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Tbh this fandom is freaking amazing only 7 episodes in only 9 weeks as being a fandom, and there’s already so many great theories, there’s so much fanfiction, every character is shipped one way or another, so many new friendships between us all it’s honestly just great.
But srsly the theories are my favorite like they make so much sense there’s so much to back them up like wow props everyone this fandom is so smart 👏👏👏

La Vie En Rose

Paring: Jughead x Reader

Description: Just a bunch of fluff :)

Warnings: none

Word count: 139

A/N: It’s 12 AM and this sucks ass lol // Please don’t repost this anywhere♡

Hold me close and hold me fast  

The magic spell you cast 

Jughead was never really an emotional person but when it came to you he was a hopeless romantic. He would smile and blush endlessly. He was completely and utterly under your spell.

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And tho I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I’m in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

When you two were together nothing else mattered. Without a doubt, Jughead was always stressed but his only focus was you, he’s always at peace when you're together. You simply washed all his fears away until you both were in La vie en rose

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be 

La vie en rose 

Dating Cheryl Blossom (Male reader)

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  •  Cheryl sees you in the hall and instantly takes a liking to you 
  • Cheryl being scared to open up
  •  But you assure her that she can trust you 
  • Always making sure she’s safe
  • Having your arm around her 24/7 
  • Cheryl being a bitch to the girls she sees you talking to “He’s taken!” “Back off" 
  •  Cheryl catching you staring at her 
  • Helping her calm down when she’s stressing over the cheer team 
  •  Ass grabbing 
  • Lots of cuddles 
  • Resting your head on her boobs 
  • Cheryl being possessive and overprotective in public 
  •   Being total dorks around each other in private
  • Helping her through the loss of Jason 
  •  Crushing anyone who disrespects her
  • Normal PDA
  • Sneaking off to have secret makeout sessions
  • Having her cherry red lipstick marks on your collar
  • Walking/driving her to school every day 
  • sex

‘Legends say if you put your ear to the page, you can almost here how much pain I was in from flexing my body this hard’


I honestly can’t wait until Jellybean is on the show, the leaked pictures look amazing

Give Hermione Lodge a trophy too