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books meme: 1/7 friendships - the seven (heroes of olympus)

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

Rules for Alfred’s kitchen

- Master Bruce you are not allowed to cook under any circumstance.

- If I have not cleared you to use the kitchen please go straight to the take out menus in the left hand drawer.

- Science experiments are not to be done here. The Batcave is there for a reason. Please use it instead.

- I don’t want to find any of your weapons in here. If I do you will be on dish duty for a week per weapon.

- Jason may have full reign of the kitchen as I trust him to not blow it up

- Banned members from the kitchen now include Roy

- If you would like to learn to cook please just ask me. I promise it will be better then me finding my kitchen in a mess.

- If I catch you drinking straight out of any container you are on dish duty.

- Chemicals, especially those known to have poisons are not to come across the kitchen.

- If there is a food fight, I will check the cameras and all parties involved will be in trouble.

- I do not care if you are not a member of this household, I can still put you on dish duty for breaking my rules.

- Master Tim is now banned from the kitchen along with Master Dick.


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(Jason Momoa & others perform a traditional Haka dance for Mark Hunt)

80 Facts about Jason Todd that you need to know:

I decided to make this post because there are so many misinformation flying around in tumblr about Jason that needed to be corrected.

1) Pre-crisis Jason’s parents were Joseph Todd and Trina Todd, Post-crisis Jason’s parents were Wills Todd, Catherine Todd (step-mother) and Shelia Woods (biological mother) and N52 (and Arkhamverse) Jason’s parents were Wills Todd and Catherine Todd (biological mother this time). 
2) Jason was also legally adopted by Bruce Wayne (Pre-crisis, PC and N52) and Natalia Knight (Pre-crisis).
3) Joseph and Trina Todd (who worked in the circus and were called the flying Todds) were murdered by the Killer Croc and Jason saw their dead bodies lying at the lake which really traumatized him. 
4) Pre-crisis Jason was blonde, not red headed. And Jason in Post-crisis and N52 (and Arkhamverse) has a black hair.
5) Wills Todd was a petty criminal who got himself involved with two face which eventually what got him killed. 
7) N52 Wills had a big and poor family with many brothers and sisters, but Jason never got the chance to meet his uncles and aunts.
6) N52 Wills was alcoholic and abusive towards Jason and his mother. 
7) Post-crisis Jason (kind of) liked his father and was upset over his death while N52 Jason hated him. 
8) Catherine Todd was a drug addicted who dead due to overdose. 
9) N52 Catherine Todd (who was the daughter of a really rich family) met Wills a bad boy who used to hung out around her school and got pregnant with Jason. The two eventually got married before Jason was born (which wasn’t a happy marriage) and like PC Catherine, she become a drug addicted and died because of it.
10) Jason (PC and N52) really loved Catherine and was (and still is) deeply affected by her death. He also blamed himself for her death. 
11) Jason used to be the one who take care of his parents instead of the other way around and never got the chance to have a normal childhood. 
12) Arkhamverse Todds were really bad parents who tried to sell Jason (when he was just born!) to crime lord to buy off their debts, but the criminal wasn’t amused by this and beat up Wills. 
13) When he grow older (and before meeting Batman), Jason sold out his parents to the same crime lord in exchange of him staying out of his territory. 
14) Jason was a very smart student with bright future ahead of him (stop writing him as freaking stupid who fail at school in fanfics! Cause he was canonically an A’s student!). 
15) Jason really, really loves reading and learning. 
16) Jason read different kinds of books like science, politics, educational, languages…etc, but it’s noted that his favorite type of books is literature. 
17) Jason and Alfred used to have their own book club where they discuss and read Shakespeare.
18) Jason is fluent in many languages like Germany, Russian…etc and can read lips too. 
20) Jason is fast learner and has some good computer skills. 
21) Jason is very harsh against criminals who hurt children and Women. 
22) Jason has a short temper and some serious anger issues, but he can also be pretty chill at times. 
23) Jason is anti-hero which means he did some really good stuff and some really bad stuff which he wasn’t (isn’t) proud of.
24) Jason was the shortest Robin before he died and he’s currently the tallest one. 
25) PC Jason was younger than Dick by seven years and older than Tim by two. 
26) N52 and Rebirth Jason’s canon age is between 18-20 years old (yes, he’s actually underage).
27) PC Jason was Robin for three years. He met Batman when he was twelve and died when he was fifteen. 
28) N52 Jason was Robin for only one year like Dick and Tim (yeah, the n52 time line is seriously messed up and it’s better to ignore it). He met Batman when he was sixteen and died when he was seventeen. 
29) Jason smoked when he was a kid, but he never smoked when he returned. 
30) Jason and Dick were never close, not in Pre-crisis, PC nor N52 (because he was fighting with Batman at that time and also because he was jealous of Jason for being adopted by Bruce first while he was just a ward) which was something Dick deeply regretted after Jason died and made him try his best to there for Tim and Damian. 
31) N52 Jason has a childhood friend called Gabby who comforted him when he get upset and he protected her from bullies.
32) Jason used to respect and really admire (and kinda jealous of) Dick when he was Robin, but not anymore. 
33) The two used to have a rocky relationship when Jason returned as Red Hood in PC and at the beginning of N52, but they currently have a friendly relationship with each other and Dick sees him as a brother while Jason veryyyyyyyy deep down consider him a family. 
34) Jason was really admired by PC Tim. And N52 Tim decided to not call himself Robin and instead call himself Red Robin from the beginning to honor Jason’s memory. 
35) Jason love cars. 
36) Jason and Tim weren’t close at all in PC, but they are pretty close in N52 and Tim consider Jason the closest thing to a brother he ever had. They also worked together a lot. 
37) Jason and Damian are not close, but they have begrudged respect toward each other. 
38) In Batman and Robin convergence (which is canon to PC time line), Damian was pretty jealous of how friendly Batman acted with Jason and decided to randomly attack him to prove himself and Jason wasn’t amused.They eventually made up and Damian actually called him by his first name instead of Todd.
39) Jason and Damian worked together as Wingman and Flamebird in Batman Inc.
40) Jason, Dick, Tim and Damian are all legally Bruce’s children in PC (Cass was actually never legally adopted). In N52, only Jason and Damian are acknowledged as Bruce’s sons while Dick is considered to be the younger brother to Bruce and Tim as the protege (because his parents are alive and well). 
41) Alfred (in N52) told Jason that he is as much as a son to him as he’s to Bruce. 
42) Rena was Jason’s first girlfriend and he was pretty crazy about her. 
43) Jason used to have a crush on Donna and Barbara. 
44) Jason dated Rose Willson, Essence and Isabel. 
45) Jason and Kori were really close friends before she left the Outlaws. 
46) Jason and Kara (supergirl) kind of have a friendly relationship in N52. 
47) Jason has so many mothers and mother figures. Catherine, Trina, Sheila, Natalia, Talia (well, until she wasn’t…), Ducra, Kate and Renee.
48) Natalia was a villain in Batman Pre-crisis who took Jason from Bruce in nasty custody battle just to get close to him and actually win and became Jason’s adopted mother. She eventually started to see and love Jason as a son and even sacrificed her own life to save him. Jason was deeply affected by her death. 
49) Ducra was Jason’s teacher in N52 who Jason really respected and admired. She died at beginning of RHATO and her death also affected Jason a lot.
50) Jason is called “pup” by Ducra.
51) In alt-universe, Jason got adopted by Kate (batwomen) and Renee who both truly loved and cherished him. Jason died (of course…) later on in Kate’s arms which affected her and Renee a lot. 
52) Shelia Woods was Jason’s biological mother who abandoned him as infant and betrayed him as teenager to the joker. 
53) Despite what she did, the last thing Jason did before he died was protecting her. 
54) Sheila last words to Batman before she died was about Jason deserving more than her and how he truned out fine and become a hero without her involvement. 
55) Jason is considered to be the best and strongest fighter out of all Robins. 
56) Jason is the last and the chosen warrior of All Caste. 
57) Jason has magic swords that can only work on magic beings (but some writers forget about this condition or simply ignore it…). 
58) Jason is the Joker’s favorite Robin and not only because he killed him, but also because he really liked his attitude. 
59) Jason’s death considered by the joker as his greatest victory and his death anniversary was the only date joker actually bothered to remember. 
60) Jason’s face was burned by the joker who wasn’t happy that he returned to live. 
61) In Arkham Knight, the joker kidnapped and tortured Jason for a year and considers messing up with Jason’s mind to be the happiest moments in his life in a very long time. The joker also considers Jason as his, not Batman’s.  
62) Pre-crisis Jason and Bullock are buddies who solve crimes together sometimes.  
63) Jason has two proteges, Sasha (Scarlet) and Duela (Joker’s daughter). He succeeded with the former and failed with the later. 
64) The militia in Arkham knight really respect and loyal to Jason. 
65) Deathstroke was Jason’s right hand in AK. 
66) Slade and Jason meet again in N52 where they battled against each other and eventually teamed up and saved each other lives. 
67) Ra’s Al ghoul really hates Jason. 
68) Roy was (is?) Jason’s best friend and the person he trusted the most. 
69) Jason and Roy lived with each other for a while, had a joined bank account and even started their own business which was called Red-Arse (yeah, I know). 
70) Jason and Roy actually met each other back in the 80′s NTT and shared a really nice moment. 
70) Jason was NEVER an official member of the teen titans. He only helped them up when Donna asked for his help when he was a Robin. 
71) Jason was supposed to have a little sister in RHATO, but the plan was scratched after Lobdell left the book. 
72) Didio admitted in one of his interview that DC got so many demands for Jason to have his own series and it was the most requests they got for a series ever. 
73) Jason was part of a team called the challengers with Donna, Kyle and “Bob”. He liked Donna, hated Kyle and didn’t trust “Bob”. 
74) Neil’s admitted in one of his interview that the vote which decided Jason’s death wasn’t legit and it was just one person who made the different. 
75) Jason is semi-confirmed to exist in the DCEU. 
76) Bruce Timm confirmed that Tim in the Batman animated series was supposed to be Jason (which is why he was given Jason’s personality and origin) because he liked how different he was from Dick, but he couldn’t call him Jason because he was dead and Tim was the current Robin at that time. 
77) Jason was born in August, met Bruce in February, died in April and was revived in October.
78) Jason was Robin, Red Hood, Red Robin, Wingman, Arkham Knight, Batman and maybe Red X (he was also nightwing at some point, but we don’t talk about this…). 
79) Jason was brain damaged for a year when he was revived before Talia found him and shoved him in the pit which both healed and drove him mad at the same time. In N52, Rebirth and UtRH movie, it was the pit that brought him back. 
80) Jason currently is teaming up with Artemis (not the one from the YJ show) and Bizarro and they called DC’s Dark Trinity in the new Red Hood and the Outlaws series (which I strongly recommend).

Well, that’s it. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but there’s actually no facts related to Bruce and Jason’s relationship because there are so many and felt they deserved their own post which hopefully will be released tomorrow :)

Note: If you guys have any question related to this post, you are welcome to ask me in my blog and I will do my best to answer you.

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-Jason having a night terror and Tim being there when he lashes out and brushing his hair down and being like ‘Jay, it’s me. It’s just me.’ And Jason’s hand goes for his throat but his eyes snap open before he can squeeze down and he just looks heartbroken and starts babbling out apologies as he pushes himself away 

-But Tim grabs his hands and pulls him back and just grounds him like “Shhh, I know. That’s not you.” And Jason’s choking back tears because it used to be him, he hurt Tim. But Tim gets it, Tim understands how angry Jason was, how hurt, how fucked up the pit made him. And Jason’s so grateful and he mumbles apologies against Tim’s skin until he falls asleep on him 

-Tim being in the midst of a panic attack while they’re out on patrol because he saw something bad, a kid get shot, a body that looked like how he found his father. And Jason tugs him away from the scene and tells him to just breathe Timmy, breathe for me. Focus on me, remember that time we got chili dogs together and your preppy ass got mustard on your Calvin Klein button up?

-Jason and Tim sleeping together all cuddled up and sometimes Jason likes holding Tim tight and close but other times he loves it when Tim is the one holding him. Even if they look lowkey ridiculous (Jetpacking much?) 

-And don’t even get me started on all the late night conversations they had before even getting together. Jason shaking his head with a ‘You should hate me y’know.’ And Tim smirking and shrugging. ‘Bruce always did say he questioned my decision making skills’  And Jason laughs and flicks him behind the ear and they continue sitting on some abandoned building together until Bruce calls Tim back to the Cave.


❝The world might have just enough heroes, Jason. Maybe we can do with a few outlaws.❞

red hood and the outlaws #6 - dark trinity pt 6: darker days

BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 4

Warning: This is a bit darker than my previous parts.

Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

This is dedicated to: @ nerds-in-a-forest , @sophiehd77 @thelordoftacos , @lindy0301 , @yomynameis-nothingimportant ,

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5 Years ago:

With a sly smile on your lips you leaned down to look through the scope. Now all that you had to do was wait for your target to come into view. As you wait you breath in through your nose and out through a small opening in your mouth. You must be calm. Very calm if you want to make this shot. The man walks by the window and it is the perfect shot, but suddenly he is no longer there. You curse at the missed opportunity. Breath in and out.

Your target had been playing this game with you for the past hour and it was getting on your nerves. Although it wasn’t entirely his fault his daughter was in the room chasing him. “Stupid Father, stupid girl.” You whisper under your breath.

If they would just stop playing around you could get this shot and then be able to go home. You just need that kill shot. Breath in and out.

Then like the gods had heard her silent prayer the man came into the view of the window with the girl rapped around his neck. You hesitate. Your orders had been to kill this man not the girl as well. What should you do? The thought rattled around in your brain, but only for a second before you pulled the trigger. Breath in and out.


Present Day:

With all of your training it hadn’t taken you long to scale the building pull out your knife and press it against the vigilante’s back. It had been easy and all that training…

“No don’t think about them Y/n.” You thought.

Instead you whispered “Why are you following me?”

The Red Hood slowly stands up, turns around and looks at you. It is at that moment that you realize that he has two guns strapped to his sides. Mack had warned you that he used guns and why you thought he might be threatened by a punny knife was hilarious to you. Of course if it did come to a fight you could easily get hold of those guns or at least one of them. A gun… you haven’t held one in your hands for…

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[009] Hanyu, Y.

“I wasn’t conscious of just Shoma. I had to look at everyone who’s around me right now. TBH, who really, *really* shook me was Jason. His skill on the ice is so masterful he doesn’t even *need* to rely on a single quad to get to where he is. I have a couple of ‘em but really, how far did they actually get me? Not far enough in the way that truly matters, if you really think about it. I was forced to take a good long look at myself, and the revelation had me pouring all my emotions into my practices, especially that first day after my SP.”

- Yuzuru HANYU, post WTT 2017 interview

SOURCE: 00:00 to 00:43 of [this vid]

Robin’s Nest: Part 11

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1334

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

The question comes out of nowhere, but you’re not really surprised. You expected it to come eventually. “How did you meet Dad?”

          Your eyes meet Tim’s, before they slide to Bruce. He’s still pretending to read the paper, but you can see the smirk from where you’re sitting.

          Then, almost as if by magic, your other kids appear. You smile as they all plop down around you and Bruce and just stare. You’ve never told them this story. It had just never been the right time.

          “Ask your father.”

          Mouths drop open and Jason says, “You’re finally going to tell us?”

          You just smile and say, “It’s up to your dad.”

          Bruce lowers his paper as Damian snuggles into one of your sides, and Tim takes the other. Jason plops down on one side of your legs, while Dick takes the other.  Helena and Cass immediately snuggle up next to Bruce, Daddy’s girls to the core the both of them. Your husband just smiles, “Well, since the entire family is all here …”  

          “Not quite.” You say as Alfred comes into the room, Terry in his arms. He passes the baby to you as Dick and Jason go to sit next to the old butler. Bruce looks a bit surprised, but Alfred just smiles and says, “This is perhaps my favorite story of all time. I’m certainly not going to miss it.”

          Bruce simply sets his paper to the side and starts in on the story. “We were ten, and we went to school together. Your mother was a scholarship student; she was living with her grandmother. Alfred had forced me back to school after two years of homeschooling. He was worried about my socialization skills.”

          Jason scoffs, “I can’t imagine why.”

          Bruce ignores him and continues, “At that point the importance of contacts had been fully stressed to our peers.”

          You smile, “They were trying to get in good with the Wayne heir.”

          Bruce nods, “Everyone but your mother. Her nose was always in a book. It was always a new book too. And she usually had several more in her bag. But I noticed her because she never once approached me. Despite being in a position where contacts would come in handy. She just kept to herself.”

          “Scholarship students weren’t exactly welcomed.”

          Bruce nods, “We got paired for a project one day, and instead of doing it here, she insisted we do it at her apartment. This was strange as well, because everyone wanted to come to the manor. It gave their parents a chance to pick them up, and try and put their faces in my mind. Your grandmother, however, invited me to this tiny little apartment. It was decorated with bright colors, and the smell of baked goods was always in the air. I smiled there, and that was the amazing thing. I smiled freely, I hadn’t done that since my parents died.

          “I found out that we had a lot in common, and I was sad when the project was over. I was immediately absorbed by my peers again. Your mother went back to reading.”

          You shrug, “I liked my books, and I didn’t exactly fit in with his crowd.”

          Bruce just scoffs, “They weren’t my crowd.”

          “They certainly thought they were,” you tease. The boys are laughing by this point. Bruce had never been one for socialization, especially now that he had a family. As far he was concerned, you guys were all he needed.

          “All right, on with the story.” Tim says with a smile as the laughter dies down.

          Bruce clears his throat, “About two weeks after the project ended I stumbled across some kids talking about my parents… and me. Not nice things either. I knew that most of it had been fake, I’d figured that out when my parents were still alive. But it still hurt. Anyways, one of them said something about your mother. They called her a love sick puppy before they started talking about how she wasn’t worthy, and something in me snapped. I couldn’t protect my parents, but I could protect her.”

          You smile at that before saying: “Of course, he was a scrawny, outnumbered ten-year-old boy at the time, without any skills for fighting.”

          Bruce just smiles, “You mother saved my butt. She threw some rocks, and nailed the boys, she hit another one with a book, the Odyssey I believe.”

          The boys all turn to look at you, and you just smile and say, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

          “So I’m covered in bruises, and we still have three periods left, and your mother decides to drag me home instead of to the nurse’s office. We took the bus all the way across town. My clothes were torn, I had a black eye, and split lip. We get to her apartment, her grandmother takes one look at me and breaks open the first aid kit. She never asked what happened, and she didn’t send us back to school.”

          You smile at the memory. “My grandmother was unusually perceptive. She had been a nurse during World War Two. She always knew what a person was about to do before they did it.”

          “She was the first one to teach me how to observe. To notice the little details a lot of people let slip by.”

          A moment of silence passes while you and Bruce get lost in the memory of the woman. Damian shifting brings you back and you clear your throat before looking at Bruce, “She always said you would do great things. Said you’d be the one to save Gotham.”

          Bruce just smiles, “Strange, she said you’d be the one to save me. She said you’d keep me from getting lost. She said that you’d save me. I miss her, wish she could have seen all of you.”

          You laugh, “She never would have believed it, and she would have killed the both of us for graduating early and going off to travel the world.”

          Bruce nods, “That woman scared the dickens out me at times.”

          Alfred just laughs, “The two of you were mischief makers. Thick as thieves from that moment on. They had every class together, and were constantly competing for the top spot!”

          “So you left after Gran died?” Helena asks.

          Bruce gives her a one armed hug, “Almost immediately after it happened. Your mother got herself emancipated, and then we left. We both needed a change. It was while we were gone that the idea of Batman was born.”

          “You got married overseas? Right?” Dick asks

          You nod, “In Tibet. I wore a pair of three-year-old jeans, that were falling apart, and this blue shirt. It was right after your father had finished his major training. We were nineteen. We came home after that. Alfred thought we were crazy.”

          Alfred just scoffs, “I still think you’re crazy.”

          You smirk, “You got your grandkids, be happy.”

          Alfred smiles, “You, Mrs. Wayne, made an honest man out of my boy. You helped him overcome. You gave him a wonderful set of children. I honestly believe you made all the difference.”

          Bruce smiles before leaning over and grabbing your hand, “I do too.”

          You can feel yourself on the verge of tears, when you sniff them back and turn to the girls, “I still have that shirt if either one of you would like to wear it on your wedding day.”

          There’s a round of laughter, before you hear the entrance to the cave open. Bruce, Dick, and Jason are on their feet in a matter of seconds before Clark appears. The look on his face tells you that something has happened. “Bruce, we have a problem.”

          Bruce raises an eyebrow and asks, “What sort of problem?”

          Then a voice that you’d know anywhere say, “Us.” And several different versions of your husband and children step into the light. From the corner of your eye you watch as Cass signs, “This is not good.”