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So since Power Rangers is apparently going to be a six-movie storyline:

1) The origin story

2) Rangers vs. Tommy Oliver 

3) End of first trilogy: Rita Repulsa is defeated for good. Jason, Zack, and Trini leave and in their place, we get Rocky, Adam, and Aisha

4) Tommy returns as the White Ranger, and Lord Zedd takes over as the Big Bad. Also, Kat Hillard arrives and the start of the Kimberly-Tommy-Kat love triangle. 

5) Alien Rangers

6) End of second trilogy: Lord Zedd is defeated. Mighty Morphin era comes to an end, start of the Zeo era 

  • Tommy: From now on we'll be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One. Kimberly is Been There Done That; Kat is Currently Doing That. Aisha is It Happened Once In A Dream, Jason codename If I Had To Pick A Dude. Billy is... Eagle Two.
  • Billy: Oh thank god.
I guess..my dream cast for Shadowhunters

Jace Herondale: 

Jamie Campbell Bower (despite what people think he’s still the best ever in my opinion. 

Daniel Sharman: I think he would be a good fit also. He can totally just dye his hair although I don’t know how he would look as a blonde..

And finally Austin Butler. He could totally pull off Jace’s personality. 

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–List Your Top 10 Favourite TV Shows and Your Favourite Character from Each–

1. Pretty Little Liars - Jason
2. Finding Carter - Max
3. Teen Wolf - Scott
4. Sense8 - Riley
5. Skins - Naomi
6. Orange is the New Black - Red
7. American Horror Story - Tate
8. 90210 - Liam
9. Faking It - Liam
10. Awkward - Matty

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