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Can I request a typical prank war from the batboys? Bonus point for Alfred or Bruce or the Batgirls

“Alright,” Dick said, opening the pack of markers, “Since the last round sent Tim to the hospital, we’re scaling back things.”

In the garden shed, the assembled Waynes watched as the eldest removed a rainbow of permanent markers. Tim scoffed, scratching at the cast on his left arm.

“What are the markers for?” he asked, skeptical.

“Assassin,” Dick said, completely serious. He held up the red marker, pointing it at Jason. “The least deadly, non-contact game Jason and I were allowed to play at summer camp.”

Without missing a beat, Jason raised his hand. “We got kicked out of that summer camp.”  

Right, but not because of Assassin.”

Damian raised his hand. “Those markers are non-toxic.”


“So how are they supposed to be used as mortal weapons?”

Stephanie snorted. Next to her, Cass also looked confused. Dick uncapped the red marker, gesturing for Jason to join him at the front of the shed for a demonstration.

“Assassin is simple,” he said, handing Jason a blue marker. “We all put our names in a hat, shuffle them up. Everyone gets a ‘target’, or someone they’re supposed to go after. So let’s say Jason and I get each other.”

Jason uncapped the blue marker, holding it like a dagger. He and Dick circled each other dramatically, drawing a delighted laugh from Cass.

“In order to ‘kill’ my target–” Dick frowned, hesitating. “Actually, how about we use ‘neutralize.’ In order to neutralize my target, I have to mark his neck with my color.”

He jabbed at Jason’s neck. The marker left a red streak across his throat.

Someone oohed. Stephanie elbowed Cass, muttering something about the efficacy of Colombian neckties.

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…Do you remember that one scene from RHatO (2011) #9?

and how coherent it was with what Jason said in RHatO #5?

“You taught me that to give someone death is as intimate and private as giving him life”

I just wanted people to remember that, anti-hero or not, Jason is not a cold-blooded murderer. He understands what he’s doing; he carries that weight on his shoulders.

He may not be what Bruce wanted him to be, but he’s a good man.


Red Hood Throughout Time

Today is Jason Todd’s birthday (16 August) and to celebrate this auspicious day, I thought I would do a photoset of him in his most popular alias – Red Hood. In whatever continuity, Jason Todd picks up the mantle of Red Hood after his death and resurrection from the hands of the Joker, which is quite poetic or ironic that he would eventually take that mantle, because it was once worn by the Joker.

This photoset depicts the different Red Hood uniforms that Jason Todd has used. Starting with his original uniforms prior (Upper Row) and after (Middle Left) his incarnation and ending with his Rebirth uniforms prior (Lower Middle) and after (Lower Right) of his fallen out with Batman. Added to make a complete nine picture photoset are the domino mask version of that Red Hood used (Upper Left/Center).

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Image Source:
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Watching from a rooftop as the GCPD pick up the group of notorious criminals who they’ve just tied up and left in the middle of the street…

Robin: *elbowing his brother’s hip (since he can’t reach his rib)* You’re a good fighter, Todd.

Red Hood: *returning the affection with a pat on the shoulder* Not as good as you.

Robin: That’s very true. So get out of here.