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idk what everyone is up to this weekend but please please please, if you have time or the inclination or anything, please go see the movie Colossal with Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. It uses the whole godzilla-esque typical monster story as a very effective allegory/vehicle for a story about alcoholism, abusive and destructive relationships and control issues. I would put a tentative trigger warning on it for people who have been in abusive relationships because I found the portrayal to be somewhat confronting but ultimately the film is just? so good? it’s a bit odd and the acting is actually excellent and the storytelling and the message and the way it portrays the relationship is worth seeing 

I’ve Watched Colossal!

Okay so now if you’ve only watched the trailers for the film, then you might have the impression that Colossal is one of them run-of-the-mill monster-genre movie. But here’s the thing - it isn’t.

Colossal is one of those movies that really can’t be put into any specific genre. There’re elements from genres like monster, science fiction, thriller, fantasy, with just the right amount of comedy. The combination of elements from all sorts of movies helps Colossal deviate away from falling into the predictable, boring plots that most movies succumb to. The plot of this movie is, to put simply, unique. There is honestly no other movie like it. Colossal also touches on many real world issues such as entitlement and empowerment, but I shan’t delve into these to avoid spoiling the plot.

So I can’t reveal much, but there is much more than meets the eye. The plot develops at a rather slow pace, with a small sprinkling of subtle hints along the way that tie in well with the incidents that unfold towards the end of the movie. The movie keeps you guessing at just which direction it’ll choose to take, and I for one am rather pleased at how things turned out.

The movie primarily revolves around the characters portrayed by Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. While the former is arguably more famous, it was Sudeikis’ acting that really blew me away. He’d already long been one of my favorite actors and I’ve been following his work from back in his SNL days, so I know what types of characters he typically portrays. And it was this prior knowledge I have about his acting that made his work in Colossal even more stunning for me. Sudeikis’ effective and believable portrayal of such a complex character in Colossal sends out a clear message to all that his acting skills are not limited to comedic roles.

In a current movie selection dominated by big famous titles which all follow predictable plot lines, Colossal serves as an alternative for those wanting to watch something entirely different.

Colossal has established itself as one of my favorite movies of all time. Hats off to all involved in its making, and I highly recommend all to take the time out to give it a watch.

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Subvirtiendo usos amorosos

A propósito de Colossal (Nacho Vigalondo, 2016).

Los denodados esfuerzos del realizador y guionista Nacho Vigalondo por hacerse entender y apreciar a toda costa, así como una obsesión con la autopromoción que ha acabado condicionando el espíritu de la producción que nos ocupa —"oportuno" relato de empoderamiento femenino, en pleno auge de cierto feminismo surgido en redes sociales que ha pegado fuerte en el ámbito del director con una obsesión por el linchamiento de cualquier personalidad cultural reticente a comulgar con sus eslóganes disfrazados de ideario—, no debe en absoluto distraernos de los rotundos méritos que atesora su filmografía. El autor de Los cronocrímenes o de la infravaloradísima Open Windows (2014), su penúltima producción hasta la fecha, firma en esta ocasión una rara avis que transmuta, uso revulsivo del kaiju-eiga mediante, los usos sentimentales y arquetipos de la comedia romántica indie en sombría ficción fantástica en torno a la violencia machista.

Indagación en la agresividad que se agazapa en modos tanto narrativos como existenciales de apariencia inocua (hay un juego muy interesante con el rol de Jason Sudeikis, habituado a aparecer en pantalla como tontorrón encantador), Colossal sorprendentemente sortea su condición de ‘ficción de tendencias’ y ofrece uno de los discursos feministas más poderosos y convincentes, le pese a quien le pese, del cine visto esta temporada. Más allá de la ingeniosa idea de partida, no solo logra erigirse en una muy divertida e imprevisible deconstrucción de sí misma, sino que plantea una inteligente tesis sobre la sublimación del yo a partir de una conquista que tiene lugar en el territorio de las imágenes.

Ignacio Pablo Rico.