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“For Gods sake, Travis Stoll, you live in a Cabin with tons of other demigods, you can’t just make out with your girlfriend in front of everyone”

Yeah, it’s easy for you to say, Jason is the only member of Cabin 1″

Piper McLean to Travis Stoll, when she entered the Cabin to say something to one of the children of Hermes.


Drabble: Professor Jason and Professor Roman run into your ex after he starts a nasty rumor about you..

Your ex had his head down while trying to avoid two pissed over professors who was out for your ex’s blood when they found out he started a rumor about you. Professor Jason was 6′4 and Professor Roman was 6′3 and if you wasn’t their student/girlfriend you would have thought they were twins. Yes you was dating both your professors and you was ashamed at all, you was getting good dick and good grades a win-win.

Your ex had it out for you since he found out you was in a relationship with both your professors so he decided to start a rumor that you was a stripper and that almost caused you to get suspended but thankfully Jason and Roman and your parents had talked to the dean and you wasn’t but Jason and Roman was not happy. Everyday they would purposefully be at every one of his classes and either he didn’t show up or he didn’t go to those classes either way he can not avoid an ass beating forever.

Your ex head was down so when he bumped into somebody and all his books fell he just thought it was another student but when he bent down to pick it up he came face to face with two sets of angry brown eyes one belonging to Professor Roman and one Professor Jason. Jason whispered harshly in your ear to meet him and Roman in their classroom in 5 minutes and if you didn’t come the ass beating was going to be 10x worse. Your ex shook his head and both professors got up with smiles on their faces. Your ex showed up to their classroom in exactly five minutes and he was scared as hell  He opened the door and was caught with a punch to the gut by Professor Jason and you doubled over in pain with Roman laughing then you got hit in the jaw by Roman which caused Jason to laugh.

Both Jason and Roman took separate turns hitting one of your ex’s body parts after they was done they had bloody hands and your ex had a broken nose, teeth were probably missing, his ribs were probably broke, and he probably had a broken arm but the Professor’s feel they could have done a lot worse so he got off easy. Roman and Jason warned your ex if he ever went around you, said a word to you or about you what they do to him next time will be child’s play.

Again I am not the best writer.. I have ones for Jey and others coming up

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