jason lancastor


Ugh, Jason Lancastors voice at the beginning is just unnfff


And I could paint you pictures all night long and tell you tales how every song,
Is to let you know that you’re the reason why I’m home.
Or quote a page of poetry to show you what you mean to me
And we’d go falling somewhere faster knowing we don’t want to ever fall at all.

Katy, don’t cry, I know
You’re trying your hardest
And the hardest part is letting, go
Of the nights we shared 
Ocala is calling and you know it’s haunting
But compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as bright
And when we look to the sky, its not mine, but i want it so

Let’s not pretend like you’re alone tonight
(I know he’s there and)
You’re probably hanging out and making eyes
(while across the room, he stares)
I bet he gets the nerve to walk the floor
And ask my girl to dance, she’ll say yes

Because these words were never easier for me to say 
Or her to second guess
But I guess
That I can live without you but
Without you I’ll be miserable at best