jason m. burns

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Jason and Will make out? It seems like everyone else has but my two favorite blondes. Also can Will be the initiator?

Will had just finished his shower. He went into the kitchen and saw Jason cooking pancakes with his back to him. Will grinned and wrapped his arms around Jason’s waist, kissing the back of his neck softly. Jason shivered. 

Jason: Will, I’m making breakfast. 

Will: So you are. 

Jason: I’m going to burn it.

Ignoring Jason, Will bit down gently on the muscle that connected his neck to his shoulder. Jason gasped and leaned his head back on Will’s shoulder. Will smirked and ran his hands up and down Jason’s sides. Pancakes completely forgotten, Jason turned around in Will’s arms and caught his lips in a slow, deep kiss. He picked Will up by his thighs and sat him on the counter, not breaking the kiss. Will wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist and moaned softly when he started kissing his neck. 

Nico smelled something burning. He went into the kitchen and spotted the two practically swallowing each other. 

 Nico: Guys! Not fucking again!