“It was very difficult to steal things because Alan, god love him, he nicked all of the Gringotts coins on the very first day he did [Goblet of Fire] and swiped in and out like a supermarket. I couldn’t get away with it. I once tried to take a copy of The Daily Prophet because there were thousands of them. I said I’d like one of those to director David Yates, who said, ‘No problem mate’. I put it in my bag and when I got to the gates, they said, ‘David said can he have it back’. It was so embarrassing. So I got nothing.” — Jason Isaacs on Alan Rickman and stealing props from the Harry Potter set [x]

Excited to see what the writers and artists behind Star Trek: Discovery have in store, but in the meantime I thought it was time to start to add crew members to my Discovery fan art. We don’t know what the ‘little talked about event’ is that surrounds the show but maybe it’s the Vulcanian Expedition. Hopefully we will find out soon!