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What is your face claim for the httyd gang?

Hey, thank you very much for the ask♥ 

Hiccup: Andrew Garfield (bc hes bae and cutie)

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ahem this gif is hiccstrid ahem

Astrid: Cariba Heine (ok its mostly bc I was h2o trash and I loved her character but look at her)

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Snotlout: Adam DeVine (I mean boy even the characters he plays behave like snot would irl)

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Ruffnut: Taylor Momsen (mostly bc Tay is my queen and the hair™, also I think ruff would wear a shitton of black eye shadow/ eye liner irl)

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Tuffnut: Jason Mewes (jay and silent bob and pls look at this and tell me its not tuff)

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Fishlegs: Jonah Hill (yea he isnt blond but his face reminds me of him also this famous reaction gif is totally him reacting to meatlug tho)

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Imma add Dagur and Heather too, theyre my babies♥

Dagur: Michael Fassbender (boy just bc of Macbeth ok look at dis, even the blue stripes are there)

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Heather: Katie McGrath (mostly cause of bbc Merlin, she slays and omg just look she fits so much)

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