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I Need to Follow More Musical Blogs

So please reblog this so I can follow you if you post any of these:
• Spring Awakening (this one especially)
•Bare: A Pop Opera (this too)
•In the Heights
•Next to Normal
Or really any musical

maykylobewithyou  asked:

um so can I have some fluffy jason headcannons of waking up with him in the morning? Thanks

-he’s a really light sleeper so he wakes up before you most of the time

-but he let’s you sleep anyways because you’re cuddling him

-he’s such a cuddlier 

•It’s almost a sense of security, like he knows you’re safe because he’s touching you.

-he’s also playing with your hair until you wake up too

-there’s going to be a gun on nightstand

-and there’s also at least two shoved under the bed.

-his Red Hood costume is all over the floor.

•But it’s okay because he’s at home safe and your in his arms

-his morning voice is really cute because it’s just so gentle sounding and it almost lulls you back to sleep