jason mans

Me: isn’t it crazy how Cordelia and Charlotte recognized Whizzer when he took of his sunglasses at the baseball game? Though no one could really see, the lesbians look just as shocked as Trina and Mendel. But they were introduced to him, that must mean that they never met him before, and that means Marvin must have told them about his ex lover. More over the fact, Marvin probably showed them pictures of Whizzer or has pictures of him on display at his house, since Charlotte and Cordelia both gasped when they saw Whizzer stroll up in his leather jacket. But that just drives me crazy, like, did Marvin speak of Whizzer fondly, or in spite? Since he forced himself to believe that he was angry at Whizzer… What kinds of stories would he tell the lesbians? Were they the stories of how he and Whizzer met, or about how they broke up? About how great Whizzer was, or about how furious Whizzer would make him when he cheated on him? But the lesbians gasp and Cordelia laughs excitedly, so Marvin must have told them about how wonderful and fantastic he is. But what kind of photos did Marvin keep of Whizzer? Would he pull the photos out of his wallet, or would the photos be displayed on his mantel place, where everyone could see? Gee, that really rattles me, ya know? Like, would he be proud of having ever loved, and still love, Whizzer?

 Store employee: ma'am, please, we need to close the store.

  • someone: you can tell a lot about someone from their favorite fictional characters!
  • me, nervously shoving all of my sarcastic trashbag characters with daddy issues and poor decision-making skills out of sight: um