Jason Isaacs, India Eisley and Harrison Gilbertson have been set to star in Behind the Glass, an indie thriller set to be directed by Israeli filmmaker Assaf Bernstein, who will start filming this November.

As Variety reported, Eisley will play a shy and reclusive eighteen-year-old high school girl alienated by her parents and known as an outcast by her peers: her only confidant is her own reflection in the mirror, from which she derives comfort, a sense of belonging, and ultimately, her own demise.

Isaacs will portray her father, while Gilbertson will star a young man torn between the love of his girlfriend and her best friend.

“India and Jason are such a perfect match for these complex roles. It is as if they stepped out of the script, or rather a dream I once had,“ commented the director. "India will adeptly bring the double role of Maria/Airam to life, an amazingly powerful, rare, and dynamic role where she plays both innocent and dark in the same instance.”


[On the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling] “I went off and read the books after the audition and I read all four books in one sitting–you know–didn’t wash, didn’t eat, drove around with them on the steering wheel like a lunatic. I suddenly understood why my friends, who I’d thought where slightly backward, had been so addicted to these children’s books. They’re like crack.” - Jason Isaacs