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Do the Gotham Rogues even lift, bro?

Harley Quinn: lifts her gf all the time with her strong and powerful arms

Poison Ivy: doesn’t lift a lot, prefers to use her plants for that nonsense.

Catwoman: lifts regularly. She doesn’t enjoy it but she knows it’s necessary for her line of work. Loves to shoplift tho

Joker: he constantly lifts the weight of his sins.

Riddler: he compulsively bought a shake weight while watching a bad Spanish soap opera at 3:00am, but he’s never used it

Killer Croc: has a membership to Planet fitness- yes, he lifts THAT much

Penguin: he lifts all the time. His arms are ripped and he can barely walk with all his bulging muscles. Dude I’m joking. This man never lifted a thing in his life

Scarecrow: has lifted exactly one (1) time when he was visiting the Riddler- he found a dusty shake weight in the corner and got curious

Mr. Freeze: lifts fairly regularly if lifting massive blocks of ice counts. In the past he’d lift Nora into his arms and spin around, laughing happily

Two-Face: One of his arms is shredded one of them is boneless. He lifts, but at what cost?

Bane: does he lift, bro? Does he LIFT, bro!! Is Bruce Wayne rich? Is Superman an alien? Did Jimmy Olsen deserve better in BvS??? Bro, he LIFTS.

Mad Hatter: I don’t think this man knows what lifting is


Red Hood: (he’s not a rogue but it’s my post I do what I want) He lifts. He lifts himself over walls and buildings as he desperately attempts to escape Bruce’s Love and Respect

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Jason, Tim, or Babs talking to Dick's grave?

Thanks to anonymous for donating! I appreciate it! Also, this is sad. Takes place after Where’s Grayson but before Never, Forever, but could totally be read alone.

“Hi, Dick,” Tim whispers, settling in front of the white stone. “It’s been a while.”

He reaches out to touch the grave, and it’s cold this early in the year. It’s the complete opposite of what Tim remembers of Dick. There’s no solid, warm hand reaching back to take Tim’s hand, just Tim’s fingertips against all that’s really left of Dick now. Tim has to swallow against the lump in his throat.

“I don’t know if you know this,” Tim starts, because it’s been a busy couple of weeks, and when he’s talking to Dick’s grave, he can almost imagine he’s talking to Dick himself. Tim keeps going. “I don’t know if you know this, Dick, but Damian’s alive. I think you’d be so happy, maybe you’d even cry. There’d definitely be hugs, and smiles, and….”

Tim trails off. His eyes are burning, because he still remembers what it felt like to have Dick wrap him up in a hug. To have his big brother here with him. To not feel so, so alone in the world. 

There’s no one here that needs him anymore. Not really. Bruce is coping pretty well, if isolating himself a bit more. Jason’s gone, run away. Cass is—coping. So is Steph. And now Damian’s alive, but Tim isn’t the one Damian needs. Damian needs Dick.

But, just like last time, Dick isn’t here. And Tim wonders—

“Damian’s not doing well,” Tim admits quietly. “He’s shutting himself up in his room. Either that or he sits in front of the memorial case, and I just—” Tim blows out a frustrated breath. “I wish you were here, Dick. I don’t know how to handle Damian like you do, and I don’t know how to help him.”

Tim chokes on his next breath. There’s not much he can do right now, and it’s killing him. No one needs him, and the one person who maybe does he doesn’t know how to help. And he misses being able to count on his big brother to help him calm down and look at things differently. 

He’s never calm anymore. He always seems to be in this constant state of anxiety, and he can’t find his way back down. Dick’s dead. But there’s a part of him that thinks maybe—

No. he won’t entertain those thoughts. No matter how well Bruce is coping, no matter how much Tim wishes Dick were here, Jason and Damian were anomalies. Outliers. People don’t just come back to life. Bruce’s parents, Dick’s parents, Tim’s parents, the countless people they’ve all failed. People don’t just come back.

Jason and Damian were both lucky. Or unlucky, depending on the view. After all, Jason came back to life pit-crazy. Tim doesn’t want that for Dick.

“I miss you,” Tim whispers. “I miss you so much. I don’t know how to help Damian, but I’m going to try. For you.”

He swallows past that lump again, and he sits there for a long while. He’ll get up eventually, but for now, Tim just needs the comfort of his big brother. And this is the best he’s got.

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Although it often seems like Bruce, who is unwilling to talk to his children about personal matters, doesn’t care very much, we’re all aware that he does. It’s just that his care is expressed à la Batman, which is to say that  Bruce… has a file for that. 
  • Bruce tends to treat his children like research projects, especially when they’re new to his household. Part of it is Bruce’s own preference– he doesn’t like to ask for information because he’s more comfortable finding it himself. Sure, it takes a lot of effort sometimes, but isn’t that how everyone operates? No? Well they should.
  • So he doesn’t talk to them directly, and that can be hard for the kids to deal with. Luckily, Bruce is also the World’s Greatest Detective: nosy, motivated, overprotective, and really, really observant. When he pays attention, he can extrapolate that personal information from their actions. The goal is to modify his own behavior to make them comfortable. It’s entirely passive, which suits Bruce (no vulnerability), and it allows him to appropriately parent his children. 
  • He stores his observations and notes in individual files on his kids. 
  • “Cassandra’s relationship with David Cain will undoubtably affect our dynamic, since he is the only model of fatherhood she has– a poor one. The results of his abuse are obvious. Cassandra becomes uneasy when she feels she has defied me; she shifts into defensive stances, clearly expecting pain. I will refrain from raising my voice around her in the future.”
  • “Jason saves portions of his meals and hides them in his room. Today I took a french fry off of his plate without permission, and he reacted badly. Make sure he always has access to food. Ask Alfred to buy imperishables. Ask Jason before sharing.”  
  • “Note: In the past, Tim complained about his parents’ trips abroad. He was always disappointed when they extended them, as it made him feel unwanted. I should take him with me while I travel whenever possible. I should also strive for consistency. He needs to know when I’m coming home.”
  • When they finally found out about those files, the kids were both surprised and touched. Only Bruce could be that endearing and that exasperating at the same time. Truly, this could only come from their father, who continues to update the files as events unfold. Turns out he does know what all of them get up to in their spare time, even if he never actually asks. What do you know

*jason accidentally calls bruce*

bruce, over text: what’s wrong?

jason: nothing

bruce: did u want anything or did u just want to talk?

jason: it was an accident

bruce: were u driving?

bruce: r u ok???

jason: i’m fine

bruce: who was driving?

jason: damian is driving

bruce: the car hurt?

jason: what

bruce: what happened?

jason: nothing happened, i just called you by accident

bruce: what happened?


jason:  what are you talking about?

bruce: u said that u had an accident

jason: i said it was an accident, i called you by accident

bruce: what accident???

jason: bruce there was no accident. I CALLED YOU BY ACCIDENT!!!

Proposed new names for Heathers Characters

Heather Chandler: Hoot Choot

Heather Duke: Hoot Doot

Heather Macnamara: Hoot Moot

Veronica Sawyer: Voot Soot

Jason Dead: Joot Doot

Kurt Kelly: Koot Koot

Ram Sweeny: Root Swoot

Martha Dunnstock: Moot Doot


favorite comic character meme ✦  [1/3] platonic relationships: bruce wayne

“But the whole truth was obvious. Bruce liked having Jason out here.”