on a night like this down an old dirt road
bout by the lake there’s a place everybody goes
you can see that bonfire burnin’ for miles around
make a wish, beneath the stars
leanin’ back starin’ up from the hood of your car
it’s a look, it’s a touch
gettin’ drunk on the rush of that long slow kiss
people fall in love like that on a night like this
—  Night Like This- Jason Blaine 

blah, blah, blah, country.

BUT, this is where i came from. not just like, “oh, i grew up in the boons and listened to country”. i grew up where the video was shot. i have pictures of me in most of the places where the video was filmed. these are the spots where i hung out with my  friends, or snuck away with my discman when i was depressed. so, it’s pretty weird and nostalgic to see it all in a video.

plus, the stuff he’s singing about…pretty legit about people from home. very old fashioned.

can it be true…am i actually missing pembroke? lawwwdy.


They Don’t Make Em Like That Anymore - Jason Blaine.

This song is sooo cute, love it.

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Originally from Pembroke, Ontario and now living in Nashville, Jason Blaine is a veteran when it comes to the Canadian country music scene. He already has 5 albums under his belt and has just released his sixth, “Country Side” on October 23. Jason is currently on the Three’s a Party Tour with Tebey. We had the chance to check in with him while he’s touring. Read this interview for more!

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Now they say “Three’s a crowd,” but when the three in question happen to be Jason Blaine, Tebey, and James Otto then “Three’s A Party.” From Halifax, NS to Vancouver, BC these three have been taking their party from city to city giving country fans one heck of a show. With dates scattered from coast to coast, I was able to catch the party during their stop on Ottawa, Ontario. The Algonquin Commons Theatre is a decent venue; clean, roomy, and modern.

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