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Watch the Cast of Joe Iconis’ “Bloodsong of Love” Rock Out


In the last couple of months before my mom died, this song became a sort of emotional pornography for me. I knew my mom was sick and likely not long force world (although I didn’t think she’s pass as soon as she did), and Joe Iconis just perfectly hits on what we hope our connection to our loved ones will feel like after they’re gone. (Will Finn also gets it right with “Anytime,” which has to be something of an antecedent to this one.) I would listen to this song when I was alone and sing-sob it, and it was cathartic and awful and useful and self-abusive and perfect.

I haven’t listened to either of those songs since my mom died, but today, for Mothers’ Day, it felt right to revisit “The Goodbye Song.”

It’s weird that a song my mother probably only heard once, when it was on Smash, is so tied up in my heart with my feelings about her, but so it is.

And although I’ll be out of sight, dear,
Know I’ll be right here
Forever ever ever ever…

When you look to the night skies
Don’t think of goodbyes,
Think how I’m right here
Ever ever ever…


“The Robot Song (Flesh & Bone)”

Sung by: Jason “SweetTooth” Williams

Written by: Joe Iconis

File under songs I wish were recorded on an album