jason the genius

  • jason: hey you got what I asked for?
  • tim: yeah
  • tim: I also couldn't sleep last night so I designed these boots that mimic socks on hard floor, but on any surface
  • tim: *pulls out a second, larger pair* we can be twinsies
  • jason:
  • jason: you are a genius and I dislike you the least out of all you bats

Quantum Hand.

In 2002, two men savagely attacked Jason Padgett outside a karaoke bar, leaving him with a severe concussion and post-traumatic stress disorder. But the incident also turned Padgett into a mathematical genius who sees the world through the lens of Geometry. He developed the ability to visualize complex Mathematical objects and Physics concepts intuitively. The injury, while devastating, seems to have unlocked part of his brain that makes everything in his world appear to have a Mathematical structure.

This condition is called Synesthesia. He is currently being studied along with several other savants to try to discover how this condition works. This is how he saw his hand when asked to draw it.

Look at your hand and see how the cells form fractal patterns much like what he draws. The elegant beauty of the Universe that allows a Mind to see all Math as shapes.


We’re filming a new web series!!!

What is “No Boys Dorm”?

No Boys Dorm is the shoujo-inspired spiritual sequel to (My) Immortal : The Web Series!

Lara No is a scrappy young punk girl who leaves Toronto to escape a criminal past, but when an apartment fire destroys everything she owns, her brother Leon invites her to stay at his all-boys dorm at a mysterious academy in Toronto.

When the RA demands to know what she’s doing there, the handsome Elite student Takashi Tesumi covers for her, pretending to be her boyfriend.

Lara doesn’t know why Takashi covered for her – he doesn’t talk about himself and doesn’t hang with the other students: stylish and overdramatic Jason, computer genius Isaac, bubbly and adorable Moe, and quiet, bookish Leon.

But there’s a problem: Teela Tether, the richest and most powerful student at the Academy, is in love with Takashi–and she’s used to getting what she wants. Seeing some poor girl swoop in on her property makes her see red, and she vows to expose Lara No as a fake.

To that end she enlists the help of the Shadow Order, a group of unscrupulous students who carry out the wishes of the Academy Elite…

Together, Lara and her best friend Alba must stay one step ahead of their enemies, help their friends, and navigate the strange world of the Academy.

When will it start shooting?

We filmed the promo to apply for funding, and will also be doing a Kickstarter this month! The shoot for the first season will be 21 days, so the debut episode won’t be too far behind!

What about (My) Immortal? Will there be a season 3?

Season 3 is definitely not off the table! We’d love to do more (My) Immortal, but it isn’t feasible right now.

We loved and love working on it, but there’s only so much we can do right now with a fanseries, and we’re hoping to take our filmmaking to the next level, with proper funding, actors and crew who get paid, all that good stuff!

We’re hoping to make an original series with the same magic so we can submit to festivals and networks and take our dramedy to higher places!

When can I know more?

Over the next couple of days, we’ll post promo pics, and more info about the series! We just hope you guys like this preview!