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Jason!! You'll get found out if you act like that! What do you think Blaine will do if he finds out you're practically "possessing" Blaine?? You gotta lay low and act normal. So...What are you going to do Blaine?

Frisk: …
Blaine: …

*Jason starts rummaging through Blaine’s stuff*
Henry: Whatcha looking for?
Jason: None of your business.
Henry: Sheesh. You’re in a foul mood today! But have it your way, We all know you like your privacy.


blangst prompt #901 fill

Got an anon this morning asking me to fill this prompt. So I did. 

TW: Self harm, depression.
Rating: T
Summary: It’s all harmless fun, as long as you’re not the one being harmed.

Kurt notices there’s something wrong with Blaine pretty quickly. The way he acts around Kurt is strange. Like he can’t stand to be in Kurt’s presence. He flinches around Kurt, shrinks in on himself and hides, then hurries out of the room as fast as he can. At night in the bed they share, he curls up on his own side of the bed in the tightest little ball he can manage, and he doesn’t even relax when Kurt wraps him up in his embrace. Usually, Kurt being the big spoon will solve all of Blaine’s problems.

The real problem is that he doesn’t talk. Blaine always tries to talk to figure things out, but whatever’s bothering him now is so big that he doesn’t want to talk. Kurt doesn’t think it’s anything he’s been doing, because why would it be? So what if Kurt’s been texting Jason nonstop and meeting him for coffee every day. They’re just friends. Kurt is allowed to have gay male friends that are not Blaine.

Kurt waits for Blaine to come to him, as he always has in all the years they’ve been together and the two years they’ve been married. It’s been a great two years, until Blaine got all sulky and weird. Kurt shrugs it off and picks up his phone to text Jason. He reads over their conversations, smiling at the little flirty messages. It’s harmless fun. It’s always harmless.

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Uhh... o_o Hi Blaine. Guess...you're going to find out what Jason has to deal with every day the hard way. And Jason...Not getting hated for a bit seems nice doesn't it? Don't do anything stupid though.

*In Jason/Frisk’s room*
Blaine: You’ve got to be shitting me! All that guy ever does is mope, pout, and avoid people except for the occasional off day! I’ll just wait this one out.
*Frisk enters the room*
Frisk: Oh. Uh…hi.
Blaine: (facepalm) Oh God dammit…

*In Henry/Blaine’s room*
Jason: I think I’m gonna be sick. This is so wrong on so many levels!
Henry: Uh…you okay there man?
Jason: Do not start with me. I am NOT in the mood right now.


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Would you rather be eaten by a cookie or be the cookie eating the human OUO

Lily: ?????
Zoe: Why are you like this?
Iris: Considering the latter would be a form of cannibalism, I’d rather be eaten by a cookie.
Henry: Great…now I’m hungry…

Hannah: This is the stuff of nightmares…
Blaine: …Why???

*Jason turns to leave*
Frisk: Um…eaten by a cookie? I guess???

on a night like this down an old dirt road
bout by the lake there’s a place everybody goes
you can see that bonfire burnin’ for miles around
make a wish, beneath the stars
leanin’ back starin’ up from the hood of your car
it’s a look, it’s a touch
gettin’ drunk on the rush of that long slow kiss
people fall in love like that on a night like this
—  Night Like This- Jason Blaine 

blah, blah, blah, country.

BUT, this is where i came from. not just like, “oh, i grew up in the boons and listened to country”. i grew up where the video was shot. i have pictures of me in most of the places where the video was filmed. these are the spots where i hung out with my  friends, or snuck away with my discman when i was depressed. so, it’s pretty weird and nostalgic to see it all in a video.

plus, the stuff he’s singing about…pretty legit about people from home. very old fashioned.

can it be true…am i actually missing pembroke? lawwwdy.


They Don’t Make Em Like That Anymore - Jason Blaine.

This song is sooo cute, love it.