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Can I ask you couple of questions? Why DC hate Jason? Like why did they make the poll, killed off and then victim blame him? And why he was such mess after UTRH and before the reboot?

DC doesn’t hate Jason, my dear. You need to learn the history of Jason creation as Robin and Red Hood to understand what actually happened with him because it’s really not a matter of DC hating him and man, Jason has a very interesting history that worth knowing.

Jason was first created in 1983 because of argument between the bat writers and the titans writers over Robin because the former wanted to use him again in Batman books and the latter were like “too bad because we aren’t giving him up” so bat writers were like “you know what? Freak it, we are going to create our own Robin!” and titans writers were like “Wait, what?”. So, DC give the green light to bat writers to create another Robin while told to titan writers to give Dick another identity (which is kind of funny if you think about it because Jason’s creation was the reason behind the birth of Nightwing). Years went by and fans reactions were ranging from “CHANGE IS BAD! REEEEEEEEE” and “I like the new Robin, but his background isn’t very original” (also, I want to tell you two facts here about pre crisis Jason because I really do like him and many unfortunately dismiss him because they think he was just a “copy”. First, it’s not true that pre crisis Jason and post crisis Jason are completely different characters because many things fans like about Jason was influenced by his pre crisis version and the biggest difference between the two versions was the background. Second, Tim road to become Robin was hugely inspired by pre crisis Jason’s and follow the exact pattern. Like discovering that Batman is Bruce Wayne, trying to convince Batman to make him Robin….etc) until the reboot happened which DC decided it was the prefect opportunity to change Jason’s background and Batman become slowly darker thanks to the big success of Miller TDKR which played a big role in what made DC decide to get rid of Robin. You ask why? That’s because some writers and fans liked the idea of dark solo batman stories and Starlin (Batman’s writer at that time and one who wrote Death in the family) in particular felt that Batman is better off without Robin (I want to explain here that he hated the concept of Robin and not Jason himself because he felt that it was stupid how Batman is making child soldiers). Starlin spent months trying to convince the editors to get rid of Robin and was pretty much pushing him at the background until O'Neil “finally” decided to kill Robin by making a poll and let the fans decide “Brilliant, O'Neil!”. So, they were given the green light to make “A Death in the Family” storyline and opened the poll which got them a big response with 10k votes in just three days. Things seemed fine at the beginning and everyone was congratulating O'Neil over his “brilliant” idea until things went south. The story got a big media coverage and people were really pissed off. There were people who liked Jason and were angry that they killed him off (because yeah, it’s not true that “everyone” hated Jason and he actually had fans), people who felt that it was such a coward way to kill a character and the ones who absolutely hated how they killed a child friendly character. So things weren’t going well for DC and the “suites” weren’t happy so Starlin was shown the door and O'Neil tried to control the situation by blaming it on Jason. Yes, he actually was the one started the whole “Everyone hated Jason Todd which is why fans voted to kill him!” and “Jason is very bad Robin who deserved death!”. Not only that, but he also revealed years later that the poll wasn’t legit and Jason wasn’t actually supposed to die. What make it worse that they not only refused to own up to their mistake, but they also decided to destroy Jason’s repetition completely while propping up the “new” Robin.

And this how the first part of Jason’s history end and I hopefully will continue with the second part “soon”.

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