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Little reminder:

According to Morrison’s characterization Jason Todd was subjected to some form of child abuse(heavily implied sexual abuse) and Bruce, who knew about it, made him robin instead of getting him professional help, showing yet again that Bruce is a abusive piece of shit. But somehow the entire fandom likes to forget about this hmmm I wonder.

Honest to god, if you fucks keep insisting on Talia being a rapist I will manifest in your house and murder you slowly with a plastic spork.

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anonymous asked:

Haya what do you think about talia's character in the new TT#2 acting all mothery to Dami and remembering his B-day unlike Bruce being a douche who forget his son's Bday

She might have been only in a few panels but honestly aside from coming of as a little begging I actually really liked what I saw and contrary to popular belief, Talia isn’t a bad mother nor is it in character for her to be one, the reasons behind her doing all of these extremely horrible things including killing Damian and raping Jason & Bruce was simply the fault of unprofessional writers (mostly Grant Morrison) and any knowledgable Talia experts would tell you the same, so yeah I really liked her in TT although I don’t like how it was Bruce who got the short stick this time when it come to being portraying as a parent. Honestly I just don’t understand why there should be a bad parent & good parent thing going on both Talia and Bruce have issues but in the end of the day they both love Damian and that is how they both should to be portrayed.

Also, I think she can rock the Al-Ghul cape better than Ra’s himself:

‘Aquaman’ Release Date Pushed Back to Christmas 2018
“Aquaman” won’t surface until Christmas of 2018, Warner Bros. said on Thursday. The comic book adaptation is swimming from an Oct. 5 release date to Dec. 21 of that year.
By Brent Lang

*slams fists on desk*

If red-headed Jason is canon, SO IS NOCTURNA!

Just kidding, I reject Grant Morrison and all his vile works.  But I wish Nocturna was still canon.  She’s one of my all-time fave Jason Todd Mom-figures.  (She tried real hard to adopt him!  They liked each other immensely!)