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John and Dave answer our questions!!! I asked a few, but am still watching so I don’t know if they answered any yet. HOWEVER they just said the phrase “chair puns” and I feel so validated.

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All-New X-Men #25 (2014)

Penciler: David Marquez, Bruce Timm, Arthur Adams, David Mack, Robbi Rodriguez, Lee Bermejo, Kent Williams, J.G. Jones, Maris Wicks, Jason Shiga, Dan Hipp, Jill Thompson, & Paul Smith
Inker: David Marquez, Bruce Timm, Arthur Adams, Skottie Young, Robbi Rodriguez, Lee Bermejo, Ronnie del Carmen, J. Scott Campbell, Max Wittert, Jake Parker, & Bob Wiacek
Colourist: Justin Ponsor, Laura Martin, Jason Keith, Marte Gracia, Nei Ruffino, Matthew Wilson, & Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Cory Petit
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis


During October 2015, I was commissioned by the folks at Cartoon Network to do freelance 2D rough animation for a special episode for Clarence. They wanted something that was a mix of the Disney animation style with the limitations of television production. 

They gave me a month to churn out 2 minutes of animation. It felt like being in a school film crunch time all over again.

 It was a great experience overall. One thing I learned was to be more careful with how I laid out my time charts - since the outsourcing studio was going to clean up my roughs. I feel like if I had more time, I could have really spent more time on the performance! The episode aired a couple days ago.

Special thanks to Vitaliy Strokous, David Ochs, Keith Mack, Jason Dywer, and Katie Aldworth for giving me this wonderful opportunity.


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