jason mighty

  • tumblr: the lack of diversity in blockbuster movies infuriates me!!!!!!
  • me: hey man there is this movie called Power Rangers that you let fail at the box office whose protagonists are well written people of color and the blue and yellow rangers are also canonically autistic and lgbt respectively
  • tumblr: anyway, marvel is so white
Let’ Make Some More Noise!!

What we need to do right now is to make them know what we want. Go to twitter and use the hashtag #SaveThePowerRangers, tweet it to important accounts and sites you know. We want a sequel. The 27th is the date to boost it, but you can tweet whenever you want to. Start tweeting now! 










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(Please give some love to greenrangerhell for the amazing graphic!!)

Click HERE for the updated info regarding the upcoming DVD release.

GUYS WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! Vote for them on the website or if you are not in the area (like me) vote on Twitter by putting the hashtag you see beneath their names, their @ and #teenchoice !!! Guys if we all do this we can make them win!!! Vote Becky AND Nay for choice sci fi actress (let’s hope one of them will win), Dacre for choice sci fi actor and DONT FORGET to vote for the movie itself for Choice sci fi movie!!!!!! COME ON GUYS!!! Think about if these win, it will give a better chance for a sequel!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛