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  • Do I Follow Them?: Sure do.
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: Because I’m a creepy stalker.
  • Do We Role Play?: Yep
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: YES
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: Sean & Dante as circus performers in the 1920′s.
  • A Song For Our Muses: A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: I’m getting there.
  • What I Think About The Mun: Just a big pile of awesomeness and rainbows.
  • Overall Opinion: I love Ronan. He might be my favorite dick. 
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Favorite song(s), favorite book(s), and favorite kind of cake?

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Favorite songs are “A Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz, “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree, and “Your Disguise” by James Greenspun!

My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and anything by Neil Gaiman!!

CAKE AAA!!  I love cake so much, but omg I am a sucker for tres leches and ube (its a delicious Filipino cake mmmm <3).  :3a

In prison with you (Part 4)

Title: In prison with you (Part 4)

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word count: 673

Theme song: Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess

(Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3).


Sorry for making you wait so long and for such a short part! Hope you still remember this series and there are someone who will be waiting for another part.

Hugzzz and kisses! xx

That was really sudden. Even for Kai. He was surprised about his openness. He said what wanted his heart and now his mind said to him that it was really stupid and way too fast to ask for.
“Sorry. I didn’t… I don’t understand what I am talking…” He started to explain himself but you interrupted him.
“Yes,” Was the only word that escaped from your a little bit parted lips. It was new to you too. You felt like hypnotized. Every part of your body wanted him to be as close as possible.
You had a boyfriend when you were alive but you didn’t feel him the feeling that you did for Kai. Even when you met him barely one day ago. It felt magical.
A little smile popped on his face. He looked at you like you were the only thing that matters in this world. The only one who could make him happy.
Kai gently cupped your face still not letting go of your eyes.
You shivered under his soft touch and closed your eyes.
Kai smiled to himself while looking at your beautiful face and slowly leaned closer to you.
His lips gently pressed into yours.
This feeling that you felt was sensational. You drowned in it just like a sinking ship into the deepest see. This beautiful feeling that you felt when his lips slowly and tenderly moved with yours consumed you and made you feel like never before.
You slowly brushed his hair with your fingertips and tried to be as close to him as you could. When his lips left yours, you still sanded with eyes closed.
“This was much better than I expected.” Kai muttered more to himself than to you. He gently stroke your cheek and watched how you reacted. As you slowly opened your big Y/E/C eyes, his smile widened. You were trying to understand what just happened. This felt weird but in a good way. In a damn awesome way. All your body was still tingling and your heart was about to jump out of your chest. Your breathing was deep but at the moments hitching. When your eyes opened they met Kai’s gaze.
“What?” Your voice was a bit shaky from all the new feelings that you felt at the moment.
“Just thinking how you can be so perfect.” He told you while smiling.
“I am far from perfect.” You whispered as you blushed and narrowed your head.
“You are to me.”

It felt nice. To lie besides sleeping Kai felt nice. You snuggled closer to him and closed your eyes. You really liked his warmth. It was cold outside but here with him – you felt warm. You were still afraid of these old vampires but felt much safer with Kai beside you. You still wanted to know more about him but you understood that you have to give him some time. Especially after what he had said earlier. He was a bad person. But now he isn’t. And you really believed him. You saw the good in his eyes and you thought that you can trust him. But you understood that he was afraid that if he would tell you what he has done in the past that you would turn him your back. Deep in your heart you were afraid of that too. And deep there you were a bit afraid of him too. He was really powerful in your eyes. And you always had this trusting others problem. You took a deep breath and opened your eyes. When you looked at his sleeping face butterflies started to flutter in your stomach.
“What is this feeling?” You whispered to yourself while smiling and still looking at his beautiful face features. You shrugged and laughed silently. You thought that things are going to be better now when you finally are not alone. Then you close your eyes and finally let yourself fell into the realm of dreams. What you didn’t know was that the hell was about to break loose.