jason rathbone

Adventures in Odyssey Characters as Things John Whittaker has Said
  • Whit: I’m John Avery Whittaker, but my friends call me Whit.
  • Connie: Sorry I'm late.
  • Jason: Then you leave me no choice but to exercise my right as a citizen and pursue this case until justice is done!
  • Tom: And it's run by a grandfatherly inventor and kids come in and they have all kinds of adventures together.
  • Eugene: A small Eurasian rodent known as a hamster!
  • Bernard: I like my pants. They're comfortable. Is there something wrong with them?
  • Katrina: Everybody should have a library card.
  • Jared: There is nothing wrong with my advice
  • Bart: I'll say they are. He was 15 cents short.
  • Mandy: That seems awfully strong for someone you just met, Liz
  • Jack: You looked like you needed help, Dr. Blackgaard.