I am seriously the queen of accidentally deleting posts and tweets this week. 🤦‍♀️
Anyway. Here it is again, because I really want it on my blog. I love this show very much! You can say what you want, but his character has depth. No one‘s perfect, especially not characters in Star Trek lol. If you like him or not, it‘s still pretty interesting to see where this is going. At least for me.
Have a great day, guys. 😘 Stay tuned for the next drawing.

PS: This drawing is dedicated to @skittle479 @verychennoy & @yourtropegirl ❤️


HARRY POTTER’s characters looks like in their youth

1- Severus Snape / Alan Rickman - Adam Driver 

2- Tom Riddle “Voldemort” / Ralph Fiennes - Gaspard Ulliel

3- Albus Dumbledore / Michael Gambon - Benedict Cumberbatch

4- Gellert Grindewald / Johnny Depp - Will Poulter

5- Minerva McGonagall / Maggie Smith - Felicity Jones

6- Lucius Malfoy / Jason isaacs - Jamie Bell

7- Rubeus Hagrid / Robbie Coltrane - Kit Harington

8- Arthur Weasley / Mark Williams - Adam Hicks

9- Horace Slughorn / Jim Broadbent - Sam Clafin

10- Sirius Black / Gary Oldman - Aaron Taylor Johnson

I hope you like it