jason the genius

Tim: *Talking to Jason* Have you ever noticed that our personalities are basically amplified versions of the parts that make up Bruce’s personality.

Me-The Workaholic Detective

You-The violent but naturally gifted one with walls up.

Damian-Intense and harsh, skilled and a genius.

Jason: What about Captain Sunshine?

Tim: Dick is what Bruce visualizes when he thinks of what he could of been if he dealt with his parents death better.

Jason: So, he adopted kids that if all combined into one room, they would basically power ranger themselves into one big Bruce?

Tim: *Nods*

Jason: That sicko.

  • jason: hey you got what I asked for?
  • tim: yeah
  • tim: I also couldn't sleep last night so I designed these boots that mimic socks on hard floor, but on any surface
  • tim: *pulls out a second, larger pair* we can be twinsies
  • jason:
  • jason: you are a genius and I dislike you the least out of all you bats
Imagine: Dick and Jason being friends with Team Flash and inviting them over for a Sunday dinner with Their family and thinking Batmom (Lola Wayne oc) is one of their girlfriends because she looks so young

A/n: First in the “Batmom/BatFamily” archives, my oc Lola Wayne is Batmom in this series Send in requests and enjoy! ———————————————————————– “So these are our friends from Central City,” Dick introduced as Alfred closed the door behind them. What Barry, Cisco and Caitlin saw was a beautiful lady who had to be at lease 23 years old, 5'2" and petite in body size walking their way with a big smile, wearing a floral mini dress. Her hair was jet black and wavy. Her eyes were noticeably light purple and shiny. “It is so nice to meet you finally,” she beamed. Barry smiled kindly at her. “It’s so nice to meet Dick’s girlfriend,” She paused, her face falling in confusion. “Girlfriend?” There was a bit of an awkward silence. Dick tried not to smile, Jason snorted loudly, and Alfred grinned a little humorously. “Genius,” Jason called out from behind. “That’s not his girlfriend,” That was then Lola realized the confusion. “Oh! No, no sweetie, I’m their mother,” All three froze in shock. “Wait, you’re their mother?” Cisco asked in disbelief. Lola nodded with a smile. “Yes, I am.” "You gotta tell me what aging cream you use,” "Cisco!” Caitlin scolded, nudging him. “What he means is…you look really young to be a mother to grown adults,” Lola giggled and waved her hand. “ it’s fine and thank you, I’m actually 32 years old,” "You look really young,” Barry said, still shocked. “She gets that a lot,” Dick said, throwing his arm around her shoulders.“ Now, how’s about we have the best pasta you will ever taste,”

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Harry Potter GIF Challenge

Harry Potter GIF Challenge

1. Open your Gif Folder!

2. Use every fourth Gif

3. No skipping!

When you discover you’re a witch/wizard:

When you get the letter from Hogwarts:

Say goodbye to family and friends:

First thing you do on the train:

Seeing Harry Potter for the first time:


When Harry invites you to join him, Hermione, and Ron:

When you enter the Great Hall:

When your name is called to be Sorted:

Your reaction to your greetings:

What you do most of the time:

When you have your first adventure:

What you do when you hear about the Basilisk:

When you see Hermione in the hospital wing:

Your reaction when someone asks you to the Yule Ball:

When you fight against the Death Eaters:

Your reaction to Voldemort:

When you see Sirius die:

Your reaction to Dumbledore’s death:

How you fight against the Death Eaters at Hogwarts:

Your reaction to Voldemort’s death:

What you do for the rest of your life:

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what kind of s/o do you think jason would have

This is so hard because I feel like Jason would benefit from multiple types of s/o’s, like:

1) The Badass:

I think Jason would love if his s/o was a complete badass because he’s one too. I think it would benefit him because he knows and trusts that you can completely defend yourself if needed (this doesn’t stop him from worrying though). It would also be good because his s/o would completely understand what he’s going through

2) The Sweetheart:

I think Jason would really benefit from having a s/o who’s gentle and extremely loving because 1)he’s always getting hurt and they would have go be the one to patch him up (or at least try) and 2) I love the man to bits but he would be a very needy boyfriend. The s/o would have to comfort him after nightmares/ look after him when he cries etc.

3) The Genius:

Jason would love this. Because personally I headcanon Jason as someone who would love to have long intellectual conversations at 4am with his s/o (and we all know how much he loves to read). This would be good to for when he’s in missions as she could help him through an ear piece :)

I also think that it’s highly possible he wolud end up with a partner who had elements of all three of these categories

However this is my personal opinion so this will vary depending on who you ask/ what version of Jason you’re talking about! If any of my followers have an idea on what kind of s/o Jason would have, please share it with us!

PJO & co at Hogwarts according to me

Fourth Year

  • They all show up at once, having agreed upon a time to meet at the station
  • Percy is finally almost as tall as Annabeth
  • So is Jason
  • Leo is still as short as Hazel and Nico
  • Frank’s still the cute smol kid that Leo definitely calls Russell all the time
  • Will is too tol and everyone is amazed because he’s the tallest of them all
  • Percy and Hazel have the floor, and Nico is laying across both of them at once, sleeping.
  • Will is hanging off the bench, Leo sitting on top of him. Frank is next to the window.
  • Annabeth uses Jason’s back as a table when she has a stroke of genius, Jason is braiding Piper’s hair
  • “No, Jason has never braided my hair for me” Thalia forcibly asserts later on
  • Suddenly the ten of them are actually forces to be reckoned with at school.
  • Annabeth cut back her study time by half and is still more than acing her classes, and she’s joined Leo in the Room of Requirement to develop new spells and work even harder on their own ways to merge technology and magic
  • Leo jumps from staircase to staircase shouting parkour, for no particular reason other than to stress out Frank and Grover
  • Jason makes the quidditch team as a Keeper
  • Piper kicks his ass in every game anyway
  • Annabeth’s constant mutterings about the magic technology barriers get a lot of people curious.
  • Soon, all the fourth years are scratching on the edges of their paper about the problem. Then, all of Ravenclaw. Then the entire school is whispering about it between classes. The seventh years are being stopped by first years in the halls, and no consideration goes undocumented. Everyone is breaking down the the anti-tech spells, working and reworking charms and spells to work through and around tech.
  • Then the breakthrough happens. Annabeth is going through her notes and scanning the papers shoved into her hands in the halls and it all clicks together.
  • She and Leo spend two weeks barely leaving the Room of Requirement, people filtering in and out as they focus magic on breaking the anti tech spells.
  • And then Leo won’t go anywhere without his shoulder dragon, Festus, who is the first thing he created
  • “Born of magic and technology,” he dramatised. “A creature unstoppable in either world.”
  • “Festus crashed into a wall yesterday and broke a wing.”
  • “Okay, yeah, maybe there are a few bugs.”
  • Nico is found sleeping everywhere. No, everywhere. However he’s getting around doesn’t matter, because he’s sleeping in your bed. In Percy’s bed, in next to the fireplace in the Hufflepuff common room, in the staircase leading to Headmaster D.’s office, on a bookshelf in Ravenclaw tower, floating in the lake, with Will’s sweater under Jason’s bed, in an odd nest of stolen objects in his own dorm. He never even questions it, just continues about his day after waking up again.
  • No one is really surprised when he starts spending all his time in the Hufflepuff common room, but it’s strange that Hazel is always joining him, whispering about something that makes him blush every time.
  • It’s always questions about the differences between Percy and Will, phrased in the italian she’s learned in the past four years from her brother. “Do you prefer the sea green or ocean blue? To have your only sunshine or to-”
  • “stop”
  • Frank brings back stuff from Hogsmeade for Grover because Grover always stays behind when they go out
  • Piper has a crush on Jaaaaaaason
  • “Leo stop singing that in the halls”
  • “Please, Jason’s class is two floors down.”
  • Nico, you still have to sit at Slytherin table at lunch- Nico- oh my god.
  • Nico isn’t even tired, he just doesn’t care about these things. He has more important things to care about.
  • “Wait, now you mean to tell me that Nico and Reyna are hanging out?”
  • “Percy, you are a ridiculous gossip.”
  • “But Annabeth, I have to know!”
  • Piper starts hanging in the Room with Annabeth and Leo, just asking about what the figured out
  • Suddenly Annabeth realizes that ‘oh shit we just made a huge breakthrough and didn’t tell anybody”
  • Leo thinks everyone already knows, because it was a school wide topic for a solid month
  • She tells Chiron anyway.
  • His long suffering sigh is evidence that yes, all the teachers knew.
  • “The ministry will want to know your processes and how you managed it. The papers are gonna be all over you, and it’s going to be miserable for a very long time.”
  • The school is miserable after that, with ministry officials constantly in and out as they ask about how they broke it, why they broke it
  • “Why we broke it? What do you mean we did we break it? I get spoilers in the mail every week- I need to stay up to date before I start getting howlers telling me who died on Game of Thrones.”
  • Percy agrees with the above statement.
  • Leo’s dragon bites any official who tries to get near it
  • Leo, Will, Percy, and Grover all watch The Walking Dead together. Grover is horrified by muggles weird obsession with zombies, but he can’t stop watching.
  • Most of the students learn a lot about muggles after this
  • Leo builds small robots for the right prices, and Nico delivers them to odd places around the school
  • And the school year winds down
  • Nico lays across the bench this time, his head in Will’s lap and his feet in Leo’s. Annabeth sprawls across Percy, Jason is sharing their floorspace. Hazel, Piper, and Frank are sharing food and coloring on the bench.

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so that’s not what this is. FUN. i’d really like to know what brought here. somewhere that only a handful know about.

jason wasn’t surprised that the court of owls could find his base. although being under a police headquarters was a stroke of genius, jason could be in another universe and they’d still be able to find him. his posture was relaxed, hiding the tension he felt. he was a good fighter. he knew that. but taking one more than one talon?? that would be a unique level of stupid.

want burgers?? i’m starving.


Running Playlist

So people have asked me my favorite running tunes! Here’s my current playlist that motivates me to run my fastest and match my pace :) 

* denotes personal current OBSESSIONS

If you have personal favorites or ones you’d like to share, comment below! 

1. Can’t Remember to Forget You-Shakira /Rihanna 

2. Hey Brother - Avicii 

3. Come with Me Now –KONGOS * 

4. The Walker —Fitz and the tantrums 

5. Le Disko- Shiny Toy guns 

6. Natural Disaster -Pentatonix (as a former a cappella singer, if you have not heard of Pentatonix I am a personal big fan!) 

7. Pumpin Blood- NONONO

8. Elastic Heart- Sia *

9. Just a Kiss- Lady Antebellum 

10. Night Train–Jason Aldean

11. It’s Time–Imagine Dragons 

12. Kill Your Heroes– AWOLNATION

13. Bleeding Out-Imagine Dragons * 

14. On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons 

15. Princess of China - Coldplay 

16. Breathing Underwater - Metric *

17. Trojans- Atlas Genius 

18. Safe and Sound -Capital Cities 

19. Pompeii-Bastille 

20. Dreaming- Smallpools 

21. Supersoaker- Kings of Leon 

22. Anything Could Happen REMIXED techno– Elie Goulding 

23. L.E.S. Artistes-Santigold 

24. I Didn’t mean it–The Belle Brigade *

25. Sister Rosetta -Noisettes 

26. You’ll Find a Way- Santigold

27. Everybody Loves Me- One Republic 

28. Morning Comes -Deltae Rae (I love the message of this one, it motivates me on hard runs!) 

29. She’s So High- Tal Bachman 

30. I Love It- Icona Pop 

31. Happy- Pharrell Williams 


We’re filming a new web series!!!

What is “No Boys Dorm”?

No Boys Dorm is the shoujo-inspired spiritual sequel to (My) Immortal : The Web Series!

Lara No is a scrappy young punk girl who leaves Toronto to escape a criminal past, but when an apartment fire destroys everything she owns, her brother Leon invites her to stay at his all-boys dorm at a mysterious academy in Toronto.

When the RA demands to know what she’s doing there, the handsome Elite student Takashi Tesumi covers for her, pretending to be her boyfriend.

Lara doesn’t know why Takashi covered for her – he doesn’t talk about himself and doesn’t hang with the other students: stylish and overdramatic Jason, computer genius Isaac, bubbly and adorable Moe, and quiet, bookish Leon.

But there’s a problem: Teela Tether, the richest and most powerful student at the Academy, is in love with Takashi–and she’s used to getting what she wants. Seeing some poor girl swoop in on her property makes her see red, and she vows to expose Lara No as a fake.

To that end she enlists the help of the Shadow Order, a group of unscrupulous students who carry out the wishes of the Academy Elite…

Together, Lara and her best friend Alba must stay one step ahead of their enemies, help their friends, and navigate the strange world of the Academy.

When will it start shooting?

We filmed the promo to apply for funding, and will also be doing a Kickstarter this month! The shoot for the first season will be 21 days, so the debut episode won’t be too far behind!

What about (My) Immortal? Will there be a season 3?

Season 3 is definitely not off the table! We’d love to do more (My) Immortal, but it isn’t feasible right now.

We loved and love working on it, but there’s only so much we can do right now with a fanseries, and we’re hoping to take our filmmaking to the next level, with proper funding, actors and crew who get paid, all that good stuff!

We’re hoping to make an original series with the same magic so we can submit to festivals and networks and take our dramedy to higher places!

When can I know more?

Over the next couple of days, we’ll post promo pics, and more info about the series! We just hope you guys like this preview!