jason sharp

“Jason had learned long ago that the best way to control a crowd of bullies was to pick the meanest, biggest kid and force him into submission. Then the others would fall in line.” – chapt. XXV, blood of olympus

this boy is literally everyone’s protective big brother…

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I am so hurt

Stars Name Meanings
  • I did name meanings for the Pens' roster the other day, so I thought I'd do it for my other favorite team, too! The names are in the order they are on the current roster on the Stars' site.
  • Benn, Jamie: diminutive of James, derived from Jacob, "holder of the heel, supplanter"
  • Cracknell, Adam: "man"
  • Eakin, Cody: from Ó Cuidighthigh, "descendant of Cuidighteach"
  • Eaves, Patrick: "nobleman"
  • Faksa, Radek: "happy, willing"
  • Hemsky, Ales: diminutive of Alexej, variant of Alexis, "helper" or "defender;" or, diminutive of Aleksander, variant of Alexander, "defending men"
  • Hudler, Jiri: Czech form of George, "farmer"
  • Janmark, Mattias: derived from Matthew, "gift of god"
  • Korpikoski, Lauri: Finnish form of Laurence, "from Laurentum" [Laurentum was a city in ancient Italy]
  • McKenzie, Curtis: "courteous"
  • Ritchie, Brett: "a Breton" [a Breton is an inhabitant of Brittany, a region in France]
  • Roussel, Antoine: derived from Anthony, of unknown Etruscan origin
  • Seguin, Tyler: "tiler of roofs"
  • Sharp, Patrick: "nobleman"
  • Shore, Devin: Anglicized form of Ó Damháin, "descendant of Damhán;" Anglicized form of Ó Dubháin, "descendant of Dubhán;" or, "divine"
  • Spezza, Jason: "to heal"
  • Benn, Jordie: diminutive of Jordan, "descend" or "flow down"
  • Hamhuis, Dan: short form of Daniel, "god is my judge"
  • Honka, Julius: "downy-bearded"
  • Johns, Stephen: "crown"
  • Klingberg, John: "god is gracious"
  • Lindell, Esa: Finnish form of Isaiah, "god is salvation"
  • Nemeth, Patrik: variant of Patrick, "nobleman"
  • Oduya, Johnny: diminutive of John, "god is gracious"
  • Oleksiak, Jamie: diminutive of James, derived from Jacob, "holder of the heel, supplanter"
  • Lehtonen, Kari: derived from Marcario, "blessed, happy"
  • Niemi, Antti: Finnish form of Andrew, "manly, masculine"