jason vo


“I, Nico di Angelo of the house of Hades, take you both, Will Solace, Jason Grace of the house of Olympus, as my husbands, and vow to stand by your sides until shadows come between us.” With his left hand, he grabbed the scepter and raised it, holding it horizontally, each end pointed at Will and Jason. “Vos semper amabo.”

vous remplissez mes sens (vos semper amabo)// pairing: jason/nico/will (solangelace)// prompt: gods, royals, rebels// warnings: n/a// for the rarepairproject // title is in french ‘cause i haven’t done my french homework yet// i just wanted to draw pretty suits guys

this is (as i am actually noticing now) glaringly different from the actual scene , but, if you choose to maybe ignore that, we can all blissfully pretend this is the wedding ceremony from @talysalankil‘s fic ‘until shadows come between us’.

in other words, i don’t know how scepters or helmets work, fantasy is not my strongest point and i sincerely hope the pretty colours distract you from the obvious faults in anatomy and perspective.

this shit killed me

(also, my computers’s finally working, yay)