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It’s our time to make a move
It’s our time to make amends
It’s our time to break the rules
Let’s begin…


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@arabian-batboy said: Can you write something where Bruce comes across Jason in an alley after his resurrection but before Talia took him in & since he couldn’t talk at that time (& because he’s supposed to be dead) Bruce thinks it’s just a hallucination and just leaves him?

It had been a long time since Bruce was afraid of ghosts, mostly because they never left him alone. If this one seemed more real than usual, hey, it had been a rough day.

Always was, this time of year. 

April 27th. Bruce liked to think he was getting better— maybe some year he wouldn’t find himself lurking in Crime Alley on today, the anniversary of Jason’s death— but he wasn’t there yet.

It made sense. How was he supposed to forget Jason? That was what it would take, Bruce knew, to leave the guilt behind. Every time Jason crossed his mind, it all came crashing back: the grief and shame and pain in his chest. 

Flashbacks, sometimes. Hallucinations.

He wasn’t particularly surprised to see his dead son lying on the cobblestones. It was bound to happen today. 

Bruce took a deep breath. It was time for another hell ride through his own subconsciousness. What would it be this time?

Older, he thought— this Jason looked older, the age he would be if he had lived. That was normal; Bruce spent a lot of time imagining Jason alive and growing up. This Jason looked like he had been on the street for a long time, and Bruce could explain that too; they’d met on this spot when Jason was young and homeless. Of course he was remembering that day. 

Bruce blinked away the image of Jason, small and defiant, sprinting towards the mouth of the alley with his tire iron. Who hit the Batman with a tire iron? Jason did. Jason was…

Well, Jason was dead. Jason had been extraordinary— brave, bright, explosive, kind— but he was gone, and the illusion on the pavement was just that: an illusion. A memory. Bruce’s mind playing tricks.

The punishment he deserved. He could feel it beginning like it always did, his heartbeat pounding in his ears, his fingertips, his chest, rooting him to the stone underneath him until he couldn’t run— not that he should run. He hadn’t saved Jason. The least he could do was feel it.

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  • Bruce: What did you do with my son?
  • Jason: I'm your son.
  • Bruce: What did you do with my oth-- you. You. ... Yes, you are.
  • Jason: Are you okay...?
  • Bruce: You're my son, Jason.
  • Jason: ... Okay, you're making me feel super weird, so.
  • Jason: ...
  • Jason: I tossed Tim in a dumpster because he fell asleep. Grab him and get away, Kay?
  • Jason: Bye.
  • *Jason leaves*
  • Bruce: Jason is my son. He still thinks of himself as my son. *melts a little*

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons of Damian acting like a regular child his age?

Well as a matter of fact!

  • He has a sweet tooth, which is awkward because Bruce doesn’t really do desserts, and Damian usually tries to emulate Bruce’s habits as much as possible. The upside is that the Manor does stock junk food. The downside is that it’s technically Tim’s food, and he’s starting to ask questions.
  • Chocolate milk and peanut butter and honey sandwiches 
  • Uses the blue kind of toothpaste because the mint stuff hurts his mouth. This information is classified and should not be passed on to the public.
  • Lowkey fascinated with anything that glows in the dark (Remember this. Important later.)
  • It’s not a blanket fort. It’s a hunting blind. Shut up.
  • Tugs on people’s capes to get their attention. Jackets work too. (But, Amy, you ask– What about Dick? He doesn’t wear a cape or a jacket!) You see it’s not a problem because Damian doesn’t need to get Dick’s attention. Grayson always pays attention.
  • The Boys play Hide and Seek
  • Percy: Guys! Let's play hide and seek!
  • Jason: Sure, you count
  • Percy: Okay, *turns around* be ready, 1..2..3..-
  • Jason: *Smirks and then flies away*
  • Frank: *Becomes a bug*
  • Nico: *Shadow travels*
  • Leo: *Runs to the right, then runs to the left*
  • Percy: 10 !
  • Leo: Oh, fuck.
  • Dick Grayson: Tonight, I'm gonna make her [Barbara Gordon] a nice dinner, then I'm gonna put the ring in her champagne glass.
  • Jason Todd: You might as well put it in her cham-lame glass.
  • Dick Grayson: Okay, Mr. Know-It-All, what would you do?
  • Jason Todd: Okay, first you gotta get, like, 50 candles, right?
  • Dick Grayson: Mm-hmm?
  • Jason Todd: You spread 'em all over the room with some rose petals....
  • Dick Grayson: That's right, because the roses are beautiful, and they make the room smell amazing.
  • Jason Todd: Like a meadow in springtime.
  • Dick Grayson: Mmm.
  • Barbara Gordon: [comes into the room] What are you guys talking about?
  • Dick Grayson: Nothing; guy talk!
  • Jason Todd: Yeah, bitches and hoes.

have i ever mentioned how happy i am to be in the green day fanbase? most of the people in this fanbase are so kind and im honestly blessed to be around you guys. having come from the Popular Bandoms™, a lot of people there are really mean and its so draining to even like those bands because so many of the fans are so toxic. the green day fans are always looking out for each other and ive honestly never seen a kinder fanbase. thank you guys, you rock!!

Jason: So, what do you think?

Leo: About what?

Percy: Yeah, what?

Jason: Are you kidding? Okay, I’ll give you a hint. [Points to his glasses.]

Frank: Eyes! No, no. Your eyes! No. Jason’s eyes!

Jason: I got glasses!

Leo: Well, you…you’ve always had glasses.

Jason: No I didn’t!

Leo: Are you sure?

Percy: Yeah, didn’t you used to have a pair? They were really round, burgundy, and they made you look kind of umm…

Annabeth: Feminine.

Percy: Yes!

Jason: No!

Piper: Sweetie, I think the glasses look great. They make you look really sexy.

Jason: Really? You didn’t think I used to wear glasses, right?

Piper: Of course! [mouths to others] I have no idea!

  • Leo: *Massaging his Adam's apple*
  • Jason: Are you okay?
  • Leo: Yeah, it just hurts.
  • Frank: What hurts?
  • Leo: My Leo's apple.
  • Annabeth: For the last time it is not named after each individual man.
  • Y'all about Jason in the DCEU: We want Red Hood, we want him to punch Batman in the face and show him he's a righteous ass
  • My emo self: I want 'A death in the family' arch, I want tiny baby Jason stealing the Batmobile's tires and calling Bruce Big Boob, I want bonding and Dad-Son interactions, I want the iconic scene where Bats carries his dead body and I want Bruce to lose his shit and explain how he is that way in BvS.
  • Me: And mentions of him in Justice League
Bath Bombs and Dislocated Shoulders

Request: Hmmm… do you think you could write a Jason Todd x Reader where they do one of those bath bomb things from lush for the first time? And what their reactions would be when they take the bath and stuff? Please and Thank You @cas-backwards-tie

A/N: 1) Shocked and offended that I’ve never used a bath bomb before 2) Requests are still open dudes hit me up, I’ll write pretty much anything and I have plenty of free time right now!

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