jason is a master of language

Here’s a few of my Batfam headcanons I thought I’d share. Sorry if it’s too long…I got a little carried away.


He had a very thick Arabic accent when he first came to Gotham. The kind of Arab accent that even if you listen very hard you can’t catch everything the person is saying. Over time it lessened until it became almost undectable. Only the Batfam members really notice it. But when he’s angry or upset it comes back in full force and only Bruce can understand what he’s saying.

Arabic is his first language so he naturally turns to it when he’s angry. He can be muttering in complete English one minute and then be speaking Arabic the next. None of the Batfam fully understands him expect Bruce; being the master linguist that he is. Sometimes you can hear Damian yell in Arabic and then hear Bruce scream “Damian! Don’t call your brother a dog!” or “Stop calling Jason the son of a donkey!” “Damian, did you really call a Wayne Enterprises board member a human devil and evil incarnate?” (FYI a lot of the Arabic words for animals are basically considered swear words. It’s super offensive to call an Arab person a dog or a donkey.) الكلب (Translation: dog. Pronounciation: kalb). حمي (Translation: donkey. Pronounciation: himaar).

When he first came to Gotham he never called Bruce “Father.” He only called him ابا (Translation: Father. Pronounciation: Abu.) He wouldn’t even say بابا (Translation: Papa. Pronouciation: Baba). He would try to have full conversations with Bruce in Arabic but Bruce explained to him that it wasn’t a good idea since most people these days will hear someone speaking Arabic and assume that they’re a terrorist and be suspicious. Which is something that they don’t need. But whenever Damian’s having a bad day or is sad about something Bruce will carry on Arabic conversations with him. Just doing that, having a conversation with his dad in his native tongue, will usually make him feel a lot better. He has Arabic nicknames for everyone, including his pets. I’m too lazy to figure out what they’d be.


Depending on which timeline and origin you go off of Jason grew up with an abusive father. Who abused him and his mother. He helps kids and mothers in that same situation because he knows what it’s like. He also knows how great it feels to finally get away from that life. So if he’s on patrol and sees a woman and her kids being thrown out of the house or some douchebag hitting his wife he steps in. He’ll get the lady and her kids to safety and then he’ll take care of the scumbag. And he doesn’t show them any mercy. He doesn’t take abuse lightly.

Even though he tried his damndest to not turn out like his dad he ended up getting the man’s bed temper. He’s just angry. ALL THE TIME. But unlike his father he knows how to walk away. How to not hurt the ones he loves. How to use that anger to protect them. Sometimes Jason seems ok, he looks fine on the outside, but he’s seething on the inside. The Pit didn’t help matters on this front, worsened them in fact. Sometimes he just flips and punches a wall. He hops on his motorcycle to “go on patrol” but he really just needs to be alone until he can calm down.

He never has normal nightmares. (But what can be considered a normal nightmare?) He has night terrors instead. Most of the time they’re of his death. Sometimes he screams in the middle of the night (waking up those nearest to him) horrible, agonizing, sad and terrified screams. No one tries to wake him up from these night terrors, they know it’s not a good idea. Sometimes the rest of the Batfam or Roy and Kori try to talk to him about his night terrors. He just acts like he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He never talks about his night terrors. Sometimes he’ll go days without sleeping because he wants to go a few days without a night terror.

When he wants to be alone sometimes he’ll get on his bike and leave. Sometimes he’ll listen to music. But most of the time he’ll grab a book and plop down somewhere, anywhere really. You can’t get his attention when he’s got a book in his hands. He’ll sit in the same spot for hours until he’s finished the chapter, or the book. He’s the type of reader who can’t just stop in the middle of a page, it has to be the start of a new chapter. He’s not the type of reader to use bookmarks or *shudders* turns down the corner of the page. He remembers the exact page number of where he stopped. When he was younger it was hard for Bruce to get Jason to put his book down when they had to go out on patrol.

He really hates it when he sees people defacing books. When he was younger and would go to the library he’d check out a huge ass load of books. He always hated it when he’d go through a book and see writing in the margins. In pen. Or even worse, PERMANENT MARKER. If it was pencil he’d have to erase it before continuing eith the book. He also hates when he finds food stains or crumbs in books. Once he was reading a copy of a well-known book by a famous author and around the middle of the book there was a page that had lines crossed out in Sharpie. He immediately returned it, and told the librarian, and checked out another copy so he could finish.

He was always an extremely fast reader. Usually he’d finish books within the same day of checking them out. He would go to the library and check out like seven or eight books. Whoever went with him, Bruce or Alfred but usually Alfred, would comment that it was too much of a load for him. Saying that he couldn’t possibly finish them all before they had to be returned. He’s just smirk back and check out the huge stack. All of the books would be returned far before the due date.

He gets really upset when people misquote books. And Shakespeare. Mostly Shakespeare. “In that scene Hamlet actually says ‘Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio–a fellow of infinte jest, of most excellent fancy.’ Most people add a ‘well’ in there when there isn’t one.” “Macbeth said 'Lay on, MacDuff.’ Not 'Lead on’!” “'The lady doth protest too much, methinks.’ Most people flip it around and say 'Methinks the lady protests too much.’”