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The post claimed that the reaction to Poseygate has nothing to do with racism, because side characters on other hit shows (all of the ones they listed have white main characters, btw, so its already an irrelevant arguement) have overshadowed the main characters, not just on Teen Wolf. 

Let me asplain you a thing about those other shows and those other fandoms, and you decide WHY they don’t get backlash and hurt feelings from THOSE shows cast members.

 Andy Lincoln (Walking Dead) has NOT been asked at every fucking convention and interview how he feels about Daryl and Shane hooking up and fucking. Because really, why would you ask RICK how he feels about something that A) isn’t even a part of the show, and B) isn’t about his character even remotely? Some people DID ship Rick and Shane, or even Daryl and Merle. But I bet nobody harasses the fuck out of Andrew about how he feels about it, non-stop, rather than asking whats happening with his OWN fucking character and plot lines.

NO ONE, when interviewing Jason Segal (HIMYM) asks if he thinks Barney and Ted will hook up and have sex. And they certainly don’t ask him that at every interview and every convention  HIMYM attends. Why dont they ask him that? Because it has NOTHING to do with HIS fucking character, HIS plot lines or HIS acting or HIS life.

I’ve been to 3 Supernatural Conventions. Wincest and Destiel are HUGE. Some of their fans suck, some don’t. But at all 3 conventions I’ve never seen anyone stand up and ask anyone OTHER than Jared and Jensen about Wincest.(Eventually because SOME fans could not stop asking about it, after we were asked to stop they banned people from asking about it at all for a few YEARS) I’ve never seen con-goers ask anyone OTHER than Misha and Jensen about Destiel. I’ve never seen the actor who plays Bobby, Jim Beaver, plagued by questions about either of those ships. No. People actually ask him about BOBBY. About the show, about HIM. 

When I got to sit with Jake Abel, I didn’t ask him about Wincest. I asked him about the fact that on a gag reel he is dry humping Jared. When I got to meet Jim Beaver, I asked him about his daughter, and the many shows he’s written for, and whether he has fun playing Bobby. I had a nice time with Alona Tal, even though I hate Jo, and we spoke about her love of singing, her work on Veronica Mars, how she felt about the way Jo way written, how they MADE her play Jo younger and more spoiled than she wanted. I got her opinions on HER body of work. I didn’t ask her if she sails my Wincest Ship. I didn’t ask ANY OF THEM. My friend who got to go to dinner with Jim Beaver spent the time talking about all their past crappy jobs and his time in the military. Even though she ships the fuck out of Destiel, she sure as hell didn’t ask Jims feelings about it.

This is what I’m taking about. NORMAL fans (or even Stans, because I’m probably a Stan if I pay to go to cons) ask actors about themselvestheir show, their body of work, their lives The key word there? THEIR. Slightly rude fans ask about what its like to work with their fave actor. Outrageously rude fans ask them about shit that has ZERO to do with them. 

At HP conventions, there are a LOT of slash shippers. Many people shipped Harry and Draco. I kind of shipped Harry and Ron. I have never EVER seen an interview or con footage of Emma Watson or Maggie Smith or Rupert Grint being barraged about how they felt about Drary, or Sirius and Lupin. I never saw anyone ask Daniel how he felt about James and Lupin fucking. Because what the fuck does that have to do with Daniel Radcliffe or Harry? There is a level of RESPECT and some basic human understanding that these REAL people are not part of your fan fic universeThey are REAL humans who work for a living and want to be acknowledged for their own contributions to their show or movie, not plagued by slash shippers. Its not about ego. Its about how very bizarre it is to plague someone with questions about things that have nothing to do with them, their lives or their work.

Do you know WHY no one asks them about these made up relationships that have NOTHING to do with the real show OR their characters? Because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Because OTHER slash shippers rarely seem to have this obsessive need to force EVERY FUCKING PERSON on the planet to accept their ship, talk about their ship, and sing their ships praises and glory.

For fucks sake THIS is why people hate on Sterek. Not because of the ship itself but because of the outrageous entitlement Sterek shippers seem to feel and force on everyone. Its just fucking RUDE to ask about fan fic stuff rather than the actual show or actor. 

It would be like if I asked you about your best friends sex life EVERY fucking time I see you. But I never ask how YOU are, what you’ve been up to, hows school, your job, your new dog. Nope. I just only ask about your sister and her sex life. How weird would that be? You wouldn’t do it, and if you did you would be considered creepy. Maybe you would start feeling kind of uncomfortable. Maybe you’d finally deck me, because at some point, I’d deserve it.

I have never EVER seen the level of rudeness that is aimed at Posey and the disrespect that gets dumped on every cast member who ISNT O'Brien or Hoechlin. When SN fans were told to stop asking about Wincest at cons because it made the two MAIN actors uncomfortable I didn’t see a single post or meta hating on the actors. You know what we did? We fucking stopped pestering them about it and respected their wishes. (well, most of us. There are assholes in every fandom) Thats why we get to have a million conventions for SN, and we get to have dinner and parties with the actors and meet and greets and so on. Because we manage to show fucking respect to the ENTIRE cast. Not JUST our faves. Its why Alona can come to cons, even though lots of people hated her character. Because WE treat HER respectfully and kindly.

Now, you can ask yourself this. Why don’t people plague Emma Watson and Jim Beaver and Andy Lincoln and Jason Segal about the slash ships attached to their shows (that doesnt involve them)? Why don’t people treat them rudely and trash their work and HOUND them about a slash ship (that doesn’t involve them)? Is it because their fandoms arent entitled assholes?

Or is it because ALL of them are white, and get an automatic level of respect that Sterek shippers can NOT seem to afford the Latino lead of Teen Wolf?

Because I guarantee its one or the other, God dammit.

Also, I’m not going to read replies to this, because honestly, no one hating on Posey for admitting he’s not even remotely on board the SS Sterek is simply not worth my time or energy. I cannot stand the level of rudeness and obtuseness and entitlement in this fucking fandom.