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I am torn between the love of my favourite characters getting happy endings and the love of seeing said favourite characters broken and crying on the floor


I love this.


                                  HARRY POTTER FANCAST ( 1/?? )
                                                   ↳ The Founders

Idris Elba as Godric Gryffindor
Katie McGrath as Rowena Ravenclaw
Sarah Gadon as Helga Hufflepuff
Jason Isaacs as Salazar Slytherin


Alien Workshop - The Cinematographer Project (2012) TWS


got 2 post drafts on hold that have been waiting for this to be posted again

Jasper Hogwarts Kiss version 2

Part 1 is here

Piper trudges her way down the hall, mindlessly following after a few of her housemates as they make their way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. Somehow Piper can rattle off charms, hexes, and jinxes as if they’re her own name. She can even construct new ones and get every piece of fruit in the Great Hall to sing renditions of whatever song she wants in an octave higher than normal, but she can’t tell you a thing about a gargoyle or an imp. It also doesn’t help that this is her last class of the day and she’s so very close to being able to go back to her bunk and sleep, or maybe hunt down the Stoll brothers and get them back for turning her hair pink. Either way she’s ready for this to be over with so she can spend her time doing something she enjoys.

She’s staring lines in the stone floor when a hand grabs the back of her robes and yanks her to the side. Piper collides with something solid, warm, and smelling of fresh rain. It’s a smell she’s all too familiar with since it belongs to the tall, blonde, prefict that makes her life such sweet misery. She lifts her head to meet a pair of electric blue eyes that work better on her than any stunning spell could. Her first instinct is to try and figure out what he’s busted her for this time, maybe it was the charm the other day that turned all the oatmeal rubbery. Her second instinct is to do whatever it takes to stay this close to him.

“Piper I- I need your help with something,” Jason whispers breathily.

For a second her heart seemingly forgets how to do its job and her stomach fills with sand. Jason has pulled her into a nook in a corridor behind a suit of armor and is asking for her help, she’s had more than one dream that’s started this way and ended very well.

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