason dceu batman doesn’t mind not paying strict homage to the no-kill rule. why he’s hell-bent on obsessively protecting everyone he considers family. it’s not the waynes’ death, not anymore. bring jason todd in the scene. and make bruce face him

how i’d introduce jason in the dceu? i wouldn’t. i wouldn’t take the time to gradually build him up, i wouldn’t give you the chance to get used to the tragedy. the audience needs to feel the blow of jason todd, the child bruce wayne failed to protect, reappearing and insisting not to stay burried (well… figuratively and literally in this case, i imagine), refusing to stay safely concealed in the back of batman’s mind. jason’s character is supposed to be a sharp punch in your gut and remind you that pain, loss, death, tragedy; they’re not poetic qualities. they shouldn’t be poetic qualities. a robin, a very young boy, dies and in turn builds up batman’s character to be reckless, dangerous, the right pawn for the BvS backstory drop to play just right. and that’s wrong. it was wrong in the comics, it’s wrong now. and ironically, red hood is a reminder of exactly that: despite the comic creators causing this wrongful narration in the first place, jason todd, robin, red hood, a sarcastic character who is able to mock his own story, exists. it’s just that. he exists. he never wanted to be in it this way in the first place. so he won’t anymore

bring jason todd to the dceu to make batman uncomfortable, to make him stop being okay in his not okay state. bruce never faces loss but rather takes is as one more burden that stays on his back. it’s heavy, it’s tiring, it’s exhausting, it’s graceful, heroic, self-sacrificing but it’s there, always behind him and he never turns around. that’s not fair to the boy that died. that’s not fair. jason todd’s suffering deserves to be acknowledged. bruce wayne owes to that little boy to turn around and face that death. red hood will be there to force that. that’s jason’s part here. no mindless revenge on a father that didn’t save him or even avenge him. just a plea to actually acknowledge him