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Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Noel’s Theme) B Rossette Violin Cover 


This makes me want to play Electric Violin O:

Look like a sweetheart but is fuckboy:  Flavio Vargas
Looks like a fuckboy but is a sweetheart:  Yang Wang  ,Jason J, Jones, Luciano Vargas, Louis Boneyfoy
Looks like a fuckboy but is a fuckboy:  Siegfried Beilschmidt  ,Santiago Fernández Carriedo, Ryszard Edelstein, Kuro Honda, Oliver Kirkland
Looks like a sweetheart and is a sweetheart:  Klaus Beilschmidt, James Williams, Sergei Braninsky


The Summerween Trickster: Trick-or-treat. 

Dipper Pines: Dude, really? You’re a little old for this, man. Sorry. 

The Trickster: But wait, I…

Mabel Pines: Why’d you close the door? 

Dipper: I told you, Mabel, I’m just not feeling it tonight. 

Mabel: I think a little trick-or-treating will make you feel better. 

Dipper: I’m not trick-or-treating! Look man, just go to another house! 

Mabel: Dipper! Where’s your Summerween hospitality? 

Dipper: I’m not getting that. 

Mabel: Well I am! I apologize for my brother. He came down with a case of the grumpy-grumps. 

Trickster: SILENCE! You have insulted me! For this you must pay with your lives!

Mabel: Aww, what a cute little mask! You’re a funny guy, aren’t you? 

Trickster: Funny, am I?! 

Gourney: Twik-or-tweet! My name is Gourney. AH! Remember meeee! 

Grenda: Gourney! 

The Trickster: There’s only one way for you to avoid his fate: I need a treat. If you can collect five hundred pieces of candy and bring it to me before the last jack-o-melon goes out, I will let you live. 

Dipper: Five hundred treats in one night? That’s impossible! 

The Trickster: The choice is yours, children. You must trick-or-treat…or DIE! 

-”Gravity Falls”


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || Do You Believe In Magic (9x22)

Oh, man, you’re killing me here. I’m trying to leave you alone. I’m trying to get out of your freakin’ life. But you’re everywhere. And now you show up to tell me the same things? Well, guess what.

Can I stay here? Please.

no but Percy purposely proposing to annabeth with an apple is cute and all but can u just imagine them going about their daily business and like the seven is sitting at a table eating and she asks him to go get her some fruit and he just gives her his apple and everyone at the table gasps really loud.


Maybe my cape doesn’t fly
And bad men win - even good men die
But one small spark can light the whole night
So one small life can fight the good fight

So it’s out officially now. Jason Chu’s official music video for “MARVELS” starring Hudson Yang from “Fresh Off the Boat.”

I heard the video, I knew about the video, but the emotional impact of actually witnessing the words birthed anew on the screen.

Jason and I had once, heh, marveled about the lives we’re living where we get to hang out and work with people who’ve inspired us and we admired. “Heroes into homies,” he laughed. And now, my homie has become one of my heroes. What a powerful message. I’m glad he felt led to share it.

Chapter 172: The BROTHERS' mutual ENCOURAGEMENT

Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. (◎ヮ◎)

Hi everyone! Sorry, I’ve been slacking for a few days, trying to catch up with sleep. I love You Qi in this chapter! He’s so meticulous about things…. <3 Here I leave this chapter for you and drag my burning eyes to bed. Night~

Translator: Sae

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SHEPARIA TRASH MIX - Fanmix for a paragon Shep/Aria

Closer - Sonna Rele Ft Ne Yo | FOOLS Remix - Filous | Aria Economy - C418 | Please Don’t Go - Mike Posner | Luv Sic (Part 2) - Jason Yang | Done With Love - ZEDD | Green Light - John Legend Ft. Andre 3000 Toxic - Glee | Get On Your Knees - Nicki Minaj Ft. Ariana Grande | Shape Of My Heart - 2Cellos |

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