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Can I just say in this moment of the scene Lexa looks devastated, her jaw is clenched and it literally looks like she’s about to cry. In this moment she was realising that the woman she loves will never forgive her, so instead of doing what everyone was telling her (Kill Clarke) she was going to let her go home, meaning she would never see Clarke again and probably be killed by the ice nation. In this part Lexa just looks broken and defeated!! 

The 100 Cast & Crew on Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa)

“It’s been so nice having Alycia back she’s one of my best mates, we love working together…” - Eliza Taylor (Clarke)

“She’s a really good friend of mine…I think the end result [of the kiss] was really good, so kudos to us. We had a good old girl pash.” - Eliza Taylor (Clarke)

“It was hardest to let myself go to the scary, feely place!! @DebnamCarey makes it all too easy, she’s amazing.”  - Eliza Taylor (Clarke)

“love this girl!!!” - Lindsey Morgan (Raven)

“How amazing, talented and kind she is, 3 words are simply not enough. #Heda” - Aleks Paunovic (Gustus)

“So much to say about @DebnamCarey This is only her second episode but she fits in grounder gear like its her second snuggie.” - Sachin Sahel(Jackson)

“She is the sun and we are currently all just planets orbiting around her.”- Sachin Sahel (Jackson)

“When @DebnamCarey and @MisElizaJane  are on screen together I swoon so hard at their badassery.” - Sachin Sahel (Jackson)

“Need more Alycia Debnam Carey in my life!” - Sachin Sahel (Jackson)

“Cannot say enough about @DebnamCarey Adorable, professional and talented!” - Adina Porter (Indra)

“Does anyone else all of a sudden have butterflies in their stomach for Lexa? Welcome home @DebnamCarey, feel free to stick around.” - Richard Harmon (Murphy)

“I love Alycia, I love that girl and she’s such a fucking good actor.” - Richard Harmon (Murphy)

“I can never do what Alycia does not because I’m a man….But she’s so good. She’s a freak. Because usually you’d think phenoms are usually for like sports but she’s like an acting phenom.“ - Richard Harmon (Murphy)

“Rare talent and a brilliant person” - Richard Harmon (Murphy)

“she’s probably too busy being awesome! Cos she is!” - Bob Morley (Bellamy)

“Kudos to you @DebnamCarey and all of your ‘fierceness’" - Isaiah Washington (Jaha)

“Great to finally see two great peeps in @DebnamCarey & @alekspaun on screen #talent #lovelypeeps #fam” - Ricky Whittle (Lincoln)

“Alycia is one of the raddest babes I know. She’s so much fun I’d have to make up a whole new word to describe it.” - Katie Stuart (Monroe)

“Lexa’s admission gives me chills every time I see it. @debnamcarey gives an insanely good performance.” - Jason Rothenberg, Showrunner

“She’s pretty wonderful.” - Jason Rothenberg

“Alycia has been everything I wanted in that character.” - Jason Rothenberg

“She is such a delight to work with, she’s so kind and smart and hard working. We want all the best for her.” - Aaron Ginsburg, Supervising Producer

"Alycia is awesome at being so expressive.” - Kim Shumway, Writer

“I could watch @MisElizaJane and @DebnamCarey act together all day.  #fireworks #twoleaders” - Antonio Negret, Director

“You rock!” - Antonio Negret, Director

It’s also great that we got an amazing, amazing actress to play that character and that’s part of the reason that people love that character so much, is because of Alycia, because she is so great and kinda hard to take your eyes off of her when she’s on screen.” - Shawna Benson, Writer

  • jrat, texting the cast:hey guys don't forget to keep telling people to watch live and commend them for how awesome my storylines are and how awesome I am for shocking people hahaha and don't forget to tell them it was a necessary death.
  • eliza:new number who dis