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Batfam Headcanons (2 of ???)
  • Jason comes up with nicknames in his head for all his siblings.
    He only uses a couple of them on occasion, but he’s somehow come up with a lot of them. Did he spend a drunk night with Roy or Arty brainstorming them? We may never know.

  • Dick is ‘Dickie Bird’ ‘Dickie’ ‘Big bird’ ‘dickface’ ‘dickwing’ ‘nightjerk’ and ‘wing’
  • Tim is ‘Baby bird’ or ‘Red’ when he’s seeing him as a little brother or when he’s talking about him to one of the others.
    ‘Replacement’ when he’s pissed about something or when he wants to be difficult (#often) or when he’s bantering with him. 
    ‘Tim-bo’ coz his name is tim and he uses a bo staff.
    ‘Timmybird’ said sardonically and tauntingly at first, but developed into an actual affectionate nickname that tim hates but jay enjoys - jason will sometimes ruffle his hair when he calls him it because Tim’s usually too tired to try and dodge.
  • Damian is ‘bat brat’ ‘demon spawn’ ‘demon child’ or ‘baby bat’
  • Steph is ‘eggplant princess’ she’s the only one who actually got to choose her own nickname, but sometimes jay will just call her ‘princess’ which she is surprisingly okay with.
  • Cass is ‘sis’ or ‘Cassie’.
  • Barbara is ‘Steel on wheels’ ‘Babs’ ‘Barbie’ or ‘Bat-lady’ as in ‘whatever you say Bat-Lady’.
  • And Duke. Duke is ‘Hatchling’ ‘kid’ or ‘Bumble Bat’.
Happy Valentine’s Day! (part 1)

A/N: THIS IS SO LAST MINUTE. And it’s incomplete. I’m sorry. But it will be completed hopefully tomorrow! Alright, I’ll stop now :)

Nico sat alone at the Hades table for dinner in the Pavilion. Usually Will sat with him or he went to the Apollo table, but Will was working at the infirmary tonight. As Nico picked at his food, his mind drifted from thought to thought, eventually drifting to how much he missed the son of Apollo.

Wait, Nico suddenly jerked, I miss him?

Oh, right, well I guess that does come with dating someone. Nico still couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was dating Will Solace, child of the sun god. Him, the son of Hades – the creepy, weird, dark Prince of the Underworld was dating the happy, peppy son of Apollo. It sounded strange, but seeing them together, actually looking at them, they couldn’t look any more perfect. It was a recent development, though they had been inseparable since the war and Nico’s mandated 3 days in the infirmary. They basically flirted with each other and were a giant blushing mess until Piper had a serious talk with Nico while Jason and Percy teased and pushed Will to ask Nico out. Eventually it happened after lots of blushing and flustered stuttering, but the moment his friends burst into applause and cheers, Nico grabbed Will’s hand and shadow-traveled them both out of there.

A small smile tugged at Nico’s lips as he remembered how angry Will had been after that, and then how he ended up falling asleep next to Nico in his cabin.


The shout ripped Nico from his memories back to the present. Jason and Percy slid into the seats across from Nico and he, out of habit, scowled at them, asking, “What do you idiots want?”

“Is that any way to speak to your big bros? Tsk, tsk, Nico, have more respect.” Percy’s shit-eating grin earned Nico’s Death Glare™.

“Shut up, Perce. Anyway, we came to ask what you’re doing tomorrow? What are your plans for you and Will?” Jason looked genuinely interested in this, though Nico had no idea why.

Nico rolled his eyes, “Why would I have plans? And why would I tell you?”

Jason and Percy glanced worriedly at each other, then turned back and said, “Um, Neeks. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You know, day of love, typically celebrated with your significant other?”

Nico blinked at them. Then it registered. Oh. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Only three thoughts were coming to mind as his panic rose. I have a boyfriend. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Oh shit.

His eyes widened and he nearly began hyperventilating as he said, “Oh shit that’s a thing crap what do I do??? I’ve never done this before! Does Will know? Oh of course he knows, what am I saying SHIT what do I do, I have no plans, no experience, SH—”

“Hey calm down!” Jason reached across and put his hands on Nico’s shoulders to settle him back in his seat, as he was nearly jumping out of it. “Don’t worry bro, we got you. We can help you plan something.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell me earlier?!”

“Um, well, guess we didn’t think about it,” Percy smiled sheepishly.

“Ugh, what are you guys doing?”

“Well,” Jason started, “Pipes and I are going to hang out all day. I’m taking her out to chill in the city and do whatever she wants to. For dinner, I’m taking her somewhere fancy. Then later I thought about flying her up on the roof of the Big House to stargaze.”

“Annabeth and I are going to the city too. I want her to see all the cool architecture stuff that she can never get enough of. And also so we can feel normal, you know? Later we’ll go to the beach for a walk, maybe go in the ocean since I can keep us dry, and just, you know, be a couple.” Percy said this like it was obvious that Nico knew how to “be a couple”.

“Ugh, guys I don’t know how to be couply and romantic! Give me an idea!” Nico exclaimed exasperatedly.

“Okay,” Jason said, “well it’s your guys’ first Valentine’s day together. You’ve got to show him how much you like him and care about him. Make it a big deal.”

Percy smirked like he did when he had a crazy plan. “Like with fireworks! Or some big huge explosion or surprise that showers hearts and rainbows everywhere. I think Will would like a big surprise.”

“Um, that’s seems excessive? I don’t know about that.” Normally, Nico would think Percy’s a big idiot, but he really had no idea what was expected of him. Should it be big? Small? Fancy?

“Maybe you should ask Piper. She’ll know what you should do,” Jason suggested.

Nico jumped from his seat and, without a word to his “bros”, marched straight to the Aphrodite table. Piper looked up as he approached, glanced behind him at Jason, and got up to meet Nico and pull him to the side.

“You need help with Valentine’s day plans for Will?” Of course, she knew.

“Please,” was all Nico could say.

For the rest of the night, Nico sat with Piper, planning out what he would do, things he needed, every detail. He had to make it perfect for Will.

Part 2

[at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding]

Piper: [drunk] and I have to say, you know, getting married is the bravest, most wonderful thing you can do. Because everyday you come home and it’s, like, “What! It’s you! I love you! You’re my sexy roommate! We love each other!”

Jason: [also drunk] Woo! She’s talking about me!


OTP Questions

1.      Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?

2.      Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

3.       Who would wrap the other in a blanket when the other one has a bad day?

4.       Who in the OTP would be more ready to sacrifice themself for the other?

5.       Who sings along with the radio?

6.       Who hogs the blanket?

7.       Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

8.       Who does some crazy stunt to try and impress the other and who ends up driving them to the emergency room after it backfires?

9.       Who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?

10.   Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder? / Who takes photos of the other while they sleep?

11.   Who is louder in bed?

12.   Who knocks on the other’s door crying at 4am?

13.   Who takes longer getting ready?

14.   Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

15.   Who shops for groceries?

16.   Who bakes the other a cake and puts a playful insult on it?

17.   Who cuts the others hair?

18.   Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

19.   Who is sleepy and cuddly all the time?

20.   Who is horny all the time?

21.   Who wakes up first?

22.   Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

23.   Who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?

24.   Who is the morning/night person?

25.   Do they like the food network channel?

26.   How good would your OTP be at parenting?

27.   Who wants to have sex at work/school and who is terrified of getting caught?

28.   Who is a fussy eater and who will eat food even if they’ve dropped it on the floor?

29.   Who’s prone to wearing socks indoors (or to sleep)?

30.   Who reminds the other to put on sunscreen before going to the beach (or pool)?

31.   Who would have 10 pets if they could and who is adorably shy around animals?

32.   Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?

33.   Who will have sex in any place and at any time?

34.   Who makes fun of the other for having a crush on them, and who has to remind them that they are in a relationship?

35.   Who is more protective?

36.   Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking?

37.   Who reads while the other snuggles up to them?

38.   Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

39.   Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

40.   Who is incredible in bed and completely knocks the other off their feet the first time they have sex?

41.   Who points at a dog when they see it?

42.   Who sneaks in cookies in the shopping cart?  

43.   Who starts the hand holding?

44.   Who grabs the others butt? Who slides their arm around their waist?

45.   Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?

46.   Who bugs the other while they’re trying to get work done?

47.   Who proposes?

48.   Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?

49.   Who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?

50.   Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen?

51.   Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

52.   Who is more seductive when they are drunk?

53.   Who has an adorable sneeze and who sneezes so aggressively they pull a muscle?

54.   Who checks the prices while grocery shopping?

55.   Who reaches for the other one’s hand while driving?

56.   Who wakes the other up in the middle of the night to tell them a cool dream they had?

57.   Who has the most nightmares, and who sings them back to sleep after?

58.   Who writes poems/stories and love songs about the other? Do they sing the songs the write for them?

59.   Who is the more relaxed one?

60.   Who cooks at 2 in the morning?

61.   Who picks fights for no reason just so they can have kinky sex?

62.   Who is the morning/night person?

63.   Which of your OTP gets emotionally attached to the characters in a show and has to be comforted by the other one when a main character dies?

64.   Who is always running late and always gives the other a running late quick kiss?

65.   Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

66.   Who greatly exaggerates being sick every time they feel even a little poorly just so the other will take care of them?

67.   Who secretly admires the hell out of the other and thinks they’re the bravest person they’ve ever met?

68.   Who constantly tries to get the other to shower with them?

69.   Who was popular in high school and who lies that they were just to impress the other?

70.   Who takes like 10 minutes of persuading to get out of bed each morning?

71.   Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

72.   Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

73.   Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

74.   Who is more into taking showers/baths together? Who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time?

75.   Who would throw the other into a pool?

76.   Who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? Who’s more afraid of losing the other?

77.   Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?

78.   Who believes in astrology and who doesn’t care and just wants the other to make out with them?

79.   Who is prone to road rage?

80.   Who likes to walk around the house naked and who tells the other to go put some clothe? Or who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

81.   Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?

82.   Who is super bad at sexting? Who sends them encouraging messages throughout the day?

83.   Who initiates cuddling sessions?

84.   If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

85.   Who kisses first? Who initiated the first kiss?

86.   Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

87.   Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

88.   Who rocks the Ferris wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

89.   Who starts a food fight in the kitchen?

90.   Who initiates duets and who is the better singer?

Ice Queen and Cake - Jason Todd Imagine

Woo! Lord its been a while, I apologize for that! 

This imagine was requested here.

I hope everyone enjoys! 

~Mod Jaybird 

Warnings: Slight swearing

Word Count: 1,808 (Boy howdy is this a long one)

“Y/N! Come on babe we’re gunna be late! Bruce’s cake won’t make itself and Alfred’s already texted twice!”

“Gotcha,” you mumble as you extinguish a small flame from your hand, and climb out of the lower cupboard where you keep all of your baking supplies. “I’m coming don’t get your panties in a twist.”

You walk down the hallway from the kitchen and stop by the door to grab your jacket.

“What were you doing in there anyway? Sounded like an avalanche at one point,” Jason said as he held the front door open.

“My offset spatula fell out of my decorating bag and into the black depths of the cupboard,” You say as you walk through the threshold. “I had to go on a lifesaving mission.”

“Well it looks like it was successful.”



You head through the garage door and into the kitchen of Wayne Manor, stopping to place your decorating bag on the table and shed your coat.

“Miss Y/N, Master Jason. Glad to see you could join us!”

“The Chef does not enjoy the sass coming from her sous, Pennyworth, but I think I can forgive you,” you say as you pull your hair into a ponytail while walking over to give him a playful kiss on the cheek. “Jason, I love you, but get out of my kitchen, I have a masterpiece in the making.”

“Yes, Chef!” He said with a mock salute and a laugh. “I’ll go see what everyone else is up to.”

“All right Al, this double chocolate, Oreo truffle cake isn’t going to make itself. You start with the Oreos and I’ll start on the batter.”

“Oui, Chef,” the butler says with a smile.

You shake your head and sigh in response.

After a while of prepping and chatting with Alfred, Damian walks through the door.

“Hey Dami, whatcha up to?”

“Hello, Y/N. Todd and Drake are being insufferable so I decided to take a break up here, if it’s no bother to you.”  

“Go right ahead. You’re no bother to me and Alfred.”

The timer for the oven dings, and without a thought you reach in and take the pans straight from the oven.

“Y/N, did you just take those from the oven without mitts?”

You have a moment of enteral panic. Damn Y/N you really should be more careful with your powers around here.  “What? Uh…yeah I did, it’s not really I problem, I’ve burned myself so much over the past few years, it’s kind of like I’m immune,” you say with a chuckle, hopefully passing off the lie.

Damian gives you a look but lets the comment slide.

What you fail to notice is that he’s now watching you subtly from behind his book.

You come back to the cakes and slowly place your hand over the top of each one, using your powers to cool them down at a faster rate. The temperature of the air around you has gotten a bit chilly as a result of using your power so your breath comes out as a puff of fog. You glance quickly over to Damian to see if he noticed anything. He looks to be still engrossed in his book, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hey Alfred do we have anymore sugar? I need just a touch more of the ganache.”

“Try the pantry Miss Y/N”

You head into the small room and begin to look around. While you’re doing this Damian raises from his seat and quickly makes his way to the cakes. His eye goes wide when he feels that they are completely cool even though they came out of the oven moments ago.  

You make your way out of the pantry as he begins to sit back down. You notice the look on his face, as if wheels are turning in his mind, you guess he must have read something intriguing in his book.

You head back to the counter to begin the final steps of the cake, being careful to not use any more of your powers during the process.

The cake was finally finished as you placed the last truffle on top. You take a step back and look at the masterpiece.

“Done,” you say wiping your hands on a dish rag.

“It looks fabulous Miss Y/N, I shall gather the troops into the living room and we’ll begin the celebration.”

“Okey dokey Al. I’ll start bringing everything in.”

You grab the plates, stick them under your arm and grab the cake stand. Right after you set everything down on the table, the boys enter the living room from wherever they were.

“Wow, Y/N, that looks amazing!” Dick said with a whistle.

“Thanks Dick! It was an idea I got from a friend with a few tweaks. It’s Bruce’s favorite, my double chocolate cake recipe filled with chocolate cookies and cream buttercream, covered in a chocolate ganache and decorated with cookies and cream buttercream florets and Oreo Truffles.”

“In other words…heart attack and clogged arteries with a side of diabetic coma,” Tim said with a smirk.

“Yupp,” you replied, popping the p at the end.

“It’s a special occasion,” Bruce said. “So a little sugar won’t hurt. Thank you, Y/N” He walked over and gave you a side hug with a thank you kiss to the temple. “I’m sure it’s wonderful as always.”

“Well. I think we should cut into this sucker. I want cake.”

“Hold your horses, Jay,” you said with a huff. You reach down to pass out the plates and realize that something was missing.

“Darn it, I forgot the forks. I’ll be right back.”

You head into the kitchen and grab the stack along with some napkins.

As you head out the door something feels off in the air around you, and then you place it. You feel the batarang make waves through the air as it soars toward your head. Instantly the cutlery in your hands falls to the floor and your instincts take over before you can stop them. A wall of ice erupts from your hands extending out in front of you successfully trapping the batarang a few inches from your face as well as the boy that launched the projectile at you.  

After a second you recover from what happened. “Well. Shit,” you sigh and head toward Damian. You stop about a foot away from his body. You take a breath and place your hands on the wall. As you begin to focus you can feel the heat starting to radiate out from your hands. The giant ice wall melts into a puddle that spans the ballroom.

You blow the patio doors open with a small push of your hands, and then begin to heat up the room so the water would turn to steam. As the last bits of fog dissipate through the door, you sigh and bend down to pick up the forks from the floor. When you come back up, you’re met with six stunned faces.

Jason is the first one to snap out of the stupefied gaze. “What in the ever-living hell was that, Y/N?” You could tell that he was getting slightly angry because his voice went a squeaky towards the end of his sentence.

“Um…. if you will hear me out for like five minutes this would be explained a lot better downstairs,” you say a nervous smile plastered on you face.

Bruce is the first one to speak, for some reason you feel like he already knows the story you’re about to tell. “By all means, then, Y/N. Lead the way.”


Once you reach the Batcomputer, you turn to face the boys and are met with another glaring silence. Those should really stop happening.

The chair turns and you start pulling up everything about your past life.

“The Elementalist? I remember her,” Dick said as he leaned against the chair. “Pretty sure she’s my age and worked with The Flash for a good chunk of time. She declined the invitation to join the Titans and the League, and then kinda fell off the grid.”

You sigh. “I didn’t fall off the grid, I left. I couldn’t take the life anymore, Barry started to get reckless and I knew nothing good would come of it. I wanted to start over. I left my day job as a geologist at STAR Labs and my night job as The Elementalist. I packed up, moved to Gotham, and went to pastry school. I always loved baking as a kid, so I tried it out.”

You get up out of the chair to look all the boys in the eye.

“Six months after I graduated I met Jason, six months after that I opened the bakery, and six months after than I found out about all this when he came through my window bleeding out at 3 in the morning. You guys are like my family, along with everyone in Central City. Just because I chose not to tell you about this doesn’t mean I lied about anything else.”

No one could meet your eyes after you finished speaking.

“Well…I’ll take that as a not so great sign. I’ll just be going, then. You don’t have to worry about anything. The secret is safe with me. Bye, guys.”

You turn and head to the stairs. Your foot lands on the bottom step when you feel a pressure on your wrist. You turn and almost slam you face into Jason’s. His hands move to grasp your face.

“I’m not going to lie, this is pretty crazy. And I’m only slightly-no-so-angry that you didn’t say anything, but that doesn’t mean I want you to leave. You’re my girlfriend and I love you whether you’re a Meta or not.”

He gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Yeah, Y/N. You’re awesome and we don’t want you to leave either. You the next best computer person, besides me, of course,” Tim said with a chuckle. “I think its pretty cool that you can control all of the elements, it’s like Avatar, in real life!”

“I knew you were a cougar!” Dick said slapping you on the back as he walks up the stairs. “Let go eat some cake!”

The rest of the crew filed up the stairs, but Damian trailed behind. Jason gave you a look, and you motioned for him to head up the stairs.

After a few seconds the young boy spoke. “I apologize for acting odd to you today, Y/N. I just couldn’t shake a hunch that you were hiding something. I should have just asked instead of throwing projectiles.”

“You really should have, Dami. I would have had no problems telling you outright. But your apology is accepted. Let’s go eat some cake.”

“Very well,” he said as he began up the stairs. “I would like to request, if at all possible, that you not freeze me anymore. It was an uncomfortable experience.” 

You chuckle and rough up his hair as you pass by. “Only if you deserve it.”

Jason Voorhees/Reader — The roles have been reversed

This is for @coulsart it took forever and it’s really short and I hate it but it’s done. I’m probably going to go back and try and change it. I was struggling with first person pov and didn’t really know how to finish it.

In which the reader tries to woo Jason and he’s having not of it

I’d been waiting for, what felt like, an eternity. In reality it was probably only a couple minutes but patience isn’t a virtue most had when it came to wooing someone. Or in this case, something. Jason Voorhees, object of my affections, was less man than beast. Not that I minded, I’d been pursuing him for some time despite him showing little to no indications that he returned these feelings. Every scheme concocted to seduce Jason usually ended with me being severed in some way, sometimes a snapped neck or a stab wound. Lucky for me I was virtually immortal, able to regenerate the most severe wounds.

The latest scheme happened to be breaking into Jason’s little shack and showering it with rose petals while lounging on his small bed. I’d snuck in when he had left, probably to kill a few teenagers trespassing on his camp. I only stopped examining my nails when I heard the footsteps approaching, which was a feat in itself. For being such a large man Jason managed to move surprisingly quiet. I quickly brush my hair back, hoping it looked presentable, and rearranged myself in a relaxed position with, at least I hoped it was, a smolder. I held my breath in anticipation until the door swung open, light blocked from the wall I’d fallen for.

“Hey, babe, back from your walk?”

Jason stands there, frozen and quiet for a few seconds. My grin never falters and I wiggle my eyebrows enticingly. Jason turns and starts walking away at a brisk pace. Caught off guard, I call out, “Wait for me!”

I scramble to get up and trip in my hurry, falling on my face. By the time I get up and I’m out the door, Jason is several yards away, glancing over his shoulders. I smile and run to catch up. I pant when I finally reach him, still jogging to keep up with his long strides.

“Where ya going? Don’t you want to spend some time with me?” I bat my eyelashes, smiling up at him.

Jason looks down and takes a quick left turn away from me. My smile falls as I hurry after him. I reach up and lace my arm around his elbow, standing somewhat awkwardly due to his height.

“Isn’t this romantic?” I coo.

I’m abruptly shoved backward and I can hear the sching of metal slicing through the air and then the world is spinning. I yelp when my head strikes the ground and I squeeze my eyes in an attempt to gather myself before opening them again. It takes only a couple moments to realize I am now decapitated, body a few inches away and neck sore. Jason is nowhere to be found. With a sigh, I watch as my bodies arms reach up and feel around before smacking me and pulling me down to attach at the neck again. As I wait for my muscles and bones to reconnect I decide maybe this was too forward, and I should try a more subtle approach.

pinkdreamsandglitter  asked:

okay but the last jaytim thing you reblogged (I think its the last) with the "babe do the thing" at first I was like, Jason would be person B... but then. I thought about Jason being Person A, and showing off Tims muscles and I just

Oh my gosh yaaas!

Jason would totally love Tim’s muscles.

Because Tim may be the smolbird but he’s still ripped. He just has one of those body types that hides it well, which makes everyone underestimate him and ends up working to his advantage in fights.

It also works in his favor when he’s trying to woo Jason. After the first time Jason caught him in the cave working out shirtless and instantly became a stuttering mess, tripping over a set of weights in his haste to get away from Tim, Tim made a point to show off his muscles whenever Jay was around. Needless to say, it wasn’t long until Jason asked Tim on their first date.

Now that Jason is more comfortable with their relationship he’s always asking Tim to show off his stuff. Especially when they are in front of over people, because he wants EVERYONE to know how sexy his bf is.