jason r piper

Jason flying above the canoe lake in CHB : I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYYYY!

Percy shooting out of the water on a a hurricane : I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKYYYYY

Leo surfing on a flying table : I THINK ABOUT IT EVERY NIGHT AND DAYYYY

Nico summoning a tower of skeletons standing on top of each other : SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY AWAYYY

Hazel creating a skyscraper of gold : I BELIEVE I CAN SOARRR

Piper flies past on a pegasus : I SEE ME RUNNING THROUGH THAT OPEN DOORRR

Frank screeches as a hawk : EEEE EEEE EEEEE E E EEEEEEEEE

All of them together : I BELIEVEI CAN FLYYYYYYYYYY

Chiron and Annabeth slowly retreat into the Big House


Percicoverse Portraits

OK! so people here are the pairings that are in the percicoverse

  • Percico = Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo (obviously)
     Charles(Charlie) Jackson Di Angelo, Bianca Jackson Di Angelo,
     Mare Jackson Di angelo and Zöe Jackson Di Angelo
  • Jasiper= Jason Grace and Piper Mclean
    Silena Grace Mclean, Artur Grace Mclean, Windy Grace Mclean

  • Reynabeth = Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano and Annabeth Chase
    Luke Chase Ramirez Arellano

  • Franzel = Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque
    Samuel(Sammy) Zhang Levesque

and of course the crack ship 

  • Willeo = Will Solace and Leo Valdez (the 2 otp)
    Tony Solace Valdez, Peter Solace Valdez

  • Louchel = Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Lou Ellen Blackstone
    Lindsey Blackstone Dare

  • Thalypso= Thalia Grace and Calypso

more about the ships under the cut (it’s long)

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  • fake fan: oh boy i really love Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez, Jason Grace,
  • fake fan: *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • fake fan: Lightning McQueen, Hazelnut and Chinese Animal Guy