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Watching Percy and Jason fight makes new campers nervous about meeting the gods.

The boys are both referred to as ‘Mini {Insert parent here}’ but this is far from true. Both Percy and Jason are quite different from their parents, powers and personality wise. In fact they have gotten much stronger than when Hera had swapped their lives. Percy and the ability to completely liquify his entire body (though he can’t do this with armour on) and Jason can transform into pure air for a short period of time. Not only that, but Jason creates his own electricity without needing the sky, and Percy’s ability to make the earthquake and shift to his will improves drastically. Watching the two fight has given senior campers flashbacks to the Giant War. But they never have pushed their strength. Both are afraid of what can happen if they go too far.

Percy specifically. After his incident with Misery, he’s afraid of what he could be made into. Many children of Poseidon are monsters, in fact most of the ones from mythology are. Sure, there are some ‘good’ ones, like Pegasus and Theseus, but even they have have heavily grey areas in their history. He’s questioned his loyalty often, before finally deciding he’s loyal to Annabeth.

Jason on the other hand, is terrified that he would become his father. Cruel, unjust, manipulative, and overpowering. Ruling with an iron fist is much in his blood, but Jason is far too kind. He follows a code of chivalry, he refuses to hurt kids who have no experience. He believes a true king will actually listen to his kids and equals, and sees things from other people’s view.

Needless to say, the two boys are the best sons of their parents to be born in history.

Midnight Sky || C.B.

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Word Count: 1032

Pairing: Cheryl x reader

Summary: Being in a secret relationship with Cheryl is hard, but a cute date on your anniversary makes it worth it

Warnings: girl x girl kiss, Cheryl being a softie, fluff, one cuss word

Requested by @rainbow-salvatore : “Cheryl X fem reader. Fluff 5 xx

- Well, there certainly is one thing that’s more beautiful than these stars. -

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