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Where My Headwaters Run


This is Peak Lake. This is the Wind River Range. This is Wyoming. This is where it begins. It is the Green River, the main stem of the Colorado. This is where snow melt streams become the water course that carved the Grand Canyon. and so much of the landscape in between.

We all have our own headwaters. Things that carve us and make us what we are. For some it is family and a rooted sense of place. For some it is a wandering, restless pursuit. For some it is a spiritual journey that leads to another world. It is our job to understand this relationship. To seek out what it is that makes us. Some do it with books. Others with the internet and photographs. Some seek in churches. For me, it’s a map, a van, a notebook, and a guitar.

I fear that too many people don’t seek out their own headwaters. We forget to look for the source. The Source. We get lazy. We live Thoreau’s maligned lives of quiet desperation. We forget to listen to our own lives, dreams, and yearnings.

These are the things that inspire me to write songs. I have just finished a new album that describes the journey I have seen from the road, living as a nomad, and the people I’ve met and stories we’ve shared along the way. I am very inspired by people who are seeking out their own headwaters and a new version of the American dream. 

That is just my story. Now I want to hear yours.


“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” - C.S. Lewis

After a long break from my guitar and tumblr, here is what came of it. bearschapter made a wonderful post recently about not measuring your life against an edited one. While she was concise and brilliant and needs no expounding, I still ran with the idea for this little tune.


Don’t you measure yourself
Your own beauty or wealth
Against anybody else that you meet

We are all liars you know
Hiding our demons below
So careful what we display on our shelves

So come let me buy you a drink
Put your feet up darling tell me what you think
Don’t just say what you think I want to hear
Let truth tumble (heh) from your mouth, just be near… oh just be near

So don’t lie to me
And don’t hide from me
Look in the mirror
Until you like what you see

And while I have no idea if this is a good song or not, whether I’ll keep it or not, I thought it was worth sharing with ya. Oh yeah, and check out my sweet saltandsteel trucker cap!

Thanks Bear. Thanks Tumblr. Keep it real. Keep it honest. Be well.

I figure we’re all a little broken. Sometimes we just need to embrace that brokenness and maybe find someone who loves us in spite of, and maybe even because of, our imperfections and unlovable moments. Chances are, they’re broken too. 

Here’s a little sample of The Waltz from my upcoming album, Headwaters. Featuring cello, violin, bass, drums, and great duet vocals from Katy Taylor. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

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I was lucky to get to record my new album with an engineer who liked the music and cared enough to work through all my quirks to get a sound I wanted. 

He’s posted a few samples of his work, including a couple minutes of one of the songs from the upcoming album. Here’s a little bit of my tune “A Garden Grows”, a song inspired by small town friends trying to make it in the big city.

Visit Red Earth Recording Studios for more samples of Dave Tate’s awesome production work.

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