jason wilborn


KEVIN: All these… crazy people in my family are in this insane free fall and completely incapable of being happy, and then I look at Saul who… who’s missed his life, entirely. And I realize how lucky I am, because I get to come home to someone who is kind, and caring, and who changes the light bulbs and… . Marry me.


KEVIN: I mean it. I, I don’t wanna wait. I don’t wanna—I want to make this official.

SCOTTY: Because I changed the light bulbs?

KEVIN: No, no, well yeah, kinda, because… Scotty, that’s who you are. I am completely, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate. Because you make me feel like I don’t have to be anyone other than who I am, and to me, that feels like family. And that’s what I want us to be. I want us to be a family, because that never ends. (He catches himself.) I’m doing this all wrong. (He gets down on his knees.) Scotty, I am asking you: Will you please marry me?

SCOTTY (holds KEVIN’s hands, and gets down on his knees, too): Yes. Yes, Kevin, I’ll marry you.

— Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jason Wilborn, “Moral Hazard” (#2.15), Brothers and Sisters