jason todd quote

Too much internet in Gotham

Red Hood: *chilling by the street*

Some teenagers: It’s him, it’s the Red Hood!

A: Go ask him.

B: What? No! You ask him!

A: No! You-

Red Hood, annoyed: Ask me WHAT?


Red Hood:

Red Hood: Is Nightwing an what?

B: An incubus, a kind of demon that live by having sex with human.

Red Hood: UGH

Red Hood: WHAT???

A: They said if you’re caught by Nightwing, he’ll ride you till you have nothing to cum.

B: And you’ll die.

Red Hood:

Red Hood: *inhales*

Red Hood: No, he’s not an incubus.

B: Is there any chance-

Red Hood: NO.

When Batman grounds you for all the shenanigans you pulled with your super best friend…

Damian: You can’t keep Jon and me apart! I’ll… I’ll disobey!

Bruce: I’m also Jason Todd’s father. Do you think you’ve got any tricks I haven’t seen?

Bruce: *leaves room*

Damian: *climbs out of a third story window, slides down a tree, and lands in a wheelbarrow being pushed by Bruce*

Bruce: Hn. Jason Todd: Age 14.

Bruce: *drags Damian back into the Manor by the scruff of his Robin uniform*

Jason: *comes out of a hidden door in the tree*

Jason: Jason Todd: Age 19. Mwahahahaha!